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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Chairman, Dr. Bernard F. Ross, who read the Open Public Meetings Act Statement prescribed by law, called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M. Notice of the meeting was published in the Ridgewood News on June 28, 2002, posted in the Township Hall and filed in the Township Clerk’s office.

Minutes of the meeting are available from the Township Clerk, the Secretary of the Housing Commission and the Municipal Web Site upon adoption by the Commission.

Salute To The Flag

Present: Calandrillo, Raiz, Ross, Snyder

Absent: Brotherton, Martel, Plicinski

Donna Tamayne, Associate Township Attorney was present.

Calandrillo made the motion to approve the minutes of September 17, 2002 Housing Commission meeting. Snyder seconded. Motion passed.

Public Portion

On a motion by Raiz, seconded by Calandrillo the meeting was opened to the Public.
Motion passed.

Zdzislaw Reuter Gargol, a certified applicant of the Affordable Housing program addressed the Commission. The individual is awaiting housing and is anxious for placement. Ross explained the program and certification dates, he will be called in the proper order when a unit in the Tier his household is qualified for becomes available.

Julia Smith and Dorothy Schell, 1201 Norfolk Road, were present as representatives for the residents of Norfolk Village. Smith and Schell made a plea for support from the Commission to change Federal and State legislation concerning the yearly rental increases.

Ross explained the Low Income Tax Credit program, which Norfolk Village falls under. Tamayne reminded Smith and Schell of the prior support of the Commission, e.g., the letter written on behalf of the residents to Federal and State Representatives apprising them of Norfolk Village residents Affordable Housing rental increase concerns. The Commission is set up to administer the C.O.A.H. program. Ideas were given to Smith at the September meeting for residents to pursue.

Raiz clarified the research done by contacting other senior rental units in the State of New Jersey; the information was previously given to Schell and Smith. She was also reminded of the comparisons done between the C.O.A.H. and N.J.H.M.F. yearly income guidelines. The Affordable Housing Dept. watches the yearly rental increases closely. Schell was encouraged to contact other senior rental units and pursue her idea of starting petitions making it a joint effort.

John Kelly, 238 Miller Rd., stated the income the seniors receive is a fixed income. Does the Commission believe they have a clear understanding of the problem as it is being presented?
Ross answered in the affirmative. Does the Commission have a clear understanding of the remedy that is being requested? Tamayne felt the remedy request was not clear. Would the Commission feel that it would be their recommendation to present this situation to the Township Council to take it further to other Municipalities? Ross reminded everyone of the letters sent to State and Federal representatives; however, if Kelly feels the Council would have more influence with officials, the Commission will refer the situation to the Council.

Tamayne asked if the residents would like a cover letter from the Commission, supporting an attached petition from Norfolk Village to the legislators. Schell stated that would be a start.
Tamayne and Ross told Smith and Schell to call the Township Clerk and asked to be placed on the Council agenda. The residents will write a letter, along with the information from
the Housing Commission on everything that has been done to date and a cover letter will be forwarded to the Township Clerk seeking the Council’s support. Tamayne again suggested the residents seek out other seniors, in the same situation, unite and present a louder voice. Kelly suggested they get phone numbers of those running for public office and make them aware of their situation.

Snyder suggested the residents contact Ramapo College, the Political Science Dept., and find out if there is a student who would take it on as a project. Tamayne suggested again, that the voice of the Commission and Council will never be as loud as combined voices of the people in the same position. She explained that, as previously advised, they have to follow up on prior suggestions given by the Commission, such as, get petitions going throughout the State.

Snyder made a motion for the Housing Commission to write a letter to the Township Council in support of the request from Norfolk Village. Calandrillo seconded.

Roll Call: Calandrillo-yes, Raiz-yes, Ross-yes, Snyder yes.

Motion approved.

The residents will submit their letter and petition to the Commission - all will be part of the information forwarded to the Council.

Snyder made a motion to close the Public Portion. Calandrillo was the second. Motion passed.


NJHMFA has filed a Notice of Lis Pendens and/or Complaint in Foreclosure on 903 Tuliptree Court. The possibility of the Township purchasing the unit was discussed.

Calandrillo made a motion to determine that Tamayne should move forward with an investigation on acquiring the unit for the Township. Raiz seconded.

Roll Call: Calandrillo-yes, Raiz-yes, Ross-yes, Snyder-yes.

Motion passed.

The $500.00 administrative fee was received from the owner of 2010 Hawthorne Lane.

131 Raintree Lane has a sale pending; however there is a problem in getting the present occupant of the unit to vacate.

Housing Manager’s Reports

Report A – One unit listed as a rental. Three units have sales pending, two units have rentals

Report B – 921 Thoreau Court has an uncertified occupant, the owner has responded to the
Notice from the Affordable Housing Dept.

Report C – 542 Holly Court-listed for Sheriff’s sale on 10-11-02. Owner filed bankruptcy.
Tamayne will contact the Sheriff’s Dept., requesting the Township be put on notice,
should the Bankruptcy be dismissed and the Foreclosure goes through.

Report D - Tamayne has filed Motion for recovery of excess funds from 1411 Faulkner Court
and 2107 Hawthorne.

Report E – Development Fees-current balance $455,236.46.

Unfinished Business:

Norfolk Village – See Above.

New Business:

a. Violations- Rental violations are on the rise.
b. Tamayane is working on language changes to be inserted in the Deeds of Affordable units that are sold, which would put the owners on notice at Closing, that the Township has the Right of First Refusal on any unit going into Foreclosure; this will also serve as notification to Mortgage Companies.

c. Project for the New Year, will be recommendations for use of the Development Fee
d. Tamayne will begin researching Affordable Housing Deed restrictions, for any units which may be purchased now, through Foreclosure, by the Township to determine if the twenty- five-year restriction starts over, and, if the Township exercises the Right of First Refusal at the end of the twenty -five years would there be an additional twenty-five year restriction on the units.

Being no further business Snyder made the motion for adjournment at 9:30 P.M. Calandrillo seconded. Motion carried. The next scheduled Housing Commission meeting is Tuesday,
December 3, 2002.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Reed
Recording Secretary

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