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August 12, 2004 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:39 p.m.

SUNSHINE STATEMENT: The secretary read the Sunshine Statement.


Present Absent

John Bristow, Historian Gus Vasiliadis, excused

Marthajean Drago, Chair Kenneth Cerullo, excused

Barbara Shanley Paul Gioni, excused

Thomas Thornton

Carol Greene

Colleen Kennedy


MINUTES: Mrs. Drago motioned that under Chair’s report it be added that the Chair had invited Mrs. LaSpina to attend the July HPC meeting to express her concerns about the Bogert house. Mr. Bristow moved to approve the July 8, 2004 minutes as corrected and Mrs. Greene seconded the motion. All approved.

PUBLIC SESSION: Mr. Bristow moved to open the public session and Mr. Shanley seconded the motion. All approved. The Public Session was open at 7:40 p.m.


Barbara F. Wehran, Docket 446, Bl 19 Lot 11, Minor Subdivision

Mrs. Greene stated that she is a relative and neighbor of the applicant, therefore, she recused herself from this application.

The Chair recognized Mr. Fred Wehran, Jr. Mr. Wehran reported to the Commission that he and his wife, Barbara, are the owners of the proposed sub-division property and live at 730 Ramapo Valley Road for 35 years. They are looking to sub-divide the property with the intent to build a ranch style home for themselves. They originally applied for the sub-division in 2002, however, it was withdrawn because of the wetlands delineation. Since then, the State has put a freeze building in the Highlands Region as of April 29, 2004 and their property is in the Highlands Region. They have been before the Planning Board and received verbal approval of their sub-division. They do not want to tear any of the ruins down. They are looking to remove some trees, and close up the doorway and windows of the stone foundation for safety reasons.

Mr. Thornton asked if Mr. Wehran had a to-scale drawing of the ruins and Mr. Wehran replied that he did.

Mrs. Shanley asked if they could put a deed restriction on the ruins that they remain. Mr. Wehran replied that the ruins are identified on the County and Master Plan.

Mrs. Drago asked if Mr. Wehran would list the ruins on the ordinance. Mr. Wehran replied that he wasn’t ready to answer that tonight. He needs to see what the State will do regarding the Highlands Region restrictions.

Mrs. Drago thanked Mr. & Mrs Wehran for coming to the HPC meeting to present their application and answer the HPC’s questions.

Technical Advisor, Mrs. Kolva, recommended that a structural engineer look at the ruins.

Mr. Thornton moved to approve Docket #446 with the recommendation that the Donner, which are acknowledge as significant historic structures in the Bergen County Survey #023392, ruins are preserved, and put a deed restriction on the property requiring the owner to preserve the existing ruins by filling in the foundation to help preserve the existing brick walls, remove the one tree around the chimney and the two trees at the brick foundation, secure the doors and windows close, and photo document with measured line drawings the ruins. Mr. Bristow seconded the motion. The motion was approved with a vote of 5 yes; 0 no; and 1 recuse.

Bristow, yes: Shanley, yes; Thornton, yes; Kennedy, yes; Drago, yes; Greene, recused

Mrs. Greene returned to the meeting at 8:40 p.m.



Vista Bahn Estates, Docket #461

Mrs. Greene moved to recommend the following names for the Vista Bahn Estates sub-division streets.

Farmstead Road as the main street

Maxwell Court as the northern cul de sac

Weathervane Court as the southern cul de sac

Mr. Bristow seconded the motion. All approved.

Bristow, yes: Shanley, yes; Thornton, yes; Kennedy, yes; Drago, yes; Greene, yes

CHAIR’S REPORT: Since Mrs. LaSpina’s phone is unlisted, Mrs. Drago wrote her a letter regarding the history of the Bogert house sub-division.

Mrs. Drago also reported that she had attend the Planning Board (PB) meeting regarding the Mahwah Land request to amend the PB resolution preventing the contractor from demolishing the stone cottage. The PB denied the contractors request, but told the contractor to come back in three years for another review if homes don’t sell. Mrs. Drago stressed that the technical advisor needs to attend the PB meetings on behalf of the HPC.


The Chair requested that if there were no further updates on Old Business, that it be tabled until the next meeting. Mr. Bristow reported that Old Business has been tabled several times. No further updates were reported.

Mrs. Shanley moved to table Old Business until the September 9, 2004 HPC meeting and Mrs. Greene seconded the motion. All approved.

Bristow, yes: Shanley, yes; Thornton, yes; Kennedy, yes; Drago, yes; Greene, yes

BUDGET: None at this time.


Technical Advisor, Mrs. Kolva, reported that McCabe & Associates, as part of their research, would like to write a grant application for the HPC. Several suggestions were made.

Mrs. Greene moved that the HPC form a sub-committee to form the scope of work for the grant application that would be written up by McCabe & Associates at a cost not to exceed $1500.00. Ms. Kennedy seconded the motion. All approved.

Bristow, yes: Shanley, yes; Thornton, yes; Kennedy, yes; Drago, yes; Greene, yes

Mr. Bristow, Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Shanley and Mrs. Drago volunteered to serve on the sub-committee.

Mr. Bristow requested a copy of the Cragmere Survey book.

Mrs. Drago requested that McCabe & Associates write press releases and articles regarding historic and submit them to the local newspapers. Mrs. Kolva will write a press release regarding the Design Guideline booklet.

LEGAL: No report at this time

TECHNICAL ADVISOR: No report at this time.

Mr. Bristow made a motion for adjournment 10:00 p.m. and Mrs. Drago seconded the motion. All approved.

These minutes are a synopsis of the MHPC tapes, which are on file at the Township Hall.


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