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Below are several links that may be of interest to our residents:

Property Tax Reimbursement Program              


Applications for the 2015 property tax reimbursement (PTR) were mailed by the State of New Jersey to eligible Township senior citizens and disabled residents.  The closing date for filing this application is October 31, 2019.

The PTR Program refunds eligible applicants for the property tax increases they encounter each year.  Applicants must demonstrate income eligibility and residency requirements and must file a PTR application each year in order to receive the recompense.

There are two varying types of the PTR application.  Form PTR-1 must be requested from the State of New Jersey and is for first time applicants, or applicants who were unsuccessful in attaining approval for payment during the previous year.  Form PTR-1 applicants must provide income and property tax information for both 2017 and 2018.  Form PTR-2 is sent to applicants who received reimbursement checks for the previous year.

Residents who would like information about this program can utilize the following information for assistance:

To listen to information or to order an applications:                    1-800-323-4400

To check the status of a filed application:                                  1-800-882-6597

Online Information:


Agents are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.






This $250.00 deduction is made available to Senior Citizens 65 and over or their Surviving Spouse 55 or over.  Seniors must be citizens of New Jersey and owners of the property for which a deduction application is submitted as of October 1st of the previous year.  The property must also be their primary residence.  The Surviving Spouse can apply for the deduction if they are 55 or over at the time of the senior’s death.


This deduction is also available to those persons deemed totally disabled.  The requirements are the same as for Senior Citizens except that there is no age requirement.  A letter from the Social Security Administration indicating permanent and total disability is required proof.


The applicant’s income, including that of their spouse, cannot exceed $10,000.

Proof of age, ownership and residency are required at the time of application.



Senior Citizens or Permanently Disabled Individuals who qualify for a $250.00 deduction must file a statement verifying their eligibility.  This statement is called the Annual Post-Tax Tear Statement (or PD5), and it is mailed by our office to each deduction recipient in February of each year.  This form must be completed, signed and returned to our office each year on or before March 1st.  If you fail to file this form it will result in the deduction being charged back for the subsequent year.  We thank you for your promptness in this matter.

 If the property is sold, this form must still be completed by the deduction recipient in order for the deduction to remain in a prorated amount for the portion of the year they owned the property matter.



Veteran and/or their Surviving Spouse are eligible for a $250.00 deduction.  Veterans must meet the following requirements as of October 1st of the pretax year.

·         Honorably discharged with active wartime service in the U.S. Armed Forces (Copy of DD214   

·         Own property, wholly or in part, or hold legal title to the property for which deduction is claimed.

·         Be a citizen and legal or domiciliary resident of New Jersey.

Surviving Spouse of a Veteran must meet the following requirements as of October 1st or the pretax year.

·         Document that the deceased veteran or serviceperson was a citizen and resident of New Jersey at

·         Death that had active wartime service in the United States Armed Forces and who was honorable discharged or who died on active wartime duty.

·         Have not remarried.

·         Be a legal or domiciliary resident of New Jersey.

·         Own the property, wholly or in part, or hold legal title to the property for which deduction is claimed.

Disabled Veteran Exemption

Those veterans that are fully disabled as a result of active wartime services are eligible for full exemption from property taxes.  The eligibility requirements are as follows:

·         Must had had active war time service in the U.S. Armed Forces and been honorably discharged (DD214 required).

·         Must have a United States Veteran Administration certification of wartime service connected disability as described under the exemption application, which can be downloaded above.

·         Must wholly own or hold title to the dwelling house for which exemption is claimed.

·         Must be a citizen and legal or domiciliary resident of New Jersey.

A servicing spouse of a fully disabled veteran must provide the above documentation for the deceased and cannot have remarried in order to receive this exemption.

For further information, please see information on links provided.

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