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December 14, 2005

The meeting of the Environmental Commission was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by John Brotherton, Chairman. The Opening Statement was made. Roll call was taken.

Present: J. Brotherton
S. Golz
K. LaGreca
C. Phiefer
J. Spiech (arrived 8:45)
D. Wenger
J. DeWan (secretary)
One vacant position.

The Minutes of the previous meeting held on November 9, 2005 were discussed. A correction was need. On page 3 change the date of the next meeting to December 14, 2005 (not December 7, 2005). Minutes were accepted as amended.

Pilot Travel Center, Dkt 164-05 SP
The attorney’s letter was reviewed.
The revised plan was approved with the following comments to the Board of Adjustment:
“We request the Township Engineer confirms that the applicant is following all DEP regulations while the project is under construction.

Board of Adjustment should check with the property owners to know if there were any previous DEP violations which need to be addressed.

Attached is a copy of the attorney’s letter for your files.

While it is not an environmental issue, it is unclear to us whether any access to Ridge Road is in the plans.”

Vista Bahn Estates, Dkt. 461 Phase II
The big concern in this 13 home subdivision is drainage and the use of staggered walls.
The revised plans were not approved. Comments to Planning Boards are as follows.
“We understand that run off will be contained within the development, but we are not sure if the drainage infrastructure outside the development will be able to handle the run-off. Is there sufficient detention?

Aside from the sheer quantity of run-off, we are concerned about the poor quality of the run-off. It would contain lawn pesticides, oil residue and other elements.

The retaining walls must be properly maintained so not to create a hazard in the future. How will this be monitored and whose responsibility it is?

With this type of terrain, there are at least four too many homes in phase II.

In view of all these concerns and the size of the development, an Environmental Impact Statement should be provided specifically addressing the potential flooding of the Ramapo River and the properties on the other side.”

Steven & Karen Koestner, Dkt. 494
Minor Subdivision – approved. No comments until we see a site plan.

Zoccoli Associates, Dkt. 1167-05 SP
Donald Wenger did not comment or participate during the review of this site plan.
Comments to Board of Adjustment:
“This site plan was not approved. We need the tree removal plan. We don’t approve of rezoning of residential to commercial.”

Valley Regional Medical Center, LLC, Dkt. 256A-2
Site plan was approved.

Hummer of Mahwah, LLC, Dkt. 482A
Plans for signs were approved.

Memo to: Administrative Officer, Township Engineer
Re: Vista Bahn Estates, Driveway Crossing
Bl. 23, Lot 55.03, 15 Farmstead Road
“We do not object to the request made in Tibor Latincsics’ letter of November 8th concerning construction of the driveway.”

After discussion, the following decisions were reached.
Karin LaGreca will submit the “concept” of the first sign to Maja Britton. Karin will ask Maja for a written estimate for the graphic production for signs, up to $1,000. The deadline for encumbering funds from the 2005 budget is December 22, 2005. Jane will receive the written quote from Maja and submit a purchase order request from the Environmental Commission to Adastra West, Inc.

Susan Golz gave Jane information on ordering tree marker signs from Metalphoto of Cincinnati. Jane will submit a purchase order.

John Spiech has requested a quote for construction of the sign frame to hold a 24 x 30” sign, with Plexiglas on each side. Karin LaGreca knows another contractor and she will get a second quote. Both will be in touch with Jane to submit the purchase order before the deadline.

John Spiech suggested submitting a resolution to the Township Administration, outlining our plans. All were in favor.

DECEMBER 14, 2005

Whereas, the Environmental Commission has been working on a project to design, produce and install environmental educational signage along the trail at Lake Henry, at Continental Soldiers Park, according to a matching grant with the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection,

A motion was made by Donald Wenger; seconded by John Spiech to submit purchase requisitions to the Finance Department as listed below. All members present (John Brotherton, Susan Golz, Karin LaGreca, Carol Phiefer, John Spiech and Donald Wenger) were in favor of the motion.

Be it resolved that the Environmental Commission has anticipated grant expenses to be encumbered in 2005 as follows:

1. Graphic consultant and production artist $1,000.00

2. Professional production of placards and installation of signs $1,000.00

I hereby certify that this resolution was adopted at a meeting of the Environmental Commission of the Township of Mahwah on December 14, 2005.

___________________ ______________________
John Brotherton Jane DeWan
Chairman Secretary

The following tenant applications were approved by the Environmental Commission.
Glenmark Pharmaceutical, 750 Corporate Drive – pharmaceutical distributors
Ridgewood Moving Services, 575 Corporate Drive - moving and storage company
Tae Kwondo USA, 139 Franklin Turnpike - physical exercise
D. E. Sales, LLC, 31 Industrial Avenue - distribution
Devon Marantz (D& M Holdings), 100 Corporate Drive
Garden State Lumber Products, 100 Corporate Drive – wholesale distributor of wood
Olive Branch LLC (Sonny & Tony’s), 400 Ridge Road – change of ownership only
Vitti Insurance Agency (Allstate), 860 Wyckoff Avenue - insurance office

Memo to Administrative Officer:
“The Environmental Commission reviewed the following applications on December 14, 2005.
Craig and Patricia Clifford Halifax Road, Bl. 1 Lots 130.08 and 130.09, Dkt. 376S, amended 11/28/05 (former Danza property) – approved.
Helen and Costanzo Martino 172 Deerhaven Road, Bl. 24, Lot 55, E-BD-216-1861, amended 11/10/05. We approve this application, however, we question the advisability of the selection of three tulip poplar trees, as mentioned in the tree planting plan. There will be a total of twelve replacement trees.”

We received:
• Various agendas and minutes.
• ANJEC invoice for 2006 membership dues.
• Copy of approved final plan for Campgaw Construction/Woodcliff Lake Dev., Dkt. 455

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m. The next meeting of the Environmental Commission will be held on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J.

J. DeWan

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