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October 27, 2005 MINUTES

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

SUNSHINE STATEMENT: The secretary read the Sunshine Statement.


Marthajean Drago Chair John Bristow, excused
Kenneth Cerullo Lynn Ballerini, excused
Colleen Kennedy Gus Vasiliadis, excused
Carol Greene, late
Barbara Shanley
Thomas Thornton

Attorney: Nilufer DeScherer, not present

Sunshine State: Secretary read the Sunshine State and stated that the regularly schedule meeting of October 13th was cancelled due to the holiday and rescheduled for October 27th which was published in the Record.

Salute to the Flag:

Public Session:
Mrs. Shanley motioned to open the Public Session and Ms. Kennedy seconded, all approved.

The Chair recognized Mr. Kenneth DeFerrari, 69 Maysenger Road, Mahwah. Mr. DeFerrari stated that he is here as Commander of VFW Post 7124, and as the representative of the Mahwah Veterans, he is requesting the street name Franklin Place be changed to Sustack Place. Mr. DeFerrari reported that the Township already has Franklin Turnpike, Franklin Street, and Franklin Place, which can be easily mistaken in an emergency situation. Mr. DeFerrari reported that the only family living on Franklin Place is the Sustack family and in honor of the families’ military service dating back to World War II, the VFW is requesting that Franklin Place be changed to Sustack Place.

Mr. Thornton stated that he appreciates the Sustack’s military service, however, there are many families within the Township that can equal or better the military service of the Sustack’s. Mr. Thornton stated that it is not the policy of the HPC to name street names after private individuals.

The Chair thanked Mr. DeFerrari for his recommendation.

The Chair recognized Mr. & Mrs. Mundahl, 707 Franklin Turnpike, Allendale, regarding 30 Armour Road. Mr. & Mrs. Mundahl asked if the Commission would give them ten minutes for a brief presentation on 30 Armour Road. The Chair reported that this property is of historic significance and the Commission would be willing to give them ten minutes. Due to technical difficulties with the projector, the Chair suggested that the HPC close the Public Session until the Mundahl’s correct the projector.

Ms. Kennedy motioned to close the Public Session, and Mrs. Shanley seconded. All approved.

Minutes: September 8, 2005
Chair corrected under Chair’s Report 1950 to 1950’s, and in the third paragraph “Mrs. Drago reported that a committee is being formed in Cragmere to save the Miller Estate Cistern” add “and to organize the celebration of the Cragmere Centennial.”

Mrs. Carol motioned to approve the minutes as corrected and Mr. Cerullo seconded the motion. All approved.

Zoccoli Associates, Docket 1167-05SP
Let the minutes reflect that, after a thorough discussion of Docket 1167-05SP, Mr. Thornton motioned to approve Docket 1167-05SP with no comments:

Vote: 6 yes 0 no: Kennedy--yes; Greene--yes; Thornton--yes; Cerulli--yes; Shanley, yes; Drago, yes.

Mrs. Greene motioned to close the Applications and re-open the Public Session, and Mrs. Shanley seconded. All approved.

Public Session:
The Chair again recognized Mr. & Mrs. Mundahl, who at time continued with their power point presentation regarding the proposed building on 30 Armour Road, which would incorporate the existing Miller Estate stone cistern into their Craftsman Style building plans. The Mundahl’s reported that the existing home on lot 16 & 17 would not be impacted. They are seeking a sub-division of the property to build on lots 18 & 19, which included the stone cistern; however, in order to keep the cistern, they may need a variance from the Planning Board. They have not engaged an engineer yet. The Chair reported that the HPC can supply a list of accredited historic building engineers from the State, to help them.

The Mundahl’s then asked if the HPC could share the history of the neighborhood with them. Mrs. Greene suggested that the Mundahl’s obtain a copy of “From Pioneer Settlement to Suburb” A History of Mahwah, New Jersey, 1700-1976, which dedicates several chapters on the Ezra Miller Estate.

Mrs. Drago suggested that the Mundahl’s speak individually to the HPC members regarding the history of the property.

Mr. Mundahl asked if this would qualify this building as preserving a historic structure. The Chair replied that it would probably be categorized as an adaptive reuse of an historic structure.

The Chair asked Mr. Mundahl if he was an architect or engineer. Mr. Mundahl replied that he is not; however, he created the proposed plans. The Chair then asked if he has given the plans to a licensed professional engineer to seek their opinion if these plans are structurally sound. Mr. Mundahl replied that he has not gotten that far yet. The Chair asked what is the foot print of the structure and what percentage of the lot would be coverd. Mr. Mundahl replied that it is about 4600 sq. feet and under the percentage lot coverage that the Township allows.

Mr. Thornton asked the height of the building. Mr. Mundahl replied below 35 feet.

The Chair asked if the Township does not approve their proposed plans, do they have a second choice. The Mundahl’s reported that their first choice is to incorporate the stone cistern into their building plans, if that is not possible; their only alternative is to demolish the cistern.

The Commission thanked the Mundahl’s for their presentation and invited them to come back when their application is being reviewed.

Mrs. Greene motioned to close the Public Session and Ms. Kennedy seconded. All approved.


Cumberland Farms Inc. Docket, Docket 492
Let the minutes reflect that after a thorough review of the application it was determined that Docket 492 has historic significance since it borders the Moffatt Road Cemetery. Mr. Thornton motioned to approve Docket 492 with the following recommendation:

That there is no impact on the fragile historic Moffatt Road Cemetery Site and special consideration is taken to lesson any embankment erosion.

Vote: 6 yes 0 no: Kennedy--yes; Greene--yes; Thornton--yes; Cerullo--yes; Shanley, yes; Drago, yes.

Street Names:
Let the minutes reflect that after discussing Mr. DeFerrari’s request to change Franklin Place to Sustack Place, the HPC concurred that the Commission does not recommend street names be named after proper names, unless the names have an historic significance to the Township, such as a founding family or after a veteran who was killed in action.

Mrs. Greene stated for the record that she does not agree with the Commission’s decision.

New Business:
HPC Historic Awards: The secretary will request from the Council that the Township Clerk put the HPC Historic Awards Presentation on their December 8, 2005 Council meeting.

The awards will be presented to the County of Bergen for their restoration of the Ackerman Farmhouse stone wall during the County’s expansion of Wyckoff Avenue and Forest Road, and Franklin Turnpike for adaptive reuse. (Mrs. Drago will supply the Franklin Tpke. Address)

Mrs. Greene will give the presentation on the stone wall and Mrs. Drago will give the presentation on the Franklin Turnpike building. Mrs. Shanley will set up the reception.

General Discussion:

Ms. Kennedy motioned to adjourn the meeting and Mr. Thornton seconded the motion. All approved. The meeting ended at 9:45pm.

These minutes are a synopsis of the MHPC tapes, which are on file at the Township Municipal building.


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