Planning, Zoning & Property Maintenance

The Department of Planning and Zoning consists of the following:

Please stop and read how the Planning, Zoning & Property Maintenance Department can help with questions and application submissions in the most efficient manner.

Most questions can be answered via phone or email.  Please call 201-529-5757, Option #5, or see the Department Contact List at the right of this page.

There is a Planning and Zoning Drop Box located outside at the main entrance of Town Hall.  Applicants may continue to utilize the DropBox for drop off or pick up of applications and documents.  If an Applicant believes they cannot be served by phone, email or fax, they may schedule an appointment by calling or emailing the appropriate Department Staff Member, via the above contact list link, to request an in-person meeting of 15 minutes or less in duration. 

The Planning, Zoning and Property Maintenance Department has been inundated with requests and applications and are processing them as quickly as possible.  When contacting the Department whether by phone or email, please leave a message with only one staff member and that staff member will respond accordingly.   We ask that you do not leave messages with multiple people for the same question and that project status calls are limited as both add avoidable delays to the process.  We hope that minimizing the number of return phone calls and emails will allow us to provide quicker response times.  A member of the department will contact the Applicant should there be a need for further information/documentation.  

These processes are in place to continue to limit exposures and maintain social distancing for all.  Thank you.

Please contact the Township Clerk for requests of copies of Ordinances at 201-529-5757, ext. 230.

Township of Mahwah Master Plans

Township of Mahwah Zoning Code

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