Mahwah Emergency Medical Services (MEMS)

The Ambulance Corps consists of two locations:  North located in Cragmere on Franklin Turnpike and South located in Fardale on Fardale Avenue.  They serve the residents of Mahwah seven days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, along with the three county parks:  Darlington, Campgaw Ski Mountain and the Ramapo Reservation, and including 7 miles of Route 287 between Franklin Lakes and New York State.

In an Emergency Call 911

For non-emergencies, call the Mahwah Police Department at (201) 529-1000. 

MEMS Officers

  • Chief (1701): Carissa Magnani
  • Deputy Chief North (1702): Jackie Liu (Training & Supplies)
  • Deputy Chief South (1703): Kristen Ehrenberg (Scheduling)
  • Lieutenant (1704): Brianna Schmidt
  • Lieutenant (1705): Jonathan Fishkin
  • Lieutenant (1706): Katelyn McClanahan
  • Lieutenant (1707):Lauren Lacey

Bench Officers

  • President: Liz Villano
  • Vice President: Donna Balkema 
  • Treasurer: Walt Seaman
  • Recording Secretary: Jay Bell
  • Membership Secretary: June Stahl 
  • Operations Secretary: Izzy Mendez
  1. Emergency Medical Services

    Phone: 201-327-2252
    Emergency: 911

  2. Carrissa Magnani


  3. Jackie Liu

    Deputy Chief North

  4. Kristen Ehrenberg

    Deputy Chief South

  5. Liz Villano