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The meeting was called to order at 8:05AM by Council President Richter who read the Open Public Meeting Act Statement as prescribed by law. Notice was advertised in The Record on January 28, 2005 stating this meeting would be held on Saturday, February 5, 2005 at 8:00AM in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Offices, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey.

Notice of this meeting is posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. The minutes of this meeting shall be available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Salute to the Flag.

Present: Councilmembers Alderisio, Calandrillo, DiGiulio, Kelly, Paton, Richter and Roth

Also present were the Mayor Richard J. Martel, Business Administrator Brian Campion, and Deputy Municipal Clerk Mary C. Ross.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Alderisio, the meeting was open to the public at 8:06AM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Mr. Allan Kidd of 111 Miller Road stated the Budget Meetings are being held at inaccessible hours, either too late or too early for the residents.

Mr. Kidd stated, with regards to the Top Soil Movement Ordinance, he was approached by an individual that was upset that Mr. Kidd set forth there may have been a violation of this Ordinance with regards to asphalt being placed over existing asphalt in the Township. Mr. Kidd cited asphalt is considered soil, and permits are necessary for this.
Mr. Kidd asked for Council to review their Ordinances and update them.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Alderisio, the meeting was closed to the public at 8:08AM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Department of Recreation
Mr. Drew Baumgardt, Ms. Monica Ullrich, Ms. Jean Lascar, Mr. Todd Cochran, Ms. Westa Hannafin, Ms. Julia Smith and Mr. Ward Donigian were present.

Mr. Drew Baumgardt made a brief opening concerning the Recreation Department highlighting the Continental Soldier’s Park, walking path, bridges, and drainage issues on the infield and rear parking area. Mr. Baumgardt cited the need for a larger Turf Groomer to be shared with the Department of Public Works.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 2

Mr. Baumgardt also stated the Township Youth Programs in Summer Recreation are growing and these programs utilize the Township Pool 2 days a week. Mr. Baumgardt stated “Paddle Days” and “Movie Nights” will also return this summer to the Recreation Program.

Mr. Baumgardt stated special events include the highly attended Mahwah Day and Senior Picnic and stressed the three areas he would like to see discussed which were the High School SAFE Graduation, the Concert Series, and the contribution the Recreation Department was to the Small Town and Fancy Players Theatre Group.

Mr. Baumgardt asked Council to consider the fact that the Recreation Department, in an effort to save money, has depleted all of its supplies. Although, funds were not used in 2004 for supplies, they will be needed this current year. Mr. Baumgardt wanted to make sure Council understood this so they would not cut needed funds.

Alderisio stated the Recreation Department did not fill out the Edmunds Form #3 which totals all the line items. Alderisio also stated the detailed justification sheet was not detailed enough for Council to judiciously review and consider. Alderisio stated Council needed each line item estimated, and specifically explained.

Kelly stated an individual complained that the Township does not spend as much money on Recreational Activities for Children as other Townships do. Kelly asked for Mr. Baumgardt to comment on this. Mr. Baumgardt stated this was not a correct statement. While the Township has a “one basket” approach to the organization of Recreational Activities for Children, rather then many individual programs, the Township Recreation Department is very active with regards to the Township Children. Kelly appreciated Mr. Baumgardt’s answer, and he took great offense to anyone that would say the Township “short changed” the resident’s children. Kelly thanked Mr. Baumgardt for his recently submitted report.

Roth asked if Mr. Baumgardt could me more specific and provide an itemization that clearly stated the requests of the Recreation Department for each line item.

Account #M01-224: Youth Activities
Roth stated he does not understand what this $56,000.00 request is for due to the lack of line item information. Roth would like to approve it; however, without further explanation he cannot.

Account #M01-100: Salaries & Wages
Roth stated while he is familiar with these staff names, he is not familiar with their job functions. There are no numbers applied to any of these people – only an aggregate number at the end of the sheet. Roth asked for more specifics.
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 3

Roth asked Mr. Baumgardt if there was a place where Council needed to cut expenditures, where would the best place be to look first. Mr. Baumgardt expressed he was a “team player” and if Council needed to make cuts the best place would be M01-281: Special Events.

