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The meeting was called to order at 8:10AM by Council President Richter who read the Open Public Meeting Act Statement as prescribed by law. Notice was advertised in The Record on January 28, 2005 stating this meeting would be held on Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 8:00AM in the Council Chambers, at the Municipal Offices at 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey.

Notice of this meeting is posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. The minutes of this meeting shall be available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Salute to the Flag.

Present: Councilmembers Alderisio, DiGiulio, Kelly, Paton, Richter and Roth
Absent: Councilmember Calandrillo.

Also present were the Mayor Richard J. Martel, Business Administrator Brian Campion, and Deputy Municipal Clerk Mary C. Ross.

On a motion by Alderisio, seconded by Kelly, the meeting was open to the public at 8:11AM. All in favor. Motion carried.

On a motion by DiGiulio, seconded by Paton, the meeting was closed to the public at 8:12AM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Menelaos W. Toskos, Township Attorney, was present.

Account # B30-219: Miscellaneous Legal/Litigation
Mr. Toskos stated it was proposed to reduce this Line Item from $170,000.00 to $150,000.00 which is already reflected in the Budget Book.

Account # B30-284: Township Attorney
Mr. Toskos stated it was proposed to raise this Line Item from $75,000.00 to $78,000.00. This change is already reflected in the Budget Book.

Account # B30-286: Special Council/Expert Witness
Richter asked Mr. Toskos if $50,000.00 was sufficient for this Line Item. Mr. Toskos felt it was sufficient.

Account # B34-000: Prosecutor
The Business Administrator reviewed the differences between Account # B34-000: Prosecutor and Account # B30-284: Township Attorney with Council.
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2005
Page 2

Account # B35-204: Public Defender/Professional Services
Richter questioned the Administration’s recommendation to raise this account by $1,000.00. The Mayor stated they deserved the raise. Council agreed to leave it at $26,000.00 for now.

Mr. Stanley Spiech, Mr. Keith Hallissey, and Mr. Ed Sinclair were present.

The Business Administrator gave a brief overview of the Sewer Capital Requests.

The Business Administrator stated the Water Rates were adequate; however, the Sewer Rates would have to be reviewed within the next year.

Paton asked if the Ramapo College Water and Sewer Rates have been looked into. The Business Administrator said yes. Paton suggested charging them more. The Business Administrator stated he would look into this.

DiGiulio stated since the Township supplies water to the Ramapo College and County Facilities the Township should look into the request of money/help from the County or State for infrastructure including the wells the Township provides. Council concurred.

Roth asked if the Library and the Board of Education get a water bill from the Township. Mr. Spiech stated he would get back to Council on this.

DiGiulio stated it was important that the Water Lines go in when the Phase 5 Sewer Project goes in. DiGiulio stated the residents of the Township need to be made aware of this if the Water Lines go in. Richter stated this would be discussed at a later date when a more concrete plan is put together. The Business Administrator stated he would gather more information on this. Richter and Kelly stated we need to budget the Phase 5 Sewer Project correctly, or the Township will suffer financially.

Mr. Stanley Spiech, Mr. Keith Hallissey, and Mr. Ed Sinclair were present.

Mr. Spiech distributed packets pertaining to the Department of Public Works Budget for reference to all Councilmembers present.

Account # 101-202: Equipment
The Business Administrator stated this Line Item includes funds for Software that will be shared between the Water, Sewer, and Tax Departments.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2005
Page 2

Account # 101-113: Salary Adjustment Account
Paton stated this Line Item was too high. Kelly stated this account gives the flexibility to Administration that they need with regards to Salary. The Business Administrator suggested cutting this account from $10,000.00 to $5,000.00 since it had not been used over the past few years. Council concurred.

Account # 102-203: Repairs and Maintenance
The Business Administrator stated as per his memorandum to Council concerning the amending of the Temporary Budget this Line Item will be raised from $21,000.00 to $36,200.00. Council concurred.

Account # 102-202: Equipment
Roth asked to have this Line Item decreased. Mr. Spiech stated it could be dropped from $4,000.00 to $3,000.00. Council concurred.

Account # 103-219: Auditing/Engineering/Legal
Roth asked for clarification concerning Legal on this Line Item. The Business Administrator said he would provide a printout with explanation for Council’s perusal. Roth and Paton asked for a breakdown sheet on Engineering Fees as well.

