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Municipal Code and New and Amended Ordinances  
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 Mahwah Township Announces Municipal Code Online


The Township of Mahwah Municipal Code and amended ordinances is now available on the Internet. Township residents have unlimited electronic access to the codified Township ordinances. 

Coded Systems provides the ordinance codification and publishing services for the Township. This service provides the user with the ability to search and print the text, with just a click. Whether it’s a question on dog licensing or recycling, the answer can usually be found in the Code.”

Residents are invited to view the Township Code on Line and enjoy the
benefits offered by the latest in technology.

New and Amended Ordinances That Are Not Part of the Municipal Code Book
Ordinance #1683 Sale of Ave A & 3rd St Property
Ordinance #1692 Capital Improvements
Ordinance #1693 2011 Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits
Ordinance #1694 2011 Revenue and Appropriation Summary
Ordinance #1696 Salary Ordinance

Ordinance #1701 Petition the Highlands Council
Ordinance #1703 Refunding of 2004 Refunding General Improvements Bonds
Ordinance #1704 2012 Municipal Budget Appropriations Limits
Ordinance #1705 2012 Revenue and Appropriation Summary
Ordinance #1707 Various Capital Improvements
Ordinance #1708 Various Water Ulitity Improvement
Ordinance #1709 2012 Salary Ordinance
Ordinance #1711 Acquisition of Gift of Property
Ordinance #1714 2012 Salary Ordinance
Ordinance #1715 Amending Salary Ordinances #1709 and #1714 (Animal Census Taker)
Ordinance #1717 Gift of Property Known as Bl 1, Lot 130.11
Ordinance #1718 Various Road Improvements
Ordinance #1719 Amending Salary Ordinance #1709

Ordinance #1720 Establish Cap Bank 2013
Ordinance #1721 Budget Review And Appropriation Summary 2013
Ordinance #1722 Various Capital Improvements 
Ordinance #1723 Authorizing Acqusition by a Gift of Property, Block 96,
                             Lots 14, 15, 16, 17
Ordinance #1724 Eastview Dr. Right of Way Easment 
Ordinance # 1739 Amending Salary Ordinances #1709 and #1729
Ordinance # 1740 Acquisition of Property
Ordinance # 1743 Budget Appropriation Limits
Ordinance # 1746 Capital Improvements
Ordinance # 1748 Amending Salary Ordinance #1709
Ordinance # 1758 Amend Salary Ordin#1709-Municipal Pool Manager

Ordinance # 1760 Bond Ordinance 2015 Various Road Improvements
Ordinance # 1761 Ordiance to Exceed Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to  
                              Establish A Cap Bank

Ordinance # 1762 2015 Municipal Budget 
Ordinance # 1763 Sale of Real Property Tax Map Bl 1 Lot 22
Ordinance # 1765 Various Capital Improvements
Ordinance # 1766 2014 Salary Ordinance
Ordinance # 1767 Affordable Housing Plan

Ordinance # 1773  Salary Ordinance
Ordinance # 1775  2016 Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits & Cap Bank
Ordinance # 1776  2016 Various Road Improvements
Ordinance # 1777  2016 Municipal Budget
Ordinance # 1788  2016 Salary Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance # 1790  Sale of Real Property
Ordinance # 1793  Ordinance repealing Ordinance # 1790
Ordinance # 1794  Salary Ordinance
Ordinance # 1795  Amendment to Salary Ord. #1773 
Ordinance # 1796  Amendment to Salary Ord. #1773 and #1781

