Voting Districts & Locations

Find your voting district from the following street listing, alphabetically sorted, then find the street listing for the list of district number.  

Hours of the election are as normal - 6:00 am - 8:00 pm.  

Below are the District Numbers and Polling Locations.

District #1                         Mahwah EMS Building

                                              258 Franklin Turnpike


District #2                         Fire Company #1

                                              100 Miller Road


District #3                         Fire Company #2

                                              Corner of Island Road and Church Street


Districts #4 and #13     Terrace Room, Senior Center

                                             Mahwah Municipal Offices 

                                             475 Corporate Drive


Districts #5 and #14     Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute

                                             281 Campgaw Road


Districts #6 and #7        Fire Company #4

                                             50 Fardale Avenue


Districts #8 and #9        Winter Room

                                              Mahwah Public Library 

                                              100 Ridge Road 

 District #10                     Fire Company #1

                                             100 Miller Road

Districts #11 and #12   Fire Company #3

                                             Rozanski Lane (Off Masonicus Road)

District IDStreet Name
7Ackerman Drive
4Adirondack Court
1Airmont Avenue - 104, 107, 120, 130, 132, 138, 144, 150, 166
11Airmont Avenue - 2, 7, 8, 23, 29, 103, 108, 111, 117, 119, 123, 145, 153, 168, 169, 172, 175, 182
12Airmont Avenue - 205 to end, Odds; 216 to end, Evens
1Airmount Road - All Evens
2Airmount Road - All Odds
2Alcott Road
3Alexandra Court
9Anderson Drive
4Apache Court
7Appert Terrace
12Apple Ridge Boulevard
2Armour Road - 1 to 85
1Armour Road - 93 to end
10Arrowhead Road
10Arthur Court
13Ash Drive
11Aspen Court
3Avenue A
3Avenue B
14Azalea Court
6Babbit Bridge Road
10Babcock Road
3Bankridge Avenue
3Banta Court
6Bartholf Lane - All Evens
6Bartholf Lane - All Odds
1Bayard Lane - North
1Bayard Lane - South
11Bayberry Drive
8Bear Swamp Road
10Beatrice Court
5Bedford Road
7Beech Drive
2Beehive Court
1Bellgrove Drive
3Bergen Place
2Beveridge Road
5Beverly Place
7Birch Road
10Black Oak Lane
4Blue Ridge Lane
5Blueberry Court
6Bogerts Trailer Park (Pulis Avenue)
8Boland Court
1Boulder Trail
13Boxwood Court
3Brakeshoe Place
8Bramshill Drive
2Breen Place
8Bridle Path Lane
7Brook Court
3Brook Street
11Brookwood Drive
12Bush Lane
5Byrne Drive
11Cambridge Court
8Camp Yaw Paw
14Campgaw Road - 137
8Campgaw Road - 15
5Campgaw Road - 274 to end
8Cannonball Road
12Carlough Place
11Carol Street
4Cascade Court
11Castle Road
3Catherine Avenue
4Catskill Court
10Cedar Hill Avenue
5Chapel Road - 1 to 51 Odds; 2 to end Evens
6Chapel Road - 53 to end Odds
10Charles Court
10Chedworth Circle
5Cherokee Lane
7Chestnut Street
10Christie Avenue
3Church Street
9Clark Avenue
5Clearwater Court
9Clove Brook Road
11Cobbler Lane
2Constantine Drive
11Cooke Street
11Copperfield Way
11Cornwall Road
11Cortland Trail
14Cottonwood Way
12Country Lane
10Coventry Way
13Cranberry Court
11Crescent Ridge Road
9Crest Road
8Crocker Mansion Drive
11Crown Court
10Cumberland Court
7Cummings Court
8Darlington Avenue
10Davidson Court
6Day Court
8DeGraaf Court
7DeGray Terrace
5Decker Court
5Deerfield Terrace
8Deerhaven Road
6Delhagen Court
6Demeduk Court
3Devine Drive
11Devon Court
4Diablo Court
7Dickinson Lane
