Welcome to the Building Department


Most importantly please check over your application for completeness before submitting your application. Include your email address, cost of work, signature, and the date.

Please do not call for an inspection until the work is ready. Double check your work for code compliance. Failed inspections should be the exception, not the rule. NEVER schedule an inspection and not be present. This slows the permit process and it is not fair to others who are waiting .

The Building Department is working diligently, responding to emails and processing applications as quickly as possible.  During these unprecedented times, I am asking for your patience in receiving a response, and also ask that multiple phone calls not be made or emails not be sent for the same question to multiple people.  

The purpose of the Building Department is to administer and enforce the adopted rules and regulations of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Codes and Standards. 

The regulations shall secure the intent, which is to ensure public safety health and welfare insofar as they are affected by building construction, fire safety, sanitary equipment, light and ventilation, as it relates to use and occupancy.

A Construction Permit Chart (PDF) (Permit Application Requirements List) shows what permits are needed for each project. If you have a project and are not sure it needs a permit, call the Building Department. Do not assume it does not need a permit even if it is not on the Permit Application Requirements list, or your neighbor or contractor says it does not. Doing work without permits and inspections can be a hazard to your health and safety of your family. In addition, penalties can be issued.