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The meeting was called to order at 8:02PM by Council President Kelly who read the Open Public Meetings Act Statement as prescribed by law. Notice was advertised in the Record on July 29, 2005 stating this meeting would be held at the Municipal Offices, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey on Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 8:00PM.

Notice of this meeting is posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. The minutes of this meeting shall be available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Salute to the Flag.

Present: Councilmembers Alderisio, Calandrillo, DiGiulio, Kelly, Paton, Richter and Roth.

Also present were Mayor Richard J. Martel, Business Administrator Brian Campion, Township Attorney Terry Paul Bottinelli, Township Engineer Kevin Boswell, Township Utility Engineer Gerry Spiesbach, Township Utility Engineer’s Associates Vishal Shah and John McCarthy and Muncipal Clerk Kathrine Coletta.

Kelly clarified that he believes many residents are here for the cell tower at Mahwah Firehouse #3. This item is not on the Agenda for this evening.

Roth responded to a memorandum from the Business Administrator dated January 12, 2006 to Cingular Wireless on the Fire Company #3 site. Roth pointed out statements made within the letter are not accurate. Roth further pointed out additional information was requested. Thus far no response has been received from Cingular on the request for information.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Richter, the meeting was opened to the public at 8:05PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Mrs. Cathleen Rozanski Brewster of 96 Masconicus Road pointed out that her family donated the easement where the Fire House #3 presently is, for the sole purpose of placing a fire house in the Masconicus area. The reason being the area was quickly growing and they wanted to help their neighbors in an emergency. Mrs. Brewster feels her family would not be happy with the proposed cell tower being place on the site. Mrs. Brewster feels the Silver Creek property is a more suitable location for the cell tower.

Mrs. Brewster went on further to remind Council every resident voted them into office and they should be looking out for all the resident the entire time.

Mrs. Brewster mentioned she spoke to Mr. Secor and asked if he would object to a cell tower at Silver Creek. Mr. Secor did not have an objection. Mrs. Brewster feels Mahwah Road is not the location for a cell tower.

Mrs. Ann Serekian of 5 Aspen Court opposes the cell tower being placed on the firehouse #3 property.
Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2006
Page 2

Mrs. Susan Anzano of 36 Tam-O-Shanter Drive complained about getting water in her backyard and making her yard unusuable. Mrs. Anzano feels work being done by her neighbors is causing her problem. Mrs. Anzano provided “before” and “after” photographs to Council. Mrs. Anzano complained about Township Officials not responding to her. The Township Engineer shall meet with Mrs. Anzano to try and assist her.

Mr. Paul Serekian of 5 Aspen Court pointed out in July 2005 the Council rejected the Firehouse #3 site for a cell tower location as it was too close to residences. Mr. Serekian feels there are other locations for the cell tower other than firehouse #3. He feels one option is the Board of Education property.

Mr. Steve Jamieson of 101 Macsonicus Road recently purchased his home. He chose his home because of the area. Mr. Jaimeson asked Council to reconsider as he feels this Cellular tower will have a negative effect on his neighborhood. Mr. Jamieson also expressed how hard all of his neighbors have researched this. He urged Council to work for them and not against them and find a better location for this Cellular tower.

Mr. Gerard Krazinski of 29 Masonicus Road purchased 11 acres from his dad’s estate last year. Mr. Krazinski feels the most viable site would be across from Secor’s across from Airmount. He feels this will be a much less intrusive area for the property values in this area.

Mr. Scott Krazinski of 28 Masonicus Road stated his grandfather purchased this property in the early 50’s. This property has historical value. Mahwah would benefit more by placing on the tower on an existing structure or alternative site such as a water tank at the Board of Education property. The Township is here to provide safe environment and he urges the Councilmembers to look at other alternatives. Mr. Krazinski stated he wants to preserve Mahwah as a parkland.

Mr. Steve Konstantellis of 27 Copperfield Way thanked the Council for giving him the opportunity to speak at this forum. His family decided to move to Mahwah two years ago for the reasons of safe neighborhoods and the great school system . They have dedicated time and money to support the Fire Department, the Schools and other organizations. He feels the Board of Education would be a better area for this proposed Cellular Tower and has had conversation with Dr. Montasano in reference to this area. He feels this town would be a risk to the children
in this area.

