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The meeting was called to order at 8:00PM by Council President Richter who read the Open Public Meetings Act Statement as prescribed by law. Notice was advertised in The Record on July 14, 2003 stating this meeting would be held in the Municipal Offices, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey on Thursday, June 10, 2004 at 8:00PM.

Notice of this meeting is posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. The minutes of this meeting shall be available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Salute to the Flag.

Present: Councilmembers DaPuzzo, DiGiulio, Paton, Richter and Spiech.
Absent: Councilmembers Calandrillo and Kelly.

Also present were Mayor Richard J. Martel, Business Administrator Brian Campion, Township Attorney Meneloas Toskos and Municipal Clerk Kathrine Coletta.

Council President Richter asked all present for a moment of silence for President Ronald Reagan who recently passed away.

On a motion by Richter, seconded by DiGiulio, Voucher #04-1877 to Rutgers University in the amount of $121.00 was removed from the Bills and Claims List. All in favor. Motion carried.

On a motion by Paton, seconded by Spiech, the Bills and Claims, previously signed, totaling $7,232,636.85. were approved. Roll call vote: Calandrillo, absent; DaPuzzo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Kelly, absent; Paton, yes; Spiech, yes; Richter, yes. A list of Bills and Claims is on file in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

DiGiulio reported on Sunday, several members of the Beautification SubCommittee, the Seniors and the Girl Scouts planted flowers around the Municipal Building. DiGiulio thanked all who were involved.

Paton attended the Board of Education Meeting. The new Superintendent was appointed for a 5 year contract.

Paton pointed out the Board of Education is concerned about receiving information on the availability of the fields.

Spiech congratulated the Municipal Clerk on advancing to the First Level towards her Master Municipal Clerk Certification.

Spiech attended the Senior Luncheon.

Spiech was approached by a Senior who is concerned because the sprinkler head to the sprinkling system at the Municipal Building is not operating. They are concerned the flowers just planted will die.

Richter reported the 8th Grade Graduation is Wednesday, June 16th.

Richter announced the Summer Schedule of Council Meetings will be every Thursday through July and August. Council Meetings will not be held on September 2, 2004 and September 16, 2004.

Mayor Martel reported he received a News Release from the Governor requesting a Moment of Silence on Friday at 11:30AM as a tribute to President Ronald Reagan.

The Business Administrator assured Council the new plantings will be watered by hoses by the DPW Employee and the break in the Irrigation System is in the process of being repaired.

On a motion by Spiech, seconded by Paton, the meeting was opened to the public at 8:17PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Mr. Albert Kidd of 851 Darlington Avenue questioned the reason for adding onto Firehouse #1. Richter explained there was difficulty in getting equipment into the old building.

Mr. Kidd questioned whether there was an increase in the project. The Business Administrator explained there are two different projects; the renovation to the Firehouse #1 and handicapped accessibility to the lower level of the Winter Building.

Mr. Kidd questioned the status of the McBride Property on Ridge Road. The Business Administrator answered the property is owned by the Township.

On a motion by DaPuzzo, seconded by DiGiulio, the meeting was closed to the public at 8:37PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

#1482 Amend Chapter 24 of the Township Code to Provide New Definition for Lot Depth – CARRIED TO JUNE 24, 2004
On a motion by DiGiulio, seconded by Paton, the Public Hearing on Ordinance #1482 was carried to the Public Meeting of June 24, 2004 pending receipt of comments from the Planning Board. All in favor. Motion carried.

Resolutions #151-04 through #168-04 and the Raffle Application for the Ramapo College
of New Jersey were voted on under the Consent Agenda. Resolutions are attached to and
made part of these Meeting Minutes.

Resolutions #169-04 through #172-04 were voted on individually. Resolutions are attached to and made part of these Meeting Minutes.

Spiech reported he attended the Phase 4 Sewer Meeting.

Spiech mentioned the letter from Mr. Kidd on his request for information. Mr. Kidd acknowledged he has since received the information.

Paton asked Administration to look into the fence at the Continental Solders Field. He feels the fence is defective. The Business Administrator shall bring the item to the attention of the Township Engineer.

Paton referred to an article on a Sewer Project in Hillburn. Paton questioned if the Township is doing anything. The Business Administrator said the NJDEP is taking a position. Paton further questioned if the Township received Notice of the Hearing and did we attend. The Business Administrator answered the Board of Health is following up with the State. Paton urged Council to contact our State Senators and Congressmen.

Paton recently spoke of a $1.00 Purchase Order that would be necessary for the donation of furniture received from a Company which was closing. He reported the furniture was donated for free. Richter suggested a letter of thanks be sent.

Richter reported the Sign Up Sheet for the Volunteer Recognition Picnic is being circulated.

Richter reminded everyone of the DARE Hockey Rink Dedication on Sunday at 4:00PM.

Spiech reported the Senior Advisory SubCommittee will be coming to the Township Council with Rules and Regulations on handling unruly seniors. Item is scheduled for further discussion at the next Senior Citizens Advisory Board Meeting.

DiGiulio reported the banners for the Fire Department and Ambulance Corps. are ready to be purchased. Sample was approved by Administration and the Fire Chief.

DiGiulio reported the Beautification SubCommittee is waiting for the new State Contract to come out on the Recycling Bins.

DiGiulio reported the next Beautification SubCommittee Meeting will be on June 29th.

On a motion y Spiech, seconded by Paton, the meeting was opened to the public at 8:58PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Mr. Albert Kidd of 851 Darlington Avenue asked the status of the Outdoor Sales Ordinance. The Township Attorney answered his office is working on it.

Mr. Kidd understood the Soil Movement Ordinance is in the process of being redone. The Business Administrator answered the Planning Board is in the process of working on several changes to the Ordinance.

Mr. Kidd questioned if the soil on the Stag Hill Ball Field has been spread. The Business Administrator answered he will be meeting with the DPW tomorrow. Paton interjected he was advised by a resident that the soil was spread.

On a motion by DaPuzzo, seconded by Paton, the meeting was closed to the public at 9:03PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

On a motion by DaPuzzo, seconded by Spiech, the meeting was adjourned at 9:04PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathrine G. Coletta, RMC/CMC
Municipal Clerk

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