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January 22, 2003

The Environmental Commission meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by John
Brotherton, Chairman. The Opening Statement was made. Roll call was taken.

Present: J. Brotherton Absent: S. Golz
D. D’Angelo P. Scian
K. LaGreca (arrived 8 p.m.)
C. Phiefer
M. Sadowski
J. DeWan (secretary)

The Minutes of the meeting held on January 8, 2003 were approved as submitted.

A budget committee meeting is being held tonight across the hall. John Brotherton will go into the budget meeting for a quick review of the budget. A motion was made by Mark Sadowski, seconded by John Brotherton that the Environmental Commission budget request includes funds for a professional consultant for landscape architecture. This professional could assist in review of site plans and work on compiling a tree and planting guideline document. All present were in favor.

• Reviewed DEP letter concerning work in progress at Ramapo College.
• Received information on the Ramsey Environmental Commission’s request for information from DEP on the Home Depot wetlands question.
• Reviewed DEP correspondence on new storm water requirements in N.J.

Approved change in tenant for the hair salon at 425 Forest Road (Nicola Autore).

Paks Fast Service Mobil, Inc. Dkt 1014 SP
Approved with comments to Board of Adjustment.
“We suggest that, in the lawn area to the west of the proposed food mart, either the existing trees be saved, or additional native species be planted (instead of grass).”

45 Franklin LLC/CVS Pharmacy, Dkt. 449
Approved with comments to Planning Board.
“No waivers should be accepted for buffers, or landscaping.”

Home Depot, USA, Inc., Dkt 434
Approved with comments to Planning Board.
“We reviewed the landscape plan and we offer two suggestions.

1. The applicant should add six shade trees in the parking area, which are marked in yellow on the copy of the landscaping plan.

2. We are not sure that the Ilex Crenata “Green Luster” in the entrance island is a good selection. A more “flexible” plant should be used since this location will be subject to snow and ice during winter. For example, we suggest Juniper, Spirea Anthony Waterer or even a grass-like material which would not grow too high and withstand the rigors of the site.”

Coach USA, Dkt. 444
Approved with comments to Planning Board.
“We must have oil run off controls.”

The following letter was written to Administrative Officer:

“The following soil applications were reviewed by the Environmental Commission on January 22, 2003. Comments are listed below.

Dobriner/Darlington Associates 735 Ramapo Valley Road, Bl. 23.01, Lot 1, E-BD-216-239-345, amended 1/9/03. We approve eleven replacement trees, deciduous type.
The applicant is reminded that future street tree plantings by Darlington Associates should be kept under consideration when completing the landscaping plan.

AJC Holdings, Inc. (Jerry Crean) 64 Stag Hill Road, Bl. 2, Lot 16, E-BD-216-1431, dated 1/13/03. We approve the tree preservation information as stated: 20 trees to be removed and 5 replacement trees. Replacement trees should be at least 2 ½” caliper and not 2” caliper as shown on the plans.

Liberty Mahwah, LLC 305 State Highway 17, Bl. 63, Lot 10.02, Dkt. 454S, dated 12/19/02. Please advise applicant that white pine is not an acceptable replacement tree. We note that 80 trees will be removed and there will be 76 replacement trees.
If the imported soil is coming from outside of the Township of Mahwah, it should be tested.

Meadow Ridge Development 2 Swan Road, Bl. 139, Lot 11, E-BD-216-1429, dated 1/22/03. We note that 30 trees will be removed and that there will be 8 replacement trees. With the extensive wetlands on this property, it might be appropriate to install concrete monuments to define the wetlands’ borders.

Home Depot USA, Inc. 465 State Highway 17, Bl. 64/66, Lots 16-18, 20 & 21/ 1-3, Dkt. 434S, dated 11/2/7/02. We note that 212 trees will be removed and that there will be 54 replacement trees. Our comments on the planting materials suggested are included in our report on the landscaping plan made to the Planning Board.
If the imported soil is coming from outside of the Township of Mahwah, it should be tested.”


• John Brotherton attended a second meeting hosted by the Upper Saddle River Shade Tree Commission. The group is now named the Bergen Shade Tree League. An arborist gave a talk on tree hazard assessments. They will meet again in March and an attorney will discuss legal matters.

• The deadline for the Township’s spring newsletter is 2/21/2003.

• ANJEC has matching grant programs for Environmental Commissions called smart growth planning project.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m. The next meeting of the Environmental Commission will be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at 7: 30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 300B Route 17 South, Mahwah, N.J.

J. DeWan

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