Mrs. Kathy Spinella of 63 Masonicus Road feels that firehouse #3 property is an inappropriate location for the cell tower.

Mr. Randall Brewster of 84 North Ramapo Avenue opposes the cell tower on the firehouse #3 property. Mr. Brewster rode around the Township with his cell phone in the area being considered and the entire way he received perfect reception. Mr. Brewster questioned why a cell tower is need in the firehouse #3 property.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Paton, the meeting was closed to the public at 8:82PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2006
Page 3

Paton, as liaison of the Board of Education, conveyed all the material on the cell tower they had received to the Superintendent of Schools to the Council. Paton asked the Superintendent of Schools to express in writing where he stood at this time. And he did. Every Councilmember received a copy of this letter that there was some interest. Paton asked the Mayor and the Business Administrator to give some insight on this since they met with the Superintendent of Schools this past week.

Mayor Martel reported on Tuesday the Business Administrator, the Business Administrator of the School System, the Superintendent of Schools and himself met in reference of the placement of the cell tower on the Board of Education property. The Board of Education Business Administrator and Superintendent support the idea, however, the item must be discussed with the entire School Board. The Mayor and the Business Administrator are not in favor of placing the cell tower on firehouse #3 property. Should the Council decide to move forward with an Ordinance the Mayor said he will veto this and it would take a 2/3 vote of the Council to override his veto.

Richter stated she feels the newspapers had a lot to do with, and may have misinterpreted some things. When anything is presented to Council they must get all the information they can and if any Councilmember feels they do not have all proper information necessary to make an intelligent vote for themselves it is the rest of the Council’s responsibility to honor their request and get further information. Richter thought this Cellular Tower was a great idea in the beginning until she knew it would impact people. Richter has a Cellular Tower in her backyard so she knows the impact of this. She feels Council does understand this.

Alderisio made a motion that the Council remove Fire Company #3 from any consideration for a Cellular Tower, seconded by Calandrillo. Roll Call Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Paton stated that if one says no too quickly and pushes this company away they could take us to court and then they will put the tower where they want. He would like Board of Education to assess and analyze putting the cell tower on their site.

The Business Administrator said he will respond to the letter he received from the Attorney for Cingular, indicating the Township has no interest in leasing the property at Fire Company #3 for a wireless communication facility.

Any Councilmember with questions was asked to contact Administration prior to the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

ENGINEERING (Boswell-McClave)
Calandrillo asked if a homeowner contacts Boswell-McClave, personally, is that the reason it
does not show up on the Status Report. Calandrillo feels Council should be aware of all
complaints and they should be listed on the Status Report. Mr. Boswell stated there are many
items they get on a regular basis and they can inventory them if Council wishes. The Business
Administrator stated Boswell-McClave and Administration have dozens of complaints with
Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2006
Page 4

residents and their neighbors. A lot of complaints have two sides to the story and he feels
it would be a burden if they had to list every complaint.

Kelly feels every complaint should come before Council as one is just as important as the other.

Paton is wondering about the structure and direction of the Township if there are some violations
of Ordinances. Paton asked if the Township Attorney could enlighten Council on this.

The Township Engineer stated first they would have to find out if there was a violation and if
the violation caused a problem to exist. If it did, it would require Municipal involvement. If it
did not, it would be left up to the homeowners to work out their differences.

Roth asked at what point in time, when a resident brings a problem to the Township, is it
formalized. The Business Administrator stated on drainage problems when a problem comes to
Administration it is referred to the Township Engineer’s office. If a problem comes before the
Engineer’s office, the Engineer refers the complaint to Administration to get Authorization for
the Engineer to investigate this complaint.

1a. Wyckoff Avenue and Forest Road Intersection Improvements; Project Update
The Township Engineer reported the road is scheduled to be open on Tuesday evening or
Wednesday morning. This shall be coordinated with the Mahwah and Franklin Lakes Police
Departments and the schools.

