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The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM by Chairman Drew Baumgardt. Members in attendance were
Todd Cochran, Julia Smith and Monica Ullrich. Ward Donigian joined the meeting in progress. The flag
salute was followed by the Sunshine Law announcement. On a motion by Drew Baumgardt, seconded by
Julia Smith, the meeting minutes of June 23, 2004 were approved. All in favor, motion carried.

Re-organization of the Committee has been postponed due to the fact that Recreation Committee
appointments will not be finalized by Council until next month.

Summer Rec finished up last Friday, Todd said Kyle loved both Summer Rec and enrichment. Mr. Pascale
said the counselors are the best kids in the school, and a real plus is that it is available rain or shine, which
helps parents plan their day.

Adult Softball has three mens make-ups due to rain, we may have to extend the season.

Continental Soldiers Park: Todd noted that BC is planning to re-do fields, their guy said 4" clay maximum
-v- our 15+" which never drains. Todd questioned whose decision is it to remove the clay, put in rock and
add only 4" of clay ( it is the decision of M/C and Administrator). We took the advice of the engineer this
spring (they claim it's pitched, we claim there is too much clay). Since the engineer does not see that the
problem is too much clay, administration has not supported our position. The Recreation Committee is still
questioning drainage at CSP, and feels it needs to be remedied. We do not believe Boswell's approach is
correct. It can be done in September, we do not use the in-fields for football. Or, we can use tan in-field

Paddle Days were a hit and Rob Fisher will be happy to continue. Jay at the Suburban News would like
the dates of up-coming Paddle Days, he has a Friday deadline. We have no dates planned at the time.
We should invite Rob to a council meeting and thank ROS with a plaque at a public meeting.

The township has purchased a roadside cutter. DPW was to cut a width on each side of the mulch path.
DPW can dump their Saturday mulch here instead of on the mountain. Ward questioned whether we can
fill puddles with 3/4" stone, then cover with mulch. It is in a flood plain.

The Committee questions the status of the bridges and when they well be constructed. Walter has not
been paid for the easement to complete the circuit. Sufficient funds were not put in the budget due to
Boswell's contention that money from the bike path could be used, and they are now trying to manufacture
a DOT/DEP scenario which places the blame on one of these organizations instead of where it belongs.
Using bike path money would require a change to the specs of the bridge as advertised, and in all
likelihood would give us something we do not want - a wide bridge. It is for foot traffic only, we do not want
motorized vehicles on it.

Mahwah Day meeting is Monday 8/30 in the library at 7 PM. We will use the Hackensack stage, not BC.
Drew spoke to Rima at Fleet re: when logo will be changed (not till October). Dave will need to make new
wording. We have the COI for the Run; any municipality in the JIF has blanket coverage. We need a DJ
for the stage with equipment, will speak to the DJ Look Sharp recommended. Monica needs to check for
duck game and glow necklaces.

Movie nights were a success, but we had to cancel the last night due to rain, which was ok since no one
showed up except Rec members anyway.

Senior Picnic at CSP went well, we were very busy and had great weather. Several seniors expressed
their appreciation of the food. Having them come up to the windows table by table worked well, as did
having the extra grill outside.

Concert series is on-going at the library. Our attempts at Silver Creek, Veteran's Park, Winter Park gazebo
and MHS were not fruitful. The Winter Room at the library has a/c and is a quiet place which does not
depend upon the whim of the weather.

Old Business
Hockey goals have been ordered for C.Perry, we need boards. West Nyack has a place with 8'
sheets which can be cut into 2' high lengths and tied to the posts via a hole drilled in the plastic.
NO DOGS signs are needed at the entrance, the entrance to the mulch path, and near handicap
entrance to the building at CSP.

New Business
Todd will get the BC resolution re: no smoking.
North Jersey Portable Toilets has imposed a $2 per month per site surcharge until further notice
due to the price of fuel.

On a motion by Todd Cochran, seconded by Ward Donigian, the meeting was adjourned at 9:07 PM. All in
favor, motion carried. The next meeting is scheduled for August 25, 2004 at 7:30 PM at Continental
Soldiers Park.

Respectfully submitted,

Monica Ullrich
Vice Chairman

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