Calandrillo asked about Ramsey Outdoor Store and if they offered a monetary donation in their sponsoring of “Paddle Days.” Mr. Baumgardt stated no; however, the time, canoes - kayaks and effort Ramsey Outdoor Store provides for the Township’s enjoyment is much appreciated.

M01-281: Special Events
Calandrillo asked for a break down of what the costs would be for each of the Special Event Programs, Adult Activities, and Parades.

M01-201: Materials and Supplies
Calandrillo asked, since The Bank of America contributes Mahwah Day Signs, why are signs for Mahwah Day included in the Materials and Supplies Line Item. Mr. Baumgardt stated this is for smaller plastic signs involving events such as the Dog Show or Pony Corral. Calandrillo stated this is the type of detail that is needed in the budget.

Calandrillo asked if the uniforms used in Recreation are returned at the end of the season. Mr. Baumgardt stated in some areas the Recreation Department, no. The Recreation Department purchases uniforms with more than one year’s use in mind. Things that are signed for are returned at the end of the year. Parents now purchase tee-shirts for the children and they keep them at the end of the season. Parents also pay for the registration fees.

Paton asked about things in the Budget that are not Recreation related such as lights, gates, etcetera. Paton wanted Organization Sheets reflecting these expenditures; he would like to see the whole picture of the interrelated department work going on here.

Mr. Baumgardt stated there is a close working relationship between the Recreation Department and the Department of Public Works. Mr. Baumgardt stated that the Recreation Department handles some of the “small ticket” items for the Department of Public Works. Mr. Baumgardt felt the Department of Recreation and the Department of Public Works cooperate and work well with each other.

Paton asked if there was revenue generated within the Recreation Department. Mr. Baumgardt stated the major revenues collected are the registration fees which the Township tries to keep reasonable. Mr. Baumgardt stated these registration fees pay for the 80-85 counselors on staff.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 4

M01-224: Youth Activities
Paton asked about the requested need for more First Aid Equipment. Mr. Baumgardt stated more brown lock boxes with first aid equipment were needed on the field. Also, Coaches need to go through the Rutgers Safety Certification Course which Mr. Baumgardt teaches.

M01-202: Equipment
Paton asked about playground equipment and if the Recreation Department would be doing any work on this. Mr. Baumgardt stated this is a Parks and Playground item that the Department of Public Works handles.

Paton asked if Mr. Baumgardt would be the “crusader” for the Playground at Silver Creek in order to make sure the necessary work is completed. Mr. Baumgardt stated he would be the “crusader” for that if he was directed to. Paton stated he would discuss this with Mr. Baumgardt at a later date.

Paton asked Mr. Baumgardt to take care of the Bocci Courts as they are in disrepair, and the water is flowing over the top of the wood.

DiGiulio stated the Township has a wonderful Recreation Department and they do a great job for the Township Residents.

DiGiulio asked about Form #4 of the Organizational Chart and about the employment shifts. Mr. Baumgardt stated they now have two Program Directors and have dissolved the Head Director’s Position from last years budget which will save the Township money.

DiGiulio stated the Bills and Claims are listed and given to Council prior to approval for the Recreation Department.

M01-203: Equipment Repair & Maintenance
Richter asked about the $7,000.00 and if these funds should be for the Department of Public Works and not for the Recreation Department. Mr. Baumgardt stated this is a gray area, and he does take over the General Contracting and handle many small projects rather then having the Department of Public Works handle these small projects.

M01-205: Training and Seminars
Calandrillo asked Mr. Baumgardt if he taught the Rutgers Safety Certification Course. Mr. Baumgardt stated he is the only one in Mahwah Township that is certified to teach this course for Rutgers, and he teaches this course about 9 times per year. The materials cost is $25.00 per packet, and all volunteer coaches are required by the state to take this course.
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 5

Calandrillo asked how many people took this course per year. Mr. Baumgardt stated approximately 100.

Kelly stated the Recreation Department was ½ a tax point in the Township Budget, and it serves the Township well. Kelly stressed the Recreation Department was the “visible” portion of the Township and, “the Township youth want time, not money.” Kelly asked Council to be sensitive to the Recreation Department.

