Vital Statistics

In New Jersey, the above vital records, as well as those of Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions are archived in two places:  the municipality where the event occurred and at the New Jersey State Office of Vital Statistics and Registry in Trenton.  Whether you choose to obtain an official copy of a record locally or from the State Registrar's office, you must:  

a) be entitled to it by law 
b) provide documentary proof of your relationship to the person named on the record (if it is not your own record)
c) submit an application, proof of identity and payment for the record requested.

If you would like to apply to our office, please download and complete an application, found 
To apply to the State Office of Vital Statistics and Registry go

Note:  you MUST apply to the State if you need an Apostille applied to your document.   The Department of the Treasury will not apply an Apostille to a vital record issued by a local office.

1)   Where both parties to the marriage reside in Mahwah, they apply for their license in Mahwah.
2)   Where the parties live in two different New Jersey municipalities, they may apply in either municipality.                                
3)   If one applicant lives out of state, apply in the New Jersey hometown of the other applicant.
4)   If both parties live out of state, the couple must apply in the New Jersey municipality where the actual wedding ceremony will take place.

New Jersey marriage licenses are only valid for use within the State of New Jersey.  This is an important distinction since we are a border town.  A license issued by our office cannot be used in Suffern, or anywhere else in the State of New York.

Marriage license applications are taken by appointment only.   Please call to inquire as soon as you make the big decision!   201-529-5757, option 2.    For more details on obtaining your marriage license go HERE