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MAY 12, 2003



The combined public/work session meeting of the Planning Board of the Township of Mahwah, held at the Municipal Building, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ was called to order at 8:00 P.M. by Dr. Ross, Chairman. The Opening Statement was read according to the Sunshine Law, followed by the flag salute and roll call.

These minutes are a synopsis of the meeting. A verbatim recording is on file with the Board Secretary at the Planning Board Office, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ. Copies of the recording may be purchased for a fee.

PRESENT: Mr. Brotherton, Mr. Donigian, Mr. Jandris, Mayor Martel, Dr. Ross, Mr. Trent, Mr. Crean, Mr. Lamster.

ABSENT: Mr. DaPuzzo, Mr. Muscarelle

PROFESSIONALS: Peter Scandariato, Esq., Mara Winokur, P.P., Michael Kelly, P.E.




A motion to approve the minutes of the April 28, 2003 meeting was made by Mr. Brotherton and seconded by Mr. Trent. All in favor.




A motion to open the meeting to the public was made by Mr. Trent and seconded by Mr. Crean.

Virginia Stevenson of Darlington Ridge introduced herself. She asked what project is being developed at the MacArthur Boulevard / Ridge Road property and the notice requirements. Ms. Stevenson was advised that this matter was on for public hearing this evening and to please reserve her questions until that time.

A motion to close the meeting to the public was made by Mr. Trent and seconded by Mr. Lamster. All in favor.



This matter was adjourned to the June 9, 2003 meeting.

B. BD-216-239-348, 34 GREAT HALL RD., RIO VISTA

This matter was adjourned to the May 19, 2003 meeting.


Thomas Hynes, Esq., 525 Palmer Avenue, Maywood, NJ, the attorney for the applicant introduced himself. He stated that this application was for the development of the property located at MacArthur Boulevard and Ridge Road.

In 1997 a variance for lot depth was granted by this Board.

Gene Rotonda, the engineer who prepared the site plan in this matter was sworn in. He displayed the site plan with its existing conditions.

This property is known as Lot 151.02, Block 138 and is located at the north corner of the intersection of Ridge Road and MacArthur Boulevard. It is already developed with access drives on the north end and a cross access easement for ingress and egress. There is also an access drive on the southwesterly side for ingress and egress. There is a sanitary sewer easement and some widening easements along MacArthur Blvd. There is a sidewalk around the entire perimeter. There is a proposed design wavier for minimum setback for parking in the front yard

The April 30, 2003 report of Kasler Associates was reviewed by Mr. Rotonda. They will add all of the checklist items to the plan.

The site currently has isolated trees. The applicant will plant another row of trees in between the existing trees shown on the north end of the plan.

The Boswell Engineering report states that a soil movement permit will be required. The parking setback requires a waiver. Boswell Engineering requests verification of the impervious coverage. The applicant must show the existing drainage within 500 ft. The plan does not meet the buffer requirements and the lighting must be revised in order to meet code.

The applicant stated that they will create storm water management detention on site and there will be a reduction of runoff.

Kasler Associates requested that the applicant make a notation of the gross square footage on the plan and show the breakdown of square footage, make a notation of cross easements, and indicate that a variance was granted in 1997. Kasler Associates also requests that the applicant provide information as to sight distances and sight triangles and provide landscaping information for the parking lot.

A motion to open the meeting to the public was made by Mayor Martel and seconded by Mr. Lamster. All in favor.

Mr. Carter Morris introduced himself and questioned the procedure for notification.

Mr. Scandariato stated that notice was given to the condominium association which is in accordance with the Municipal Land Use Law.

Mr. Ed Wallen, 13 Parsons Court, Mahwah, NJ introduced himself and questioned whether the Board had considered the impact this project would have. Mr. Wallen was asked to hold all questions that did not pertain to the testimony which was given.

Mr. Petrillo, 1031 MacArthur Blvd., Mahwah, NJ introduced himself. He questioned ingress and egress to and from the shopping center.

A motion to close the meeting to the public was made by Mr. Brotherton and seconded by Mr. Lamster. All in favor.

John Pandolfino, the applicant’s architect was sworn in and qualified. He stated that this is a three story building on one side and a two story building on the opposite side. The building is rectangular in shape. The stair towers are outside the perimeter of the building. The footprint is consistent through all three floors. The first and second floors are to be retail use and the third floor will be office use. The three story side of the building is on MacArthur Boulevard and Ridge Road.

The condenser for the HVAC system is located on the roof of the building with a 9 ft. parapet. The air handler will be located in the individual tenant space.

The applicant will perform site line studies to determine what the people in Ramapo Ridge can see.

Handicap accessibility and the elevator were questioned and the applicant will look into this matter.

The applicant will bring the lighting within Township standards. A traffic study will be done.

A motion to open the meeting to the public was made by Mayor Martel and seconded by Mr. Brotherton.

Mr. Michael DeLuca, 11 Parsons Court, Mahwah, NJ stated that the primary concern of the Ramapo Ridge residents is the aesthetic appearance.

Mr. Petrillo expressed concern regarding traffic from the four schools and was advised that a traffic study would be done.

A motion to close the meeting to the public was made by Mayor Martel and seconded by Mr. Crean. All in favor.

The Board would like the applicant to consider matching the brick with the other buildings in the area. The applicant will bring the lighting in line with the Township standards. The light poles will be lowered and the applicant will verify the height of the light poles at the next meeting. The applicant will show references to cross easements on site plan and note the 1997 variance. They will include sight triangles, lines, easements and landscaping on the plan. The lot coverage calculations, drainage within 500 ft. and buffers will be addressed with Boswell Engineering.

At this time the only lighting proposed is under canopy and pole lighting on the site.

This matter was carried to the meeting of June 9, 2003. No further notice is required.



William Gahwyler, Esq., the attorney for the applicant introduced himself. He stated that at the present time there is an existing single family home covering this lot. The applicant would like to remove the existing structure and subdivide the lot into two lots each measuring 50 ft. x 125 ft. and construct two single family homes on the new lots.

The applicant must provide all existing structures within 200 ft. or a waiver must be requested.

The applicant must provide the names of all adjacent property owners on the plat or request a waiver. The applicant stated that it will provide the names on the plat.

The applicant incorrectly indicates the inclusion of Lot 71 as part of this application on the key map. This will be revised.

The applicant stated that there is an existing shed on the property and the applicant will provide the measurements of same. They would like to keep this structure. This will be added to the plan.

There are existing walls along the property located within two ft. of the lot lines. These walls will be removed and this will be noted on the plan.

A motion to grant conditional approval was made by Mr. Trent and seconded by Mr. Brotherton. A roll call of members present revealed six (6) yes votes by Mr. Brotherton, Mr. Donigian, Mr. Jandris, Dr. Ross, Mr. Trent and Mr. Lamster. Mayor Martel abstained and Mr. Crean recused himself.



The applicant is renovating and adding to his house. He would like to put a trailer on the property and move into it. Due to the nature of this application and the necessity to hook into electric, water and septic systems the applicant will be requested to come before the Board to discuss this matter.



A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mr. Crean and seconded by Mr. Jandris. All in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 P.M.

These minutes were prepared by Joan Mandle

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