M01-203: Equipment Repair & Maintenance
Alderisio asked for more detailed information in regards to the Recreation Budget and Equipment Repair & Maintenance specifically so Council can better determine what budget cuts may be made.

Richter asked about the lighting at the fields and why they are on when no one is playing on the fields. Mr. Baumgardt stated he has set this up as best as he can with the input of the coaches. The fields have different lighting timers and some are more easily controllable then others. Mr. Baumgardt stated they are upgrading the timers to 7-Day-
Timers when possible and he is trying to coordinate with the coaches; however, there are glitches from time to time.

Paton asked if there was a way to send the Department of Public Works to turn the lights off when it rains. Mr. Baumgardt stated yes, and he will look into doing this.

Richter asked for Mr. Baumgardt to get Council a copy of more specific breakdowns as soon as possible.

Police Department
Chief Batelli, Captain Koyak, Captain Jaffe, and Lieutenant O’Keefe were present.

Chief Batelli gave a brief overview of the Police Department Budget, and touched upon the frugality, use of Grants and Seized Funds, and the .7% decrease in the Police Department Budget of 2004-2005. Chief Batelli stated the Police Department has tried to be as specific as possible for Council in this Budget.

Roth thanked the Police Department for the great job on the Budget.

F01-204: Professional Services
Roth asked why the Line Item for Professional Services increased so drastically. Chief Batelli stated $1,450.00 for the Lexus/Nexus was erroneously included, and could be removed from this line item.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 6

F01-214: Rental/Maintenance Agreements
Roth asked what the Aether Maintenance Agreement was in regards to the Mobile Laptops. Chief Batelli stated it was the operating system. This is needed; otherwise the Police Department will not get the necessary upgrades for Aether.

F03-105: Patrol Overtime
Roth asked about Patrol Overtime stated the increase was extraordinary. Chief Batelli cited there were16 patrol shifts that needed to be covered. Sick time, and the necessity of 12 hour shifts, caused the overtime to be high.

Roth asked Administration why they approved $290,000.00 when Chief Batelli only asked for $275,000.00. The Business Administrator stated there will be more sick leave and retirements coming up in 2005 that will need this increase for that reason. Chief Batelli stated he has tried to keep this figure low by ending the Friday Court Sessions.

Paton asked if there was any revenue attributable to the Police Department. Tickets, through the Court, can be attributed to the Police Department; however the profits stay with the Township through the Court.

Chief Batelli also brought up the Municipal Escrow Account and the Police Department’s contributions which will increase as per discussion with the Business Administrator and the Mayor.

Chief Batelli is also striving to take advantage of all Grants available for Police Department Expenditures in order to Grant Revenues.

Chief Batelli cited a rise in Juvenile Crime, Internet Bullying and Internet Crime in the Township. Chief Batelli is attending seminars on these issues.

Paton asked if the Township receives revenues for 911 Services. Chief Batelli stated yes, and the Police Department is still seeking other agencies to participate in the 911 program.

F01-202: Equipment
Paton asked about the computers listed on Form Three. There was a Purchase Order just cut for $60,000.00 for 9 Ruggedized Computers, and the Police Department is now requesting 3 more. The Police Department hopes to use $13,000.00 of the money from the seized funds in order to make this additional purchase; however monthly reoccurring costs, such as telephone increases, can not be covered by these funds.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 7

F01-204: Professional Services
Paton asked if the Township has 55 or 56 Police Officers. Chief Batelli stated 56, and this was the reimbursement of the PBA Legal Fund; however as the Chief Administrator for the Township Police Department Chief Batelli was not eligible for this.

Paton asked about the Retiring Officers and new hires. Paton wanted to know if this budget reflected the cost of training these new Police Officers. Chief Batelli is confident, through frugality, that these costs can be met in the Budget he is presenting today.

Alderisio stated he was very pleased with Chief Batelli’s proposed Budget. Alderisio said, concerning the SRO Officer, that residents and school officials are all pleased with his presence in the school system and they want him to stay.

