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The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by Chairman Drew Baumgardt. Members in
attendance were Ward Donigian, Westa Hannafin, Jean Lascar, Julia Smith and Monica Ullrich.
Bob Helm, VP MYSB was present and gave their e-mail address:
The flag salute was followed by the Sunshine Law announcement.

Tree Lighting was our last special event, and we reiterated that we should move the event to
the senior center this year. Ward questioned whether landscaping will include a tree we could
use. Co#1 will host us as long as we want, but they may be under construction this year.

Ice Skating at Silver Creek has been available for a week already, it opened with 8". The pond
is somewhat higher this year. JC was there to check the two lights, hopefully they will be
repaired tomorrow.

Continental Soldiers Park electricity was hooked up on Tuesday 1/14, PSE&G hook-up expected
by Friday 1/24. Contractor needs three weeks once the heat is in. Drew has given 3.1.03 as a
target date for park use. Skate park has been completed but is not yet inspected. Two swings
at the playground need to be changed - we need the baby style. Ward thinks we may have
been shorted on playground equipment. Gazebo will be delivered tomorrow. Field fencing is
completed, sliding gates and cedar slats are in but incomplete; electricity needs to be installed.
Fence motor will shut off rather than burn out if there is an obstruction. Kitchen equipment
completed, cages need locks. Field lights need to be tested. Jean questioned additional fencing
and berm - Council denied it, pines will be planted there. One purpose of the new fields is to
give the old ones a rest. Scheduling will be fairly tightly controlled, and we are not looking to
add anything. Grand opening/dedication ceremony will be the end of April 2003 at the
earliest. Every level will have a chance to use the new park. We may be able to expand the
number of teams or number of games for resident adult teams by using CSP as well as CP.
Drew offered to host the June 2003 BHP meeting here, and Chamber members will be invited
to make use of it come autumn.

C.Perry and Fardale Fields had soil samples taken by a sports management company, and
they met with Ed S. yesterday re: rejuvenation schedule. Fardale will be done in spring 2003
using available manpower - there will be softball and baseball, but no spring soccer in 2003.
CP will be done immediately after Mahwah Day in September 2003. Drew spoke to DPW, MYSB
and BOE re: it will be out of use a minimum of four (4) weeks, and will be worked on in spring
2004 while it is in use. Drew met with Blueglass, VanDemark and Zaccone re: scheduling, what
they need from us and what we can use of theirs, which fields will be out of service - Ridge I is
out till at least Fall 2004. It is used for girls softball, some corporate, and Raiders. The new
field by Administration building can be used for instructional girls. Lenape Meadows field will
be softball and sub-varsity soccer. March 2003 bond referendum includes Ridge School

Airmont is at a standstill for the time being. Drew wants the township to go ahead with the
required zoning change to POS for this site as well as CSP, it should not be sold.

Seniors now have two picnics at the Elk's and one at the pool; we would like to add one at CSP
as well. John Salarino of Ramsey Rec has volunteered to help with Bocce instruction and

Dolores Raiz has prepared a budget for the Senior Center as requested by BA . Per Julia's and
Drew's memory, there was discussion at senior meetings last year that at P/T scheduler would
be hired. Perhaps BA can be invited to the next senior meeting to discuss use of the facility.
Jake wants to keep Thursday as usual.

Summer Rec starts June 30th. Drew, Westa, Karen and MJ will get together in the next couple
of weeks, may move second-graders down from MHS to JKS. Not taking them to the pool would
be a big help, too. Lenape Meadows is a possibility, but situation of MHS & JKS is ideal.
Counselor applications will be ready next month. Westa will handle the preparations.

Residential Adult Softball also starts June 30th, game and sign-up dates are on the calendar.
Jean has updated the application forms. We can handle more teams or more games with CSP
in operation. Traveling youth sports teams can use the fields if they plan.

Meet the Bunny is our next event, on Saturday April 12th at 1PM at Winter Park.

Planning discussion: Drew is very busy with the new park and is not looking for any new work,
although he wants an "employee day" there, a barbeque during lunch hours. A "super bowl"
for youth football held there would require additional parking, perhaps use of a shuttle bus for
parking at the college. Southwest field is all rubber, not the rubber/sand mix we have with
FieldTurf. Skate park competitions, etc, will work themselves out and evolve over time. The
skate park demo had a good turnout. Drew has spoken to Debbie at Clifton Rec, about the
events they hold. She suggested perhaps a vendor can help by sponsoring something and in
return promote their own products. Ward questioned whether we will be able to fund special
events with the skate park or seniors at CSP.

Julia suggested that at the next senior advisory meeting they discuss what that group can do
at CSP.

We should publish a Bocce schedule in the Spring newsletter, Ramsey members would be happy
to teach our residents. College parking off Halifax would allow walkers to access the park via
the walking path near Well #16 and avoid walking on 202 altogether.

Ward suggested we purchase a De-fib for the kitchen at CSP; training would be necessary for

We have been less than successful having music either at the town square or Winter Park. The
covered pavilion at CSP can be used for this and many other things, if we want to attempt.
The library program is very successful, and they can always find us someone to sponsor.

We need to advertise Movie Nights more, through Summer Rec and at the pool are prime
means. We have the ability now to pick movies ahead of time and publish a schedule.

Eric Matthew's show at Mahwah Day 2002 was terrific! We have a meeting Monday 5.12.03 in
the Winter Room of the library, it's on the calendar. We should not cancel Mahwah Day for
field rejuvenation, we can work around it. We will host the usual 3-game nights for youth
football, but will not add any additional B or C games to the schedule at CP.

Bob Helm offered whatever help the MYSB can offer. Drew can get together with tennis and
track commissioners after sign-up next week. He will place the same tennis order as last year,
and will discuss adding items and extra order for track - this order should cover this year and
next, in the future it will be on the same schedule as Summer Rec. Commissioners will need
keys to the cages at CSP, Drew wants them to be signed for. Commissioners only should have
access to the equipment room, not individual coaches.

New Business
Drew has two coach's training classes set up for February, and has the list of last years'
participants. Bob would like a list of those who have taken the course.

Drew attended the last public council meeting and commented on the zoning change for
C.Perry from educational to light office. When the building is sold, the town needs to sit down
and strike a deal re: a parking trade-off.

Our 2003 budget hearing is at 9:30 PM, whoever is available should go to town hall directly
after this meeting.

On a motion by Julia Smith, seconded by Jean Lascar, the meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.
All in favor, motion carried. The next meeting is scheduled for February 26, 2003 at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Monica Ullrich
Vice Chairman

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