7Division Place
6Dodge Court
7Dogwood Court
8Dogwood Lane
6Donner Court
11Doremus Road
10Drake Court
11Dundee Court
6Eakens Court
11East Crescent Avenue - 1 to End Odds; 2 to 220 Evens
12East Crescent Avenue - 222 to End, Evens
2East Mahwah Road - 54, 56, 66, 76, 97, 99, 101, 103, 106, 107, 110
10East Mahwah Road - 69, 73, 77, 81, 85
2East Ramapo Avenue - Evens
3East Ramapo Avenue - Odds
1East Slope Road
3Eastview Avenue
9Eastview Drive
9Echo Mountain Road
7Edison Road
10Edward Court
5Eileen Drive
13Elderberry Lane
5Elizabeth Lane
7Emerson Court
8Emma Court
4Erskine Court
8Evergreen Drive
7Fairmont Avenue
5Falcon Court
5Fardale Avenue - 10, 22, 33, 55, 61
6Fardale Avenue - 67 to end, Odds; 38 to end, Evens
14Faulkner Court
5Fawn Hill Drive
5Feldman Court
6Fieldstone Court
8Fike Road - 1, 2
5Fike Road - 10
8Finn Court
3First Street
12Fisher Road
10Flaming Arrow Road
7Forest Hill Road
7Forest Road
10Fox Lane
8Fox River Crossing
10Francis Court
6Frank Court
3Franklin Place
7Franklin Street
2Franklin Turnpike - 201 to 275 Odds; 202 to 262 Evens
1Franklin Turnpike - 266, 268, 270, 274, 278, 282, 283, 293 to End
10Franklin Turnpike - 8 to 200
3Frederick Avenue
6Fromm Court
7Frost Lane
6Furman Court
5Garden Court
1Gardiner Street
11Garrison Court
5Gebauer Lane
9Geiger Road
8Georgian Court
9Glasgow Terrace
4Glasmere Road
8Glen Gray Road
11Glengorra Court
5Glenmere Terrace
4Grandview Lane
8Great Hall Road
4Great Smokey Lane
4Green Mountain Road
7Green Way
7Greene Street
11Grenadier Drive
1Grist Mill Run
3Grove Street
10Gunston Court
8Halifax Road
1Haring Lane
7Harvin Place
6Hauck Court
14Hawthorne Lane
13Heath Court
11Heather Lane
14Hemingway Lane
8Henion Gardens
10Henry Court
6Herlihy Drive
6Hetzel Drive
13Hibuscus Court
13Hickory Drive
7High Street
7Highland Place
2Highland Road
1Highwood Road
2Hillside Avenue
8Hillside Road
12Hilltop Road
3Hines Avenue
13Holly Court
1Homespun Court
4Hopkins Court
2Houvenkopf Road
6Hutton Drive
11Hyde Park Court
1Indian Field Court
1Indian Hollow Court
1Industrial Avenue
10Isabelle Court
3Island Road - 1 to 115
2Island Road - 116 to End
11Ivy Lane
4Jackson Lane
8Jacobean Way
6Jahn Court
8James Brite Circle
11Janice Court
7Jefferson Street
3Jersey Avenue
3Johnson Avenue
10Jordan Court
2Judith Ann Court
13Juniper Way
2Karen Drive
10Kent Court
1Kiersted Place
1Kilmer Road
2King Street
10Kingsbridge Way
6Knichel Road
5Kohout Drive
6Konight Court
6Krinsky Court
9Lakeview Drive
11Lambert Trail
10Lancaster Court
4Laramie Lane
14Larch Lane
2Laurel Court
13Lavender Court
10Lawrence Road
7Lehmann Street
7Leona Terrace
13Lilac Lane
14Linden Street
12Litchult Lane
9Locust Lane
3Long Avenue
7Longfellow Lane
7Lowell Court
4Lydia Lane
2Lynn Terrace
6Mabie Court
7Mac Leish Court
4Mac Millian Court
12Macoun Drive
5Madison Avenue
4Mahogany Court
2Mahwah Road
1Malcolm Place
2Malcolm Road - 1 to 85
1Malcolm Road - 99 to end
6Maleszewski Court
13Mallard Road
3Maple Avenue
9Maple Road
10Margaret Court
8Marion Drive
14Mark Twain Way
10Martis Place
8Mary Court
12Masonicus Road - 22 to 96 Evens
11Masonicus Road - 3 to 107 Odds
6Matthew Place
11May Court
2Maysenger Road - 1 to 30
1Maysenger Road - 31 to End
11McIntosh Drive
3Meadow Avenue
5Meadow Lake Drive
6Meester Street
14Melville Court
6Merrill Drive
8Midvale Mountain Road
2Miller Road - Evens
10Miller Road - Odds
1Moccasin court
2Moffat Road
5Mohawk Trail
5Mohigan Way
7Mollie Court
5Monroe Drive
6Moramarco Court
6Morris Avenue
3Mountain Avenue
9Mountain Road
4Mountain View Drive
9Mountainside Avenue
12Mowerson Place
13Mulberry Drive
7Murray Avenue
13Myrtle Avenue
10Nash Court
12Niagara Drive
11Nilsen Avenue
10Norfolk Road