F01-205: Training and Seminars
Alderisio asked about Tuition Reimbursement and if, at the end of the year, there was unspent funds if it could be earmarked by resolution for the Surplus Account rather then going to other Township Budget Accounts. Chief Batelli had no objection to this.

The Business Administrator stated no unused funds at this time go to fund other budgets. The surplus money from various budgets is kept in the Impounded Funds Account, and if it is not used, then goes to the Township Surplus Account.

F01-229: Police Testing
Calandrillo stated she has no back up paperwork on this, and what was the $7,000.00 was being used for. Chief Batelli stated this was a consolidating Line Item, to avoid pulling money for Police Testing from various Line Items. As applicants bring in their fees for testing the Police Department will be able to draw on this $7,000.00 for Police Testing. This testing is a 0% cost to the Taxpayer – it is strictly funded by the money paid for by the applicants themselves.

F01-231: Police K-9 Unit
Calandrillo asked if the Police K-9 Unit Canine Care could be funded by the seized drug funds. Chief Batelli did not think so, but he offered to check into it as a possibility.

Kelly asked for clarity on what are contractual expenses as opposed to discretionary expenses.

Kelly asked if the hiring and retiring of Police Officers was being looked at relative to budget and cost. Chief Batelli stated yes, and the Township should expect a drop in salary expenses next year due to retiring officers, and the subsequent hiring of new officers at a lower pay rate.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 8

F01-202: Equipment
Kelly asked about the Defibrillators and how many would be purchase for the $1,400.00. Chief Batelli stated one Pediatric/Adult Defibrillators.

Calandrillo asked if Chief Batelli was taking advantage of the State Defibrillators Grants. Chief Batelli stated the Police Department applied for a State Defibrillators Grant through Application.

Kelly asked if the Council were to set a monetary cap how would that effect the Police Department’s Operation. Chief Batelli stated Over Time is strictly contractual and if Chief Batelli forced Police Officers to take Compensation Time rather then Monetary Over Time there would be grievances.

Chief Batelli stated the Police Department over time plan is well structured and organized and over time is not given unless necessary. Chief Batelli stated in the next Monthly Report Council will see a break down of over time so they can become better acquainted with the Police Department’s needs in this area.

Kelly stated the Police Department’s Budget is one sixth of the Township Budget, and this is why Council carefully looks at it for possible cuts.

Kelly asked if it is contractual that “X” amount of officers need to be on a shift. Batelli stated the staff is required for the 3 minutes or less response time the Police Department currently holds.

Chief Batelli stated the Police Department has a 3.3 days a year sick time per employee average. Kelly was very happy to hear this.

Richter left at 10:00AM.
Calandrillo took the Chair.

Chief Batelli stated that the majority of the Litigation the Police Department incurred is over. Chief Batelli further stated he could not drop his current level of staffing because it could pose risk to the Township.

Kelly thanked Chief Batelli with his good effort in regards to the Budget Cuts.

Richter returned at 10:04AM.

DiGiulio asked if on pages 60-66 the Salaries that increased were contractual. Chief Batelli said yes.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 9

F40-219: Miscellaneous D.A.R.E. Expenses
DiGiulio asked Chief Batelli if the DARE request for $12,500.00 was necessary and if Administration’s subsequent recommendation of $12,000.00 would be sufficient. Chief Batelli stated there will be additional fundraisers and donations this year and he thought this would help the DARE Program financially.

Roth asked Chief Batelli if Council had to cut the Police Budget, where should they look first. Chief Batelli stated the Budget was stringent as is and Equipment would be the only place possible to cut. Anything else would put the Township at risk. Chief Batelli also stressed the financial contribution of seized funds the Police Department would be making to the Township Police Building Project. Chief Batelli stated that he would prefer Council to give him a number and let him make the cuts rather then Council making a broad based cut.

F02-105: Overtime
Calandrillo asked what the $3,200.00 for the Records Department was for. Chief Batelli stated it was for the paperwork from the Court and various other clerical work that could not be completed during the work day. Chief Batelli preferred to pay the over time rather then hiring another staff member.