1b. Improvements to MacArthur Boulevard, Section 4 and 2005 Road Improvement Program; Change Order #1 to Bid #MTB-05-14
Resolution shall be prepared for the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

1c. DPW Salt Storage Facility at Micik Lane; Change Order #1 to Bid #MTB-05-17
Resolution shall be prepared for the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

1d. Verbal Progress Report
Calandrillo asked about traffic lights at Island Road and both East and West Ramapo Valley
Road. Calandrillo stated since the Township Engineer is providing a preliminary evaluation
for Island Road and Ramapo Valley Road shouldn’t they provide evaluations for the Police
Department for both locations at the same time. The Engineer stated they are looking at the
whole area as one big intersection.

2a. Proposal; Redevelopment - Ford Well #3
Resolution shall be prepared for the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

2b. Proposal; Design of Stage 5 Sanitary Sewer Project
Resolution for Design and Bid Assistance only shall be prepared for the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2006
Page 5

2c. Verbal Progress Report
Swim Club: The door has arrived and was installed. Closeout is in the process.

20” Water Main: The striping has to be coordinated with the County Road Department. The Utility Engineer stated there is a small section of Mahwah Medical to do a survey on. As soon as they are satisfied with the survey results they will notify Montana to prepare their final closeout change order.

Kelly recused himself and DiGiulio took over the meeting.

Nilsen Booster Station: The Township Utility Engineer stated they received the resolution authorizing them to proceed. The Utility Engineer stated they prepared a letter to NJDEP outlining the system and their acceptance of the booster station.

Kelly returned and DiGiulio returned to her seat.

Tudor Rose Terrace: Township Attorney received Preliminary Report this evening.

3a. Amend Resolution #152-05; Increase in Contract Amount – Purchase of CODY System
Resolution shall be prepared of the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

3b. Bid Recommendation; MTB-05-21: Fire and Police Vehicles Repair and Maintenance
Resolution shall be prepared for the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

3c. CDL Random Alcohol and Drug Testing; Renewal of Contract
Resolution shall be prepared for the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

3d. 2006 Municipal Budget CAP; Discussion
Ordinance shall be introduced at a future meeting.

3e. Authorization; Lease Portion of 475 Corporate Drive - Cellular Antenna Monopole; Discussion
The Business Administrator updated Council that Cingular is looking to install a cellular antenna in the back corner of the municipal property by the hotel or on the Stryker side. Administration feels the antenna would be better on the Stryker side. Council will be provide the bid package at a future date.

Richter recused herself.

3f. Rezoning Requests
1. 296 Ramapo Valley Road
Council concurred not to change the zone as requested. Business Administrator shall write letter.

Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2006
Page 6

2. 355 Forest Road
Council concurred that this request shall go to the Planner for a recommendation. Business Administrator shall forward to Planner.

Richter returned.

3g. Transfer of 2005 Appropriation Reserves
Resolution shall be prepared for the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

5a. Applications; Taxi Driver License
1. Edward J. Dericks Jr.
2. Gennaro Cracco
Resolutions on the above mentioned application shall be prepared for the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

5b. Bus Shelters; Discussion
Kelly asked Council if they are interested in moving forward with a bus shelter.

Roth feels that additional information on the utilities is needed.

The Township Engineer said he shall take photographs and provide them to Council.

The Business Administrator shall check with the Director of Public Works if staff will be available to shovel several bus shelters.

Alderisio shall call the private company and ask what the minimum amount of shelters they will consider.

Paton suggested the Police Department look at the site.

Administration shall assist with the questions asked by Council being addressed.

5c. Raffle Applications
1. Wayne Council of PTOs Inc. (Casino Night)
2. Wayne Council of PTOs Inc. (On Premise, 50/50)
3. HSA Orchard (On Premise)
Raffle Applications were tentatively approved. Final approval shall be voted on at the January 26, 2006 Public Meeting.

Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2006
Page 7

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Paton, the meeting was adjourned at 10:53PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathrine G. Coletta, RMC/CMC
Municipal Clerk

Meeting Minutes prepared by Jan Fox, Deputy Municipal Clerk

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