Account # 105-219: S/O Miscellaneous NWBCUA
Kelly asked for clarification on the $70,000.00 transfer in this Line Item. The Business Administrator explained the process of Budget Transfers. Kelly asked for an overview on all Budget Transfers made in 2004.

Account # 211-219: S/O Miscellaneous
Roth stated this Line Item was too high, and recommended it be lowered. The Business Administrator suggested lowering it from $150,000.00 to $130,000.00. Council concurred.

Account # 303-219: S/O Miscellaneous Social Security
Roth stated this Line Item was too high and needed to be lowered. The Business Administrator recommended lowering it from $45,000.00 to $40,000.00. Council concurred.

Account # C02-000: Streets and Roads
Richter asked for advice concerning preventative construction measures, such as Speed Humps, and Speed Cuts, to be taken against speeding in the Township. Mr. Spiech suggested signage and enforcement of the speed zone, and he stated Speed Humps could be a maintenance problem; however, he would look into this and get back to Council. Richter asked for estimates on the Speed Humps and Speed Cuts for four roads.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2005
Page 3

Account # C03-200: Other Expenses
Alderisio questioned this Line Item, stating there must be missing paperwork. The Business Administrator stated there was a mistake on Form 1. Other Expenses should read $109,000.00 Department’s Request - $120,000.00 Administration’s Recommendation.

Account # C03-214: Rental/Maintenance Agreements
Council discussed the possibility of hiring a Janitor as a Township Employee, rather then paying for a janitorial service. The Business Administrator stated this possibility should be looked into for the future.

Alderisio mentioned that there were maintenance charges for the Police Department in both Account # C03-214 and Account # C05-214. Mr. Spiech stated this was done in error.

Account # C04-201: Materials and Supplies
Paton asked what the safety mulch was for. Mr. Spiech stated it was for the children’s playground. Paton stated more clay was needed at Continental Soldiers Park. The Business Administrator said this would come out of the Capital Account.

Account # C04-101: Permanent Full-Time
Roth asked why this Line Item dropped $20,000.00. Mr. Spiech stated an employee, with a lesser salary, moved into a higher level position after a long term employee retired.

Account # C04-218: Special Events/Beautification
Roth asked why this account needed an increase. Mr. Spiech and DiGiulio stated they have used the Trust Funds for 2004 and needed 23% more in this Line Item because the Township is doing much more in regards to Township Beautification.

Account # C04-203: Repairs and Maintenance
Alderisio asked if materials in this Line Item were double counted else ware. The Mayor stated Administration in the past suggested for this to be a Central Account, and Council disagreed.

Account # C04-000: Parks and Playgrounds
Kelly asked if it would be possible to get shade trees for the playground. Richter stated trees would be a liability; however, doing something about the bee infestation around the slide and playground area would be a good idea. Paton suggested adding lines for hopscotch and other simple games on the pavement. The Mayor will discuss this with the Administrator and find out which department would be in charge of this.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2005
Page 4

Account # C07-201: Materials & Supplies
Roth questioned the need for the increase in this Line Item. Mr. Spiech stated this figure was determined by experience with Winter Conditions. The Mayor stated all unused funds are returned to Surplus. Kelly stated the funds in this Line Item should be left alone. Council decided to leave this Line Item as is for now.

Account # C08-109: Saturday Recycling
The difficulty in getting rid of refrigerators due to Freon was discussed with regards to the Saturday and Holiday Recycling Schedule. It was determined that if the Recycling Station was closed on Saturdays and Holidays the Township may experience a problem with discarded refrigerators and propane tanks. These discarded refrigerators and other illegal dumping would prove to be costly for the Township.

Richter suggested having the residents disposing of items such as refrigerators themselves. DiGiulio recommended charging the residents for disposal to avoid illegal dumping.

Account # C09-203: Repairs and Maintenance
The Business Administrator said in addition to this Line Item is a Capital Request that will be discussed at a later date. This Line Item was changed from $50,000.00 to $51,000.00.

Account # D01-219: Miscellaneous Collection
This line item was raised from $750,000.00 to $907,000.00 to reflect a 3 year contract agreed upon by Resolution on February 10, 2005.

Account # D02-219: Miscellaneous Disposal
This line item was lowered from $975,000.00 to $905,000.00.

On a motion made by Alderisio, seconded by Roth, the meeting was adjourned at
1:10PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathrine G. Coletta, RMC/CMC
Municipal Clerk


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