Ordinance # 1805  Amendment to Salary Ordinacne #1794
Ordinance # 1806  Amendment to Chapter IX "Recreational Facilities" Section 9-13
                               "Use of Facilities"
Ordinance # 1807  Amending Land Developement Chapter XXIV , Section 4.3
Ordinance # 1813  Determining Positions Elibible for the Defined Contribution Retirement
Ordinance #1814   Amending and Supplementing Chpt IV General Licensing of Revised 
                              General Ordinances of the Twp of Mahwah Sect. 403 Peddling and
Ordinance #1814   Application Form
Ordinance #1820  Amending Chapter IX Recreations Facilities of the revised General
                              Ordinances of the Township of Mahwah, Section 9-13  Use of Facilities.
Ordinance #1825  Exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits And To Establish A
                             CAP Bank 
Ordinance #1826  Notice: 2018 Mun. Budget of Twp of Mahwah, Cty of Berg. For   
                             Cal. Year 21018
Ordinance #1830 Ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter XXIV Zoning, District 
                             Regulation By Adding To Prohibit Retail/Wholesale Sale of Marijuana
Ordinance #1831  Ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter VII "Traffic"
                              Subsection 7-17
Ordinance #1832  Bond ordinance providing for various capital improvements in and by
                              the Twp of  Mahwah
Ordinance #1833  Bond ordinance providing for purchase and installation of water meters
                              in and by the Twp of Mahwah 
Ordinance #1834  Bond ordinance providing for lighting improvements at Township parks
                              and Recreation fields in and by the Twp of Mahwah
Ordinance #1837  Salary Ordinance
Ordinance #1838   Amending and Supplementing "Recreational Facilities" Section 9-1.9
                              "Membership" subsection (A) "Membership Fees" and
                               Section 9.10 "Recreation Fees" 
Ordinance #1839   Ammending and Supplementing Chapter II  Regulations and
                              Membership of Police Dept. Subsection 2-16.2
                              "Personnel Appointment"
Ordinance #1841   Ordinance Setting Salaries for White Collar
Ordinance #1842   Ordinance setting Salareis for Municipal Pool Employees
Ordinance #1843   Ordinance Authorizing Sale of Real Property , Block 95, Lot 13,
                               78 Malcome Rd 
Ordinance #1844   Ordinance setting salaries for certain White Collar and Municipal
                               Pool Employees
Ordinance #1845   Bond Ordinance providing for renov ations to Company #5 Firehouse
Ordinance #1846   Ordinance amending Ordinance # 1165 (as amended by Ord. # 1183)
                              in order to amend Section 4a
Ordinance #1847   Ordinance amending Ord. #1613 finally adopted May 15, 2008 in order
                               to amend Section 3b.
Ordinance #1848   Ordinance setting salaries for sworn officers of the Police Department
Ordinance #1849   Ordinance amending and supplementing Ordinance 1816 of the
                               revised general ordinances fo the Township of Mahwah,
                               Subchapter 9-1 "Use Regulations. 
Ordinance #1850   Ordinance setting salaries for sworn officers of the Mahwah Police
                               Department for 2019
Ordinance #1851   An ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter XV entitled
                              "Streets, Sidewalks and Sanitation", Sub-Chapter 8 entitled 
                              "Temporary Non-Commercial Signs within Township Right-of-Ways".
Ordinance #1852   Ordinance setting salaries for White Collar, Management, & Non-Union
Ordinance #1853   Ordinance amending the revised General Ordinances of the
                               Township of Mahwah, Section 2-11.3 "Fire Services".
Ordinance #1854   Ordinance setting salaries for Blue Collar Municipal Pool and
                               certain other employees 
Ordinance #1855   An ordinance setting salareis for new and revised administrative titles
                              and Municipal Judge - Special Sessions

Ordinance #1856  An ordinance adopting a policy for 100 percent disabled veterans and
                             surviving spouses tax ememption on municipal property taxes
Ordinance #1857  Ordinance to exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriatrion Limits and to
                              establish a Cap Bank
Ordinance #1858   2019 Municipal Budget of the Township of Mahwah - Revenue and 
                               Appropriation Summary
Ordinance #1859   Ordinance amending Section 2-12.6 of the Code of the Township of
                               Mahwah entitled "Recreation Committee".
Ordinance #1860   Ordinance amending Section 2-2.14 of the Code of the Township of
                               Mahwah - Committees

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