2022 Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze)

2022 Property Tax Reimbursement - Senior Freeze Act

Applications for the 2022 property tax reimbursement (PTR) were mailed by the State of New Jersey to eligible Township senior citizens and disabled residents. The closing date for filing this application is October 31, 2023.

The PTR Program refunds eligible applicants for the property tax increases they encounter each year. Applicants must demonstrate income eligibility and residency requirements and must file a PTR application each year in order to receive the recompense.

Types of Applications

There are two varying types of the PTR application. Form PTR-1 must be requested from the State of New Jersey and is for first time applicants, or applicants who were unsuccessful in attaining approval for payment during the previous year. Form PTR-1 applicants must provide income and property tax information for both 2017 and 2018. Form PTR-2 is sent to applicants who received reimbursement checks for the previous year.

Residents who would like information about this program can utilize the following information for assistance:

  • To listen to information or to order an applications: 1-800-882-6597
  • To check the status of a filed application: 800-882-6597

Agents are available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.