Training & Events

Members of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) team have been trained to assist the Mahwah Office of Emergency Management to handle overflow of non-emergency phone calls when the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated.

First Aid & Rescue Training

Eighteen CERT members trained with Bergen County Emergency Management, in cooperation with the Bergen County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Training Center which offered a full day practical training program on advanced first aid and rescue practices. Training included splinting, bandaging, patient transport, treatment of burn victims, etc. Attendees were trained to complete patient triage and how to properly tag a victim for treatment.CERT in Reflective Vests

Active Shooter Drill Exercise

The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey conducted its second annual multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional drill. The training basically informs, instructs, and prepares individuals on how to respond and react if / when they find themselves in an active shooter or violent intruder incident. Ten of our CERT members participated in this exercise.

Point of Distribution (POD) OperationsCERT at 4 day course for Incident Command Systems

The Bergen County Department of Health Services conducted a to test POD operations; distribute large numbers of medications; and coordinate with local, regional and State response partners. Our CERT team is charged with the responsibility to distribute any type of medication to first responders or the general public in Mahwah if needed in the event of a natural disaster or epidemic.

Incident Command System (ICS)

A number of CERT members attended a 4 evening course for ICS which provides overall incident management skills between all first responders.

The Western Shelter

The Western Shelter system is a configuration of three interlocking tentsCERT at the Western Shelter System Tents and housed in two trailers. These tents are insulated, have full heat and air conditioning and overhead florescent lighting all provided by a stand-alone generator. Because of the size of the shelter, they can be used for sheltering, mass casualties and a point of distribution. These shelters are housed on a trailer at a central location in Bergen County. In the event of a major disaster or emergency, the county would deploy them to a predetermined location if a shelter of this type is needed.

First Phase

The Mahwah CERT would be responsible for the setting up and breaking down of these shelters within any municipality in Northern Bergen County. Members of the Mahwah CERT team have completed the first phase of training having set-up the tent structures.