Paton asked if the $14,000.00 for the T-1 line was for the Internet or Telephone. Chief Batelli said it was for the telephone.

Alderisio mentioned the Firing Range would be a savings of $15 - $18,000.00 per year because the Officers can qualify during regular work hours.

F30-000: Purchase of Police Cars
The Business Administrator researched leases over purchases concerning Police Vehicles. The Bergen County Improvement Authority has a lease bank and their interest rate is 10% less then the Treasury Rate.

Richter asked if since there is so much more wear and tear on Police Vehicles – is this taken into consideration. The Business Administrator stated this is not a standard wear and tear lease and there is a dollar buy back in the end. Richter asked how many miles are put on a patrol vehicle. Chief Batelli stated 40-45,000 per year.

DiGiulio asked what the savings would be to lease. The Business Administrator stated you have three years rather then paying the price of the vehicle immediately. Roth felt
this was a great idea and wondered if Chief Batelli was in favor of this idea. Chief Batelli has some doubts to whether or not a patrol car would last the three years. Chief Batelli will get Council a report on the Police Department Vehicles.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 10

Alderisio felt leasing was a big mistake. Kelly concurred.

F01-211: Uniforms & Clothing
Richter asked if this was $700.00 for the Detectives and the Chief. Chief Batelli said yes.

F01-212: Food/Medicine
Richter asked to make sure the County Prisoners do more work for the Township.

Chief Batelli hoped to use some of the seized funds to acquire the Coded System for the Police Department which is a very good computer software system. Chief Batelli felt this system would greatly improve the productivity of the Township Emergency Services, and he asked for Council’s support.

Chief Batelli asked for an open line of communication with Council concerning the seized funds.

Roth asked Chief Batelli for a memorandum to Council on his thoughts, and any developments, concerning the Seized Funds. Paton concurred.

Richter stated to avoid back and forth correspondence between various members of the Council the best form of response would be in written form to Administration with a carbon copy to her for distribution.

Richter asked Chief Batelli to clarify what the original figure was for the proposed Police Department Building Project. Chief Batelli stated is was originally $750-800,000.00 and now is 1.2 Million Dollars. Richter thanked Chief Batelli for his answer.

Water and Sewer Utilities
Mr. Stanley Speich, Mr. Keith Hallissey, and Mr. Ed Sinclair were present.

Mr. Stanley Speich gave a brief overview of the Water and Sewer Utilities Department.

102-203: Repairs and Maintenance
DiGiulio asked why the request was made for $95,000.00 and Administration recommended $450,000.00. Mr. Speich said this is used for permits, and closing the East Well Field located off of East Mahwah Road. The Business Administrator stated $360,000.00 is budgeted to close the East Well Field.

DiGiulio asked if this was ever discussed with Council. Richter said no. The Business Administrator said we did, and money was included in last year’s Budget for this work to be done.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 11

Kelly asked when the wells were last in service. Mr. Speich stated prior to 1995 and since the wells had been abandoned, Mr. Spiech did not know an exact date.

Kelly asked if closing this well would impact the Nilsen Avenue Tank and Phase 5 Sewer Projects. Richter stated this was a Capital question and would be discussed during the Capital section later in the meeting.

102-213: Water Testing
Calandrillo asked why the Water Testing had jumped from $20,000 to $80,000. Mr. Speich stated it was due to the State required Radionuclide Testing and this may lead into additional testing if the water fails the Radionuclide Testing. It is very expensive testing and it is quarterly testing for one year.

Alderisio asked if the revenues generated from the billing cover Water and Sewer expenses for the year. Mr. Speich stated it barely covers the expenses. The Business Administrator stated to look at the first sheet in the Water Utility, Sheet 8, Sheet 10, and the first sheet in the front of the Budget Book for reference. The surplus in this account has been used to pay for Township Projects through Capital Outlay in the past, and the surplus is not sufficient to do this anymore.

101-202: Equipment
The Business Administrator said this will be discussed further when Ms. Ann Mancuso from the Tax Department comes to the Budget Meetings. There is need for a software upgrade.

