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The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM by Vice Chairman Monica Ullrich. Members in
attendance were Todd Cochran, Westa Hannafin, Jean Lascar and Julia Smith. Chairman Drew
Baumgardt joined the meeting at 7:56 PM and took the chair. Bob Helm, VP MYSB, was
present. The flag salute was followed by the Sunshine Law announcement.

On a motion by Todd Cochran, seconded by Westa Hannafin, the meeting minutes of January
22, 2003 and December 18, 2002 were approved. All in favor, motion carried.

Spring newsletter submission was due to Administration on Friday, 2.21.03, but since our
meeting is after that date, Administration has been advised we will be a week late. Westa
updated the Summer Rec submission, Jean updated the Adult Residential Softball. There was
little discussion on fishing contest, Memorial Day parade, family movie nights and Mahwah
Day as they only required date, time or location update. Continental Soldiers Park was
discussed, Drew will write the article.

Continental Soldiers Park dedication should be Sunday 5.4.03. This would enable us to publish
the date in the Spring Newsletter and announce it at the Youth Sports parade on Saturday
5.3.03. Since the 4th is a Sunday it should be no earlier than 1 PM. Dedication will be handled
by Rec and DPW. The proposed gutters on the building were removed from the planning
design and in their place was the almost $10K CO for the drain between the field and the
building, which might become a safety and maintenance problem with ice. We have asked the
engineer for advice on how to handle the situation. Electric work inside is complete, outdoors
some security and pavilion lights need to be installed. Interior painting is almost complete,
floors are done but are w/o grit. Outside painting is a weather-related issue. The thermostat
position was changed to a remote in the equipment room. Door closures were changed from
outside to inside. Phone line is run from pole through conduit with twelve pair of wires. Six are
hooked up, two are active. Primary is the phone, second is the alarm using primary as
backup. Larcom will install next week. Todd questioned whether Musco lights are on a line -
they need to be programmed. Ultimately they will be capable of remote programming. There
will be a phone in the team room, kitchen and a line in mechanical room for the fire alarm. A
payphone line will be installed prior to park opening. Gazebo has been built; fittings require
more concrete, a weather-related issue. Skate park needs construction official's approval that
it is put together properly and completely. Todd noted the skate park and playground require
monthly inspections. Area from the top of the pressbox to bleachers may need railing,
bleacher steps may need additional support. Even though the bleachers will not be used for
spectators immediately they must be completed prior to park opening for safety reasons.
Speakers are mounted on the pressbox, volume will be controlled since it need only carry to the
one side where the bleachers are and not project to the other side of the field. The six-foot
wide paved walking path will be plowed for winter use. DPW capital requested a utility-type
maintenance vehicle to be housed at the park; the older Smithco ballfield machine has been
refurbished and will be housed there as well. It can be the tow vehicle for the topdressing
broom furnished with the field, although Drew is requesting a 3-part broom due to the area.
Money is also in the 2003 capital request for the two bridges to complete the mulch path
circuit. Women's Tuesday softball will be played at CSP and movie nights will be held there -
we will need to advertise this fact, it's listed for CP on the calendar. Drew spoke to John
Salarino, Ramsey Rec, re: bocce clinic, something that may evolve into a league. The building
should be completed within two weeks with the exception of weather-related items - outside
clean-up and painting. The twelve picnic tables are at DPW, they will be put together and
brought down once the weather permits. Equipment boxes, two per field, are in place. Field
Turf needs a couple of days to pick up the loose rubber, run G-max test and deliver warranty.
We will handle striping the field in July or August, and annually at the same time of year in the
future; it will be fresh for soccer and football, then fade for summer sports. Sewn-in lines were
an option not taken due to potential for flaws and the same lines are not needed for all sports.
Drew spoke to BA re: arrangement for operation of the concession stand. The license
proprietor will be Township of Mahwah Recreation Committee. Proceeds should be returned to
the programs. The one thing we do not want is an outside vendor coming in, using all the new
equipment purchased by the Township and donated by MYSB, charging whatever they want for
refreshments, and then taking away the revenue generated instead of re-investing it in the
sports programs. Ridgewood Rec toured the park, and had a few suggestions but were
impressed with the place. Tim Cronin, Director of Ridgewood Rec and NJPRA President this
year, said they want to add restrooms and a concession behind their bandshell. Ridgewood
Sports is their umbrella group for all sports, and the village will receive 25% of gross profits to
cover cost of electricity, etc.

Airmont Avenue will be discussed by Council at the first March worksession. Whoever can
attend should, although we can not speak. Having a field seven days per week till dusk,
especially if we have artificial turf, would be better than having nothing there. The township
does not want to go into debt from property purchase, with all the other capital projects on-
going. BOE property on Airmont is on the Green Acres inventory. The same or greater
acreage with the same or greater recreational value is the criterion used for state house
approval to swap property on the list. This is one area where the planner said a park is
needed. Fardale is in need also, but there is not much usable land and even less that we could

Old Business - the 2003 budget will be introduced at tomorrow night's meeting.

New Business
Mahwah Youth Sports has requested that the North Jersey Junior Football Championship this
year be held at Continental Soldiers Park. This will require coordination with Drew and the
Township, but is an ideal event for our new facility.

There was a question about whether the scoreboard at CP is being moved, the answer is no.

On a motion by Todd Cochran, seconded by Westa Hannafin, the meeting was adjourned at
8:45 PM. The next meeting is scheduled for March 26, 2003 at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Monica Ullrich
Vice Chairman

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