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MARCH 22, 2004



The combined public/work session meeting of the Planning Board of the Township of Mahwah, held at the Municipal Building, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J. was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Dr. Ross, Chairman. The Opening Statement was read according to the Sunshine Law, followed by the flag salute and roll call.

These minutes are a synopsis of the meeting. A verbatim recording is on file with the Board Secretary at the Planning Board Office, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J. Copies of the recording may be purchased for a fee.

PRESENT: Mr. Donigian (9:00 p.m.), Mr. DaPuzzo, Mr. Jandris, Mayor Martel, Dr. Ross, Mr. Trent, Mr. Crean, Mr. Lamster, Mr. Rudolph, Mr. Roth

ABSENT: Mr. Brotherton

PROFESSIONALS: Peter Scandariato, Esq., Michael Kelly, P.E., Joseph Burgis, P.P.


3/14/04 Rocciola Engineering, LLC $2,720.00
Services Rendered Russo Dev. Application

A motion to approve the bills was made by Mr. Lamster and seconded by Mr. Roth. All voted in favor.


A motion to approve the minutes of March 8, 2004 was made by Mr. Trent and seconded by Mr. Crean. All voted in favor.




A motion to open the meeting to the public was made by Mr. Lamster and seconded by Mayor Martel. All in favor.

Francis Ferraro, 1059 Ash Drive appeared before the Board. She had questions regarding the traffic study for Russo Development. Dr. Ross asked her to save her questions for later in the evening since Russo Development was on for a public hearing.

A motion to close the meeting to the public was made by Mr. Trent and seconded by Mr. Rudolph. All in favor.



Richard Berger, Esq. appeared on behalf of the applicant.

Mr. Berger asked Mr. Lapatka, who was previously sworn in, to explain the soil movement permit and address the key issues.

Mr. Lapatka stated the soil movement calculations. He also stated that prior to the construction they would provide the Borough Engineer with the travel routes, the list of equipment to be used and the destination for the soil being removed.

In answer to Ms. Winokur’s question regarding proposed hours of operation on the soil movement, Mr. Lapatka stated they would comply with the ordinances that are in effect.

Mike Kelly asked Mr. Lapatka to clarify some of the items listed in his November 6, 2004 letter. Mr. Lapatka stated that he would agree to address these issues directly with Mr. Kelly.

Mr. Scandariato indicated to the Board that a soil movement permit can only be issued in conjunction with the development on a lot. If the Board grants the soil movement permit it has to be subject to their receiving approval to develop the lot. Mr. Scandariato suggested they combine this application with the development application and treat it as one. There was no objection from the applicant.

Mr. Berger addressed the revised Traffic Report dated March 16, 2004. Judd Rocciola, Independent Consultant, 8 Elizabeth Ave., Pompton Plains, New Jersey was sworn in. He stated that his trip generation analysis was very close to the trip generation estimates that the applicant’s consultant used in his analysis.

Mr. Rocciola described his analysis of the key intersections looked at before; primarily the intersection of Macarthur Blvd. and Route 17 North. He stated that without this project he estimated that the northbound ramp goes into a level of service “E” with quite a few more backups and the stacking will more frequently go beyond the length of the existing stacking lane on Route 17 and cars would have to be sitting in the shoulder more frequently than they do now. The development adds 173 left turns in the morning peak hours and that alone increases the level of service into level of service “F” with long delays of 128 plus seconds per car. Mr. Rocciola stated that it was his opinion that there would be a 95 percentile queue.

Dr. Ross questioned Mr. Rocciola on the safety factor. Mr. Rocciola stated that this could become problematic if it could not be remedied. He feels they could possibly remedy this situation by making the left turn a double left. The DOT would not allow this double left hand lane. Mr. Rocciola feels this could be a possibility if more aggressive physical modifications were made such as narrowing the sidewalk on the bridge.

Dr. Ross suggested they come up with a design, backed by Mike Kelly and take it to the DOT for their approval. Mr. Berger agreed to this.

The entrance on North Central Ave. requires widening to allow a left turn stacking lane, allow a right turn lane in so that cars accessing the site do not cause delays to the traffic on North Central Ave.

