Children's Guided Tour of Mahwah Historic Sites

Renee Cantor is a longtime resident of Mahwah and a member of the Mahwah High School class of 2018. She has been a Girl Scout since 1st grade, and is currently an Ambassador. Renee has a passion for local history, and hopes to share this love with the rest of Mahwah. Renee approached the Mahwah Historic Preservation Commission with a Gold Award Project that highlights Mahwah's historic past.

About the Tour

This self guided tour of Mahwah for children will guide you to 12 of Mahwah’s historic gems. For each of the 12 sites, there is a fun activity sheet with a description of the location and related puzzles. Look for the two to three underlined letters in the descriptions from the activity sheets, and fill in those letters on the secret code activity sheet. This will reveal one final destination. Go there with the completed papers to earn a certificate!

Tour Sites