1North Bayard Lane
9North Glasgow Terrace
10North Hillside Avenue
3North Railroad Avenue
3North Ramapo Avenue
6Northerly Drive
9Oak Road
3Oak Terrace
10Oakham Court
7Old Oak Drive
4Old Woods Court
10Oliver Court
10Olney Road
2Orchard Drive
12Osbourne Court
1Overlook Place
1Oweno Place
2Oweno Road - 1 to 83
1Oweno Road - 84 to End
11Oxford Street
11Paddington Road
7Parsloe Court
4Parsons Court
8Patrick Brems Court
12Pelz Farm Court
10Pembrooke Court
6Pendleton Road
7Penna Court
13Pepperidge Road
13Persimmon Court
13Peterson Place
10Phillip Court
1Pierson Court
9Pine Hill Road
4Pine Oak Drive
13Plum Terrace
4Pocono Court
14Poet's Way
8Polo Lane
5Pond Lane
10Prince Road
6Pulis Avenue - 1, 88, 98, 100, 292, 560, 592, 598, 600, 624, 629
5Pulis Avenue - 150
10Queens Road
10Quill Court
14Quince Court
7Rae Avenue
14Raintree Lane
9Ramapo Brae Lane
8Ramapo College Park Apts. 505 Rampo Valley Road
4Ramapo Lane
3Ramapo Valley Road - 13 to 152
9Ramapo Valley Road - 287, 290, 291, 296, 297, 303, 312, 398
8Ramapo Valley Road - 339 to End except 340 and 398
3Reich Avenue
10Reid Court
10Richard Court
11Richmond Road
14Ridge Road - 427, 429, 457
8Rio Vista Drive
9River Drive
9Riverview Terrace
11Robin Road
1Rock Ridge Road (formerly Sockman Boulevard)
12Romopock Court
4Route 17
1Rutherford Road
13Sage Court
7Sandburg Court
4Santiago Court
10Sargent Court
13Sassafrass Court
10Scherer Place
3Second Street
8Seminary Drive
8Seminary Road
8Seton Lane
4Shadow Mountain Road
3Sherwood Avenue
10Shuart Lane
11Shuart Road
2Siding Place
4Sierra Court
7Skytop Drive
9Smith Terrace
10Snow Drive
1South Bayard Lane
2South Mahwah Road
9South Mountain Avenue
2South Railroad Avenue
3South Street
11Sparrowbush Road
9Split Rock Road
9Spruce Road
11Squire Court
8Stabled Way
10Stafford Street
9Stag Hill Road
10Stanhope Court
2Starview Court
3State Street
10Stephens Lane
7Stone Fence Road
12Stonewall Court
7Storms Court
11Storrs Court
14Stowe Lane
7Strong Street
3Strysko Avenue
10Suffolk Place
6Suleski Court
2Summit Road
2Sunnyside Road
4Sunset Court
8Surrey Lane
12Sutherland Drive
13Swan Road
6Swiatek Road
13Sycamore Lane
7Sylvan Court
11Tam-O-Shanter Drive
11Tartan Road
3Third Street
11Thistle Lane
14Thoreau Court
10Thunderhead Place
11Trommel Drive
8Trotters Lane
8Tudor Rose Terrace
13Tuliptree Court
5Turners Lake Drive
5Vail Place
7Valentine Court
7Van Bolen Way
6Van Brookhaven Court
6Van Mulen Street
12Van Winkle Lane
7Vanderbeck Lane
5Victoria Lane
8Village Drive
4Vista View Drive
4Vreeland Court
1Wagon Trail
7Walnut Street, East and West
8Walsh Drive
1Wanamaker Avenue
10Ward Lane
3Warhol Avenue
8Washington Lane
7Watch Hill Road
2West Airmount Road, 1, 7, 11, 15, 31, 33, 37, 49, 53, 55, 57, 59, 63, 65, 68, 69, 71, 73
1West Airmount Road, 8, 10, 14, 24
6West Crescent Avenue
8West Deerhaven Road
3West Ramapo Avenue 108 to 135
9West Ramapo Avenue 145 to 234
6West Road
12Westervelt Lane
13Whispering Pines Lane
7Whitman Lane
7Whitney Road
14Whittier Court
5William Court
6Willow Bank Court
8Willow Way
3Wilmuth Street
4Wind Hollow Court
6Winding Trail
5Windsor Terrace
10Winter Place
10Winter Street
10Winter Terrace
7Witte Place
7Woodbury Lane
7Wyckoff Avenue 550, 575, 580, 582, 596, 599, 602, 606, 610, 621, 634, 641, 644, 648, 656, 662, 664, 688, 692, 696, 710, 722, 726, 728, 734, 740, 748, 754, 759, 764, 767, 770, 774, 778, 788, 789, 792, 795, 803
6Wyckoff Avenue 557, 573, 585, 589, 597, 600, 620, 630, 635, 637, 640, 645, 647, 655, 665, 673, 681, 691, 699, 715, 725, 735
11York Street
5Youngs Road, 1-125, 133, 136, 181, 183, 185, 205, 207, 209, 225, 227, 231, 241
6Youngs Road, 170, 180, 186, 190, 198, 204, 206, 212, 220, 226, 250