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May 8, 2002 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

SUNSHINE STATEMENT: the secretary read the Sunshine Statement.


Marthajean Drago, Chair X

John Bristow, Historian X

Kenneth Cerullo X

Carol Greene X

Colleen Kennedy X

Mark Nichols X

Barbara Shanley X

J. Thomas Thornton X

Gus Vasiliadis X (late)

Paul Gioni, Alternate I X

Wayne McCabe, Tech Adv. X

Donna Tamayne, Attorney X

Flag Salute:


March 13, 2003 Minutes: Under 182 Myrtle Avenue demolition, Mrs. Drago corrected objects to objective. Mr. Bristow made a motion to approve the March 13, 2003 as corrected and Ms. Kennedy seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

April 10, 2003 Minutes: Under roll call, Mr. McCabe corrected that he was present not absent. Ms. Kennedy made a motion to approve the minutes as read and Mr. Bristow seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Public Session: None at this time.

New Business:

*Paddington Square Condominiums: The secretary reported that she thought a representative from Paddington Square was going to be present. Mr. McCabe reported that he had spoken to the Paddington Square secretary and told her that they needed to fill out an application for the work to be done. However, he has not heard from them since. Mr. McCabe reported that they wanted to repair the large wooden door.

Chair’s Report:

Mrs. Drago reported that she had represented the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) at Brent Atwood’s Eagle Scout Ceremony.

Secretary’s Report:

The secretary reported that the Township is scheduling the Township Calendar and asked for HPC meeting dates confirmation. Mrs. Drago confirmed that the HPC would still be meeting on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. with the exception of November, when the Historic Recognition Awards are presented; the HPC will meet at 7:00 p.m.

The secretary also reported that she received photos of the Frasco demolition (168 Island Road) and gave them to Mr. McCabe.

The secretary also gave Mrs. Drago recent Historic Preservation Grant information.

The secretary also reported that she is waiting for reports from Mr. McCabe in regards to the 122 Fardale Avenue property well and on the 2 Swan Road property. Mr. McCabe reported that both items will be faxed to the secretary tomorrow.

Legal: No report at this time.

Technical Assistant:

Docket #451, Macarthur Blvd. /Ridge Road property. Mr. McCabe suggested approval of this docket with no comment. Ms. Tamayne suggested voting on this application as a Consent Agenda under applications:


*Anthony & Jennifer Passering, Docket 403F. The secretary reported that this application was received just before the municipal move and was packed with the mail room, therefore, was not received by the secretary in time for the May 8, 2003 agenda. Mrs. Drago made a motion to table this application until the June 12, 2003 meeting (with notice to the Planning Board) in order to give the Technical Assistant time to review the application and approve Docket #451 with no comment. Mrs. Shanley seconded the motion. The motion was approved with a vote of 7 yes 0 no.

Mrs. Drago, Yes; Ms. Kennedy, Yes; Mrs. Shanley, Yes; Mr. Cerullo, Yes: Mr. Nichols, Yes: Mr. Bristow, Yes; Mr. Vasiliadis, Yes.

Old Business:

Mrs. Drago made a motion to table Old Business until the June 12, 2003 meeting. The secretary reported that Mrs. Shanley has the inserts for the 2002 Ornament and asked who would be sending them out. Mrs. Shanley reported that she would send them out. Mr. Cerullo seconded the motion to table Old Business until the June 12, 2003 meeting. The motion was unanimously approved.

General Discussion:

Mrs. Shanley reported that she had received a phone call from a Mr. Howard Berger asking about the Ackerman Farmhouse, but did not have any commitments to the property yet.

Mr. Vasiliadis asked what the status of Darlington School property is. Mrs. Drago reported that the last she had heard was that the County was still entertaining the thought of purchasing the property. Mrs. Drago asked Mr. Vasiliadis to contact the County and ask what the status is on the property.

Mr. Bristow reported that the Mahwah Museum received a County award for the agricultural exhibit.

Mr. Bristow made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Mr. Vasiliadis seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

These minutes are a synopsis of the MHPC tapes, which are on file at the Township Hall.


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