Permit Process


Permits are required when work being performed falls under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code

A permit is required to construct, enlarge, repair, renovate, alter, reconstruct or demolish a structure, or change the use of a building or structure, or portion thereof; and service equipment.

No permit is required for what the state defines as "ordinary maintenance"

A permit is required for what the state defines as "minor work." However the work may proceed upon notice to the enforcing agency prior to the permit being issued

"Emergency work" as defined by the state may be performed except that notice be given to the enforcing agency as soon as possible. A permit must be applied for within 72 hours.( work involving lead abatement  is excluded )

If work begins in any of the above categories and complications arise it is required and your responsibility to obtain the proper permits.

Below you will find simple documents to navigate through to determine if work  is or is not regulated by permits. 

Is a permit required?  Please click this link to download the State of New Jersey guide to ordinary maintenance and minor work (PDF).

After the permit is submitted to the Building Department, if required, it is forwarded to the Zoning Department for review and the Soil Permit is reviewed by the Town Engineer.

After the Zoning Department approves the permit, it is submitted to all building inspectors; Building, Electric, Plumbing and Fire, for approval. The building inspectors' approvals can take up to 20 days. Not until all approvals are made can the permit be picked up and paid for

There will be no Building Department permits issued after 3 pm on Fridays.