The County requires a right hand turn lane. They are designing a 200 ft. right turn lane including the taper. Mr. Rocciola stated that he would also like to see a modest left hand turn lane.

There was a discussion regarding the intersection of North Central and Macarthur Blvd. Mayor Martel suggested that a possible remedy to that intersection is to ask the DOT to create 3 lanes coming off Route 17 South; a strictly right hand turn, a middle lane to go straight and a left lane to go left.

Mr. Rocciola commented on the left turn lane coming into the site. He feels there is a potential conflict with the opening in the median and that the opening should be closed off because of the potential conflict with the stacking of cars. He suggested they move the opening further west on Macarthur Blvd.

Dr. Ross suggested that when the applicant meets with the DOT regarding other issues, they ask for approval to have a left turn signal from Macarthur Blvd. into the site.

Mr. Rocciola stated that both driveways on the site have to be re-examined to handle the tractor trailers.

Mr. Berger stated that he would be willing to meet with the DOT along with the town engineer and some members of the Planning Board to try and remedy the traffic and safety situation on Macarthur Blvd and North Central. Dr. Ross asked that they make the design changes on this intersection, have them reviewed by the Board and set up a date with the DOT.

Mr. Berger reviewed Mr. Rocciola’s traffic report.

Mr. Berger presented copies of a Computerized Turning Program prepared by Mr. Newman which was entered as Exhibit “A-13”.

A motion to open the meeting to the public was made by Mr. Roth and seconded by Mr. DaPuzzo. All in favor

Frances Ferraro, 1059 Ash Drive appeared before the Board. She voiced her concerns regarding safety issues and the size of the building.

Steven Honeig, Esq. appeared before the Board. He is representing his client who lives on 5 Morningside Drive. He is also concerned about the safety issues and the size of this development which is considerably larger than the previous application. He also feels a new design should be presented to the Board before any approval is given.

Dr. Ross referred to the letter from the DEP regarding the parking plan. Mr. Berger stated that there are no variances requested for parking.

A motion to close the meeting to the Public was made by Mayor Martel and seconded by Mr. DaPuzzo. All in favor.

Public Hearing is continued on April 26, 2004.



Herb Schlesinger appeared before the Board. The amendment to the preliminary plat for 7B was subject to approval by the DEP which was received last September or October of 2003. Bonds were posted. A pre-construction meeting with Mike Kelly is set up for sometime in April. Construction should take approximately 2 ½ months.

The DEP required them to add another small detention system or water quality system.

Ray Roe approved the one-way bridge which will be 22 feet wide.

Mr. Schlesinger stated that they have resubmitted the final subdivision plat and will address Mike Kelly’s comments.

Mike Kelly stated that there should be a current Developer’s agreement prepared and signed and verification that the bonds have been posted.

A motion to conditionally approve was made by Mr. DaPuzzo and seconded by Mr. Crean. A roll call of members present revealed 10 aye votes by Mr. Donigian, Mr. DaPuzzo, Mr. Jandris, Mayor Martel, Dr. Ross, Mr. Trent, Mr. Crean, Mr. Lamster, Mr. Rudolph and Mr. Roth.


Mr. Crean asked if there was any response to the letter sent to the DOT regarding the Home Depot entrance. Mike Kelly stated that they met with the DOT asking them to provide motorists with signage and to make them alert that the acceleration lane for Spring St. ends. He is going to ask Home Depot to provide some type of signage for motorists to be aware of the Home Depot entrance.





Mr. Trent stated that if the trailer is not on the property it should be approved. If the trailer is already there then it should be denied and a fine imposed on the applicant.

4. T/A 04-2004 – IHOHE, INC., 14 INDUSTRIAL AVE.

A motion to conditionally approve the above applications was made by Mr. Trent and seconded by Mr. Crean. A roll call of members present revealed 10 aye votes by Mr. Donigian, Mr. DaPuzzo, Mr. Jandris, Mayor Martel, Dr. Ross, Mr. Trenr, Mr. Crean, Mr. Lamster, Mr. Rudolph and Mr. Roth.

There was a discussion regarding trailer applications and whether or not they need to come before the Board. This matter will be looked into.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mr. Lamster and seconded by Mr. DaPuzzo. All in favor.

These minutes were prepared by Rosalie DeMartino.

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