102-209: Printing and Advertising
Paton stated this has been tracked much lower over the years then the $7,000.00 requested. Why is this? Mr. Speich stated this is due to not knowing if it will be a dry year and it would be necessary to send notices to the residents on water restrictions.

Paton asked if Ramsey has been factored into this Budget. The Business Administrator said yes.

102-225: Meters
Paton asked if they really needed $10,000.00. Mr. Speich stated this money will be use to calibrate the larger meters and new building construction. Paton asked to research any
taping fees or expenses and to make sure we recoup these costs.

104-101: Permanent Full Time
Paton asked if an employee was lost this year. The Business Administrator stated they are down a mechanic this year.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 12

210-219: Miscellaneous
Paton asked why the $70,000.00 when it has been tracking much lower. The Business Administrator stated this was due to insurance issues and this will be further discussed during Insurance.

Paton asked if the Water Meters in the Township were holding up. Mr. Speich stated these should be good for over 8 years.

Roth stated in reference to the Revenue Report when you take the Rents, Tapping, and Capacity Fees we did $379-380,000 better last year, and now we are down $300,000 - Why? The Business Administrator did not know and will have to look into this; however, he believes it had to do with the weather in the summer.

Roth stated if you take the appropriations of $4,180,000.00 against the revenue of $2,640,000.00 you end up with $1,540,000.00 out of surplus – how will this effect 2005 Water Surplus. The Business Administrator stated he felt the $1,540,000.00 will regenerate this year, and the Surplus Balance should be kept in the $3,000,000.00 range down about $300,000.00 from 2004. The Business Administrator stated that Capital Projects will affect this Surplus Account, and Council needs to decide what they want to use from this Surplus to fund 2005 projects.

101-100: Salaries and Wages
Roth asked if new staff members were added. The Business Administrator stated it was a Contractual Increases and Step Increases. Roth questioned the 8% - $15,000.00 increase as high.

102-105: Overtime
Roth stated there was another 7.9 – 8% increase going from $63,000 to $68,000, why? The Business Administrator stated there is a percentage hike in the combination of hours and salary rate.

Roth asked if we do not close the East Wells what will happen. Mr. Speich stated we would be in violation with the State and would incur fines.

102-204: Professional Services
Roth asked if there was a mistake and this $2,000.00 was being double billed through 102-215: Postage. Mr. Speich stated the 102-204: Professional Services was for inspections; however, the Consumer Confidence Preparation for $2000.00 should not be included.

Richter left at 11:40AM.
Kelly took the Chair.
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 13

Richter returned at 11:41AM.

Roth stated the descriptions on the budget are too vague and it would be helpful to be more itemized so Council can make an educated decision concerning the cuts. Mr. Sinclair suggested looking on the Edmunds System. Roth stated Council does not have the time to do this, and he needs detail in his hands. Mr. Speich stated it is very hard to list and itemize because you can not tell when something will break or a project will come up.

102-201: Materials & Supplies
Richter asked if the Council could get a cost breakdown estimate in regards to the $70,000.00 for the fittings, clamps, hydrant kits, chlorinator parts, polyphosphate, stone, etc. Mr. Speich stated there is a bid that goes out for Water Department Building and Supplies that Council can review. Richter requested a break down for the costs. Mr. Spiech stated he can not estimate what will break during the year.

Roth stated he can not easily approve $70,000.00 unless he knows what it is for.

102-215: Postage
Calandrillo why this is at $7,000.00 has not been used over the past two years. Mr. Speich stated this was due to a wet year the past two years.

Kelly stated the Water Department is unable to render a breakdown and what they are offering is a conservative estimate based on previous years.

Kelly refered to page one and asked if the Borough of Ramsey discontinuing their water purchases will effect the Township’s surplus account. The Business Administrator anticipates the Borough of Ramsey purchasing water through the Township until August 2005.

Richter left at 11:55AM.
Calandrillo took the chair.
Richter returned at 11:56AM.

Paton asked about the Standpipe at Fardale Avenue and what does the Township expect to make on the land. The Business Administrator stated he will be taking a better look at this during the year, and he did not expect to make a tremendous amount. The Business Administrator’s recommendation is to auction it to the abutting property owner.

