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March 24, 2004

The meeting of the Environmental Commission was called to order at 7:40 pm. by John Brotherton, Chairman. The Opening Statement was made. Roll call was taken.

Present: J. Brotherton
S. Golz
K. LaGreca
C. Phiefer
J. DeWan (secretary)
Absent: D. D’Angelo
P. Scian
D. Wenger

Kevin Simon, 34 Tudor Rose Terrace
Mr. Simon was present at the meeting to discuss his request to remove an additional sixteen trees. In the original application, fifty-six trees were approved for removal. Accompanying Mr. Simon were Lance Kulik (builder), Anthony Splendorio and Robert DeStefano (landscape architects).

The following letter was written to Mike Kelly, Boswell McClave Engineering
“Re: Kevin Simon, 34 Tudor Rose Terrace
Revised Plans, Additional Tree Removal, E-BD-216-239-314

After receiving more information from the applicant, we agree that an additional sixteen trees can be removed. The total number of required replacement trees is now eighteen trees.
At our meeting on March 24, 2004, Kevin Simon, the owner, and associate Robert DeStefano presented a landscaping plan for the area of the sixteen additional trees being removed. We have attached a “Tree Removal and Proposed Tree Table” and a “landscape plan” dated 3/24/04 which shows the landscape within the area of the additional sixteen tree removal. Mr. DeStefano provided this information and he may be in touch with you regarding the landscaping details.
We are returning the marked plan that you sent us with a copy of your February 19th letter.”
Cc: Administrative Officer/Planning Board
Robert DeStefano (by fax)

Characin Management Group, Dkt 468
Children’s Learning Center - Approved.

Hasco, LLC, Dkt. 469

Cobblestone Court, Dkt. 470
Airmont Construction, LLC preliminary subdivision
Not approved. Comments to Planning Board:
“Not fair to Copperfield homeowners to have road in their backyards.”

Brandywine Homes, LLC, Dkt. 467
“Approved – assume all DEP approvals will be received.”

The following applications were reviewed on March 24, 2004.
IKOHE, Inc. 19 Industrial Ave., approved.
Paragon Federal Credit Union, 1 Lethbridge Plaza, approved.

Memo to Administrative Officer:
“The following applications were reviewed at the Environmental Commission meting on March 24, 2004. Comments are listed below.
Paula Frendel, 67 Bridle Path Lane, Bl. 1, Lot 117, E-BD-216-304-337, dated 3/3/04 – approved.
R. Karapetyan, 102 Seminary Road, Bl. 21.06, Lot 126, E-BD-216-304-338, dated 3/11/04. Please have the applicant complete a tree preservation form.
Passerino, 11 Smokehouse Lane, Bl. 162, Lot 203.02, E-BD-216-1583-01, amended 3/12/04 – approved.
Ben Mansueto, 32 Blueberry Court, Bl. 156, Lot 50.07, E-BD-216-304-339, dated 3/18/04 – approved.
Drew VanDuren, 59 Appert Terrace, Bl. 159, Lot 68, E-BD-216-1601, dated 3/19/04. We approve this application. We note six trees will be removed. There will be two replacement trees (native species, not white pine).”

Susan Golz presented information on the new state regulations obtained from DEP.
After discussion, a letter was written to Mayor and Council and Business Administrator.
“The State has many new stormwater regulations which went into effect in January 2004. Attached is a summary of the regulations which we obtained from DEP.
We would like to request that the town provide the Environmental Commission with an update regarding the status of the Tier A Municipal Stormwater Permit. Which of the statewide basic requirements are already covered by Township ordinances and which still need to be addressed?
We notice there are some local public education programs. Has anything been planned on a local level to educate the public on stormwater pollution prevention, local ordinances, and proper disposal of litter and pet waste?
Perhaps someone from the Township could attend an Environmental Commission meeting to explain the Statewide Basic Requirements and how Mahwah intends to comply with the Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program. Attached is a checklist to be used as a guide to evaluate our compliance with requirements of the stormwater management rules.”
cc: S. Ostrow, Board of Health

Susan Golz submitted information on the grant application for the Mahwah Environmental Commission to complete an update to the Natural Resource Inventory with GIS maps and data tables generated by ArcView software.
The application requests a grant of $1,150.00. It is a matching grant program. The Township would provide $500.00 in kind and $650.00 as an actual expense to the Township.
The following letter was written to Mayor and Council:
“Re: ANJEC Matching Grant/Update of Natural Resource Inventory
We would like to update our Natural Resource Inventory by adding information available via the geographic information system (GIS). ANJEC is offering matching grants. We are in the process of completing the application. We feel the project would cost a total of $2,300.00. Attached is information being sent with the application.
ANJEC portion $1,150.00
Twp. portion 1,150.00
In kind (500.00)
Actual Expense
To Township $650.00
This application is due in early April. We are looking for some notice of support from the township to cover the expense of $650.00.”
cc: Business Administrator, Township Clerk

The Commission approved an expenditure of $85.00 to NJ Shade Tree Federation for 2004 membership dues.

Received letter from Watershed Ambassador on Earth Day program.
Mahwah has its own program.
Also received various minutes, notices, agendas etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m. The next meeting of the Environmental Commission will be held on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J.

J. DeWan, Secretary

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