Health Department

Health Department personnel are appointed by the Board of Health. Members of the Board meet with Staff of the Department on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Municipal Building. Among its many activities, the Department assures that state and local health standards are maintained by food handling establishments within the Township. It also administers a comprehensive program of sanitation, communicable disease control, public health nursing, health education and vital statistics.

Personal Health Services

Personal Health Services provided include providing Well Baby Care screenings and immunization services for pre-school children through an inter-local agreement with the Waldwick Health Department. Annual flu immunizations are available for senior citizens 65 years and older, and to chronically ill residents ages 18-64. Bimonthly Adult Health Consultation programs are also conducted for the early detection and prevention of disease. Communicable Disease investigations are conducted and home visits are made by public health nurses.

Records & Other Services

The Health Department is also responsible for registering and recording Vital Statistics including births, marriages, deaths, domestic partnerships that take place in Mahwah. The Department also provides important information, literature, publicity and educational programs on a variety of health topics.