Paton asked about the well capping near Miller Road and if the Township was totally responsible for permits. The Business Administrator said the Township was responsible for the Well System.
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 14

Alderisio stated, concerning Form Number Three, for the Water Department to submit an accurate break down to Council. Mr. Speich stated he would research this for Council.

Kelly stated concerning the F9 sheet in detail if Administration could copy and distribute this for Council.

Kelly asked how much land was involved at the Standpipe property on Fardale Avenue. The Business Administrator said about one acre and it was odd shaped. Kelly asked if this could be sold as a flag lot. The Business Administrator felt it could not; however, he would look into the possibility.

DiGiulio asked to have the Water Superintendent here next time they have their Budget presented when large figures such as the ones presented are being requested.

Water Department: Capital
The Capital Projects for 2005 relative to the Water Department are the Nilsen Avenue Booster Station estimated at $850,000.00, the Phase Five Sewer Project and Water Piping estimated at $500,000+, and redeveloping wells 16 & 17 – airline existing well installation estimated at $50,000.00, and the Fardale Chlorine Equipment with a test well, 18A.

The Business Administrator stated the surplus in the Water Department is coming down due to Capital Project Funding. On page 18 of the Water Department line 701: Water Operating Down Payment and 720: Water Capital Outlay in the year 2004 there was no money in 701: Water Operating Down Payment and we could put 5% in for this year and the million dollars put aside for the rehabilitation of the Ford Well Field in 2004 was unused. This money will go back into surplus. Some additional Township Capital Projects did not occur.

The Business Administrator stated the policy question for 2005 was whether to fund the Township Capital Projects by taking cash out of Water Surplus, or borrow money for the Capital Projects and use the Water Surplus as a backup. The Business Administrator favored borrowing over spending the surplus funds. Paton suggested also raising the water rate.

Richter asked where the $1,240,000.00 not utilized on page 18 was if it was not showing in surplus. The Business Administrator stated these funds were in our operating budget, then these funds go to reserves, and then they will show up in surplus in the 2006 Budget.

Roth stated, in reality, this money is earmarked for Capital Projects and all this was is a reshuffling of the deck of projects.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 15

DiGiulio asked about water rate increases and when the last increase was. The Business Administrator stated about 3 years ago. DiGiulio asked if a rate increase would help
these Capital Projects. The Business Administrator stated it would take a while for the Water Surplus to regenerate. The Business Administrator suggested waiting a year for the rate increase.

Kelly asked the Business Administrator for a report to Council on the projection of Township Debt and its impact on the Township over a 5 year period.

Roth stated all the pieces fit together and the Township needs to look at a 5 year back up of projects concerning the Township as a whole, and all the Tax Rate Increases which will affect the Tax Payer.

The Mayor stated he did not understand how the problems the Water Utilities Department were having anything to do with the General Overall Budget of the Township. Roth stated they relate indirectly, and changes and modifications to the Township Budget will affect surplus to the Water Department.

The Business Administrator stressed that although the Township has good Surplus now, any future funding should be through Capital Debt. The Business Administrator further stated water rates do not need to be raised for two to three years. Alderisio felt a modest increase that was gradual should start now through raising the water rates.

Sewer Capital
The Business Administrator stated there are two Capital Project items here: The Phase Five Sewer Program at $4,800,000.00, and $150,000.00 for the Sewer Line at the Township Pool.

The Business Administrator stated the Phase Five Sewer Program at $4,800,000.00 will be borrowed, and $2,400,000.00 will be generated through Special Assessments over 10 years which leaves $2,400,000.00 to pay. This $2,400,000.00 will affect the Township Sewer Rates in 2006.

Richter stated Council should consider raising rates now gradually. Roth concurred.

Kelly suggested possibly raising the Township Pool Membership Rates to cover some of the $150,000.00 for the Township Pool Sewer Line.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Alderisio, the meeting was adjourned at 12:49PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2005
Page 16

Respectfully submitted,

Kathrine G. Coletta, RMC/CMC
Municipal Clerk


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Township of Mahwah, NJ

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