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August 28, 2002

The meeting of the Environmental Commission was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by John Brotherton, Chairman. The Opening Statement was made. Roll call was taken.

Present: J. Brotherton Absent: M. Sadowski
K. LaGreca
S. Golz One vacant seat.
C. Phiefer
P. Scian
J. DeWan (secretary)

Mr. and Mrs. M. Patire were present to discuss the property at 57 Trommel Drive. After their initial request for an exemption to the tree removal ordinance, they furnished a plan of the property and came to discuss it. There are sixty-six trees; they want to remove twenty-five trees.

The following letter was written after discussion:
“To: Township Council
Re: Matthew and Lisa Patire, 57 Trommel Drive

We were contacted by Lisa Patire in July 2002 (copy of letter attached) asking for permission to remove more trees than the 5 per year as allowed by the ordinance. Also attached is her letter of August 19, 2002 with a diagram of the yard at 57 Trommel Drive.

If we view this request as a development plan, removing 25 trees (of 66 on the lot) to suit the needs of the owners would result in 6 replacement trees, which could go in the front yard. We see this as a possible compromise.”

Attachments July 17 and August 19, 2002 letters
cc: John Lane

Hawk Nest LLC, Dkt. 443
Linda Herlihy was present representing the applicant.
Comments to Planning Board
“We have reviewed the Environmental Impact Statement and the most recent site plan. We want to make sure that there is adequate access across the property which can accommodate large equipment which might be needed (example: fire truck, drill rig).”

Gabrellian Associates
This application is still before the Planning Board. Environmental Commission members are still planning on walking the site with the landscape architect. Date to be determined.

Danza Group
Paul Scian, on behalf of Polo Hunt & Polo Club Homeowners Association., submitted letters relative to this site plan. The letters were addressed to NJ DEP/permit for stream encroachment.

BP Amoco, Dkt. 1031

Home Depot, Dkt. 434
Review of latest site plan deferred until next meeting.

The following applications were approved:
- Ace Janitorial Supply, 164 Franklin Turnpike
- Executive Binding Systems, 330 Franklin Turnpike
- Video Store, 115 Franklin Turnpike
- Ladies Workout Express, 115 Franklin Turnpike

Letter to Administrative Officer:
“The following soil movement permit applications were reviewed by the Environmental Commission on August 28, 2002. Comments are listed below.

Ron & Elyse Jonas, 68 Bellgrove Drive, Bl. 109, Lot 116, E-BD-216-1374, dated 8/16/02 – approved.
Leonard & Judith Lubrano, 90 Vanderbeck Lane, Bl. 161, Lot 8, E-BD-216-1371, dated 8/15/02. We do not have a tree count. Please have applicant submit a completed tree preservation form.
Note #12 on the plan indicates that there are no wetlands. It appears half of the property is wetlands. If this is approved, all transition area boundaries must be marked with orange snow fence.
Empire Dev. LLC, 15 Patrick Brem Court, Bl. 21.05, Lot 33, E-BD-216-239-340, dated 8/15/02.
We assume there are no trees on this lot, as no tree count was provided.
Joseph Destro, 22 Patrick Brem Court, Bl. 21.09, Lot 6, E-BD-216-239-341, dated 8/16/02. We note that there will be 8 replacement trees. The replacement trees used should be deciduous trees. Conifers may be used to fulfill a portion of the tree replacement requirement. White pines are not an acceptable replacement trees. The applicant is reminded that future street tree plantings by Darlington Associates should be kept under consideration when completing the landscaping plan.
Soil application – approved.
Gerard & Sharon Vinci, 63 Lehmann St., Bl. 159, Lot 22, E-BD-216-1372, dated 8/15/02. We approve this application with one replacement tree. When selecting a maple, please keep in mind we do not recommend Norway maple.
Chris Cipriano, 77 Vanderbeck Lane, Bl. 160, Lot 16, E-BD-216