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November 10, 2005 MINUTES

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

SUNSHINE STATEMENT: The Mrs. Shanley read the Sunshine Statement.


Barbara Shanley Marthajean Drago, excused
Lynn Ballerini Kenneth Cerullo, excused
Colleen Kennedy Gus Vasiliadis, excused
Carol Greene John Bristow, excused
Thomas Thornton

Attorney: Nilufer DeScherer, not present

Salute to the Flag:

In Mrs. Drago’s absence, Mr. Thornton made a motion that Mrs. Shanley act as Chair and Mrs. Greene seconded. All approved.

Minutes: No minutes were received.

Public Session:
Ms. Kennedy motioned to open the Public Session and Mr. Thornton seconded, all approved.

The acting Chair recognized Mr. Bruce Whitaker, attorney for two applications on the HPC agenda and decided to attend the meeting, to answer any questions regarding the applications.

The first application is Frasco Homes, Inc. Minor Subdivision, Docket 493. The application is a large parcel that could accommodate more than one home; however, the application is for one home in the middle of the tract. The sub-division application is requesting to take the homestead lot off and on the basis of that by virtue of the placement of the home there would be a restriction that no further development could occur. The applicant is requesting that the lot be sub-divided and that the homestead home remain.

Mrs. Ballerini asked Mr. Whitaker to confirm the homestead lot.

There were no other questions on this application.

Mrs. Shanley asked Mr. Whitaker if he had any other statements. He did not.

Mr. Whitaker then reported on Vista Bahn Estates, Docket 461 PH II. Mr. Whitaker stated that he did not believe that the Commission can act on this application, because we do not have a quorum because Mrs. Greene must recuse herself from the HPC table. Mr. Whitaker reported that the applicant does not have a date scheduled for public hearing yet; therefore no adjacent properties have been notified of the hearing. Mr. Whiter reported that when the HPC sited certain conditions on the original application, there were condition that applied to this sub-division also, and the conditions on this sub-division are not being altered on this application. Mr. Whitaker reported that this application probably won’t be on the November Planning Board agenda. If anything changes, Mr. Whitaker, will call the secretary, Denise Storms.

Mrs. Shanley recognized Mr. John Edwards, 40 Armour Road, Mahwah, the purchase of his attendance at this meeting is to officially notify the HPC that he is applying to be added to the HPC element of the Township Ordinance #1313 as an historic home. Mrs. Shanley replied that Mr. Edwards needs to submit a letter to the Township Council stating the reasons that he is requesting to be added to the Township #1313 Ordinance and the Master Plan as an historic home. Mr. Edwards requested a copy of the Ordinance.

Mrs. Shanley recognized Mr. Hinchman, 49 Armour Road, Mahwah, who also requested that his home be added to the Township Ordinance #1313 as an historic home.

Mr. Thornton will ask Mr. Drago if there is an application form and will email Mr. Edwards ( the information and Mr. Hinchman at

Mrs. Greene recused herself from the HPC meeting table.

The Chair recognized Mrs. Carol Greene, 800 Rt 202, Mahwah. Mr. Greene read for the record a letter from Carol W. and Richard C. Greene regarding Vista Bahn Estates, LLC, Docket 461 Phase II and its impact on historic Ramapo Valley Road and the historic Garrison-Price-Dater ruins. This letter is on record with the November 11, 2005 minutes along with a copy of the letter from the Greene’s to the Environmental Commission regarding the steep slopes, retaining walls, and view shed from parkland for this property.

Mr. Thornton motioned to close the Public Session and Ms. Kennedy seconded. All approved.

Mr. Thornton motioned to recognized Mrs. Greene as a Commission and bring her back to the HPC table and Ms. Kennedy seconded. All approved.

Chair’s Report: None at this time.
Mrs. Shanley asked Mrs. Ballerini if a Cragmere Committee meeting has been organized. Mrs. Ballerini reported that she has not been contacted by Mrs. Drago and nothing has been done yet.


Steven & Karen Koestner, Docket 494
Let the minutes reflect that after a thorough review of the application Mr. Thornton motioned to deny Docket 494 for the following reasons, and Ms. Kennedy seconded. All approved

The plans lack specific information in the description of the existing building that are
noted to be removed, we need to know the age of the building.

Vote: 5 yes 0 no: Kennedy--yes; Greene--yes; Thornton--yes; Ballerini--yes; Shanley, yes;

Vista Bahn Estates, Phase II, Docket 461 II
Mr. Thornton motioned to table this application until the December 8, 2005 and copy Mr. Whitaker, Ms. Kennedy seconded. All approved.

Frasco Homes, Inc., Minor Sub-Division, Docket 493
Let the minutes reflect that, after a thorough review of Docket 493, Mr. Thornton motioned to approve Docket 493 Mr. Thornton motioned to approve Docket 493 with the following recommendations, and Mrs. Ballerini seconded the motion. All approved.
1. It is requested that any breaks made in the rock stone wall that runs along lot 16 and proposed lot 13 be minimized and that any stones that are removed, are reused on the property and, as set forth in #4 of the applicant’s statement of fact, that the property not be subject to any further development and will remain a single family dwelling.

Vote: 5 yes 0 no: Kennedy--yes; Greene--yes; Thornton--yes; Shanley, yes; Ballerini, yes.

Street Names: None at this time

New Business:
HPC Historic Awards: HPC Historic Awards Presentation on their December 8, 2005 Council meeting.

The awards will be presented to the County of Bergen for their restoration of the Ackerman Farmhouse stone wall during the County’s expansion of Wyckoff Avenue and Forest Road, and Franklin Turnpike for adaptive reuse. (Mrs. Drago will supply the Franklin Tpke. Address)

Mrs. Greene will give the presentation on the stone wall and Mrs. Drago will give the presentation on the Franklin Turnpike building. Mrs. Shanley will set up the reception.

General Discussion:
Mrs. Greene reported that our HPC application form has been changed and needs to go back to the original three page form. However, that form has been condensed into two pages. Mrs. Greene is requesting that we submit to the Planning Board an updated form to include Historic Preservation Commission not Site Committee. Mrs. Greene will send a draft copy of the application form to Mrs. Ballerini for her revisions, and Ms. Kennedy will send Mrs. Ballerini a copy of the Township logo. Mrs. Ballerini will email the new form and old form to the Commission members for their review and approval at the December 8, 2005 meeting.

Mrs. Drago arrived at the HPC meeting at this time.

Ms. Kennedy questioned the addition to the Howard McPherson house on Olney Road and why the Commission was not notified since the home is on the Master Plan. Mrs. Drago will send a letter to the Business Administrator asking why we were not notified by the Construction Official of the addition plans, since this home is on the Master Plan. Mrs. Drago will also contact the attorney for her legal advice.

Old Business:
Mr. Thornton motioned to table the Old Business items until the December 8, 2005 meeting, and Ms. Kennedy seconded the motion. All approved.

Mrs. Drago reported that the Commission is requesting the Hopper-Van Horn historic marker to be restored and a new historic marker for the Westervelt Hosey home. Mrs. Drago is also researching putting the Cragmere Survey on the Township web site.

Mrs. Shanley motioned to adjourn the meeting and Ms. Kennedy seconded the motion. All approved. The meeting ended at 10:00 pm.

These minutes are a synopsis of the MHPC tapes, which are on file at the Township Municipal building.


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