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February 12, 2003

The meeting of the Environmental Commission was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by John Brotherton, Chairman. The Opening Statement was made. Roll call was taken.

Present: J. Brotherton Absent: M. Sadowski
D. D’Angelo P. Scian
S. Golz
K. LaGreca
C. Phiefer (arrived 7:45)
J. DeWan (secretary)

The Minutes of the previous Environmental Commission meeting held on January 22, 2003 were approved.

Memo to Administrative Officer:
“The following soil applications were reviewed by the Environmental Commission on February 12, 2003.

Vito & Aleida Giammarella 6 Patrick Brem Court, Bl. 21.09, Lot 2, E-BD-216-239-437, dated 1/30/03 – approved. We approve five replacement trees as noted on the plans.
The applicant is reminded that future street tree plantings by Darlington Associates should be kept under consideration when completing the landscaping plan.

Sebastian Mancusi Geiger Road, Bl. 12, Lot 31, Bl. 12, Lot 31, E-BD-216-1352, amended 1/14/03 – revision approved.

Mahwah Land, LLC & Mary Bollatto 223 Airmont Avenue, Bl. 126, Lots 125 & 126, Dkt. 420S, amended 1/23/03. Norway Maple is not an approved tree replacement variety. Applicant should change the selection for the replacement trees. Soil application – approved.”

Memo to Township Clerk
Re: Patire, 57 Trommel Drive
“We reviewed the tree preservation application submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Patire.
It seems to be in accordance with our recommendations and with Resolution #132-02A.

We suggest that John Lane get an updated plan, so that he can inspect the property upon completion of the removal and plantings.”
cc: John Lane

Memo to John Spiech
Re: Replanting of Trees in Ramapo Mountains
“Here is a list of trees which would be suitable for planting in the Ramapo Mountains.
We appreciated the help of Brian Phiefer in compiling this list. He said he would be willing to discuss this further, if you would like to do so.”

Christopher Tremblay, Dkt. 456

Brian & Judith Mutchler, Dkt. 453
Revised site plan for minor subdivision. Not approved.
Comment to Planning Board: “We still do not approve creating two substandard lots.”

Gabrellian Associates, Dkt. 435
Revised site plan – approved.

Paks Mobil, Dkt. 1014 SP
Comment to Board of Adjustment
“See our comments from our Jan. 22, 2003 meeting.”

Franklin Shuart, Dkt. 1076-03 SD

The following applications were approved:
• Nail salon, 425A Forest Road
• Restaurant, 150 Franklin Turnpike
• Scott & Kim Inc., 164 Franklin Turnpike
• Cases by Source, Inc., 16 McKee D rive
• Gamestop, 115 Franklin Turnpike

The following application was denied:

• County Oil Corp, 130 Route 17 South (Reinauer Bros.), car detail/hand wash center
Comment: Where is wash water going?

Susan Golz spoke to the Mahwah High School student who was looking to arrange a spring clean up to be conducted by the Environmental Club and Volunteer Club. It was decided that the clean up would be done in April on Earth Day.

Smart-growth grant was discussed. No specific ideas were presented.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m. The next meeting of the Environmental Commission will be held on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 300B Route 17 South, Mahwah, N.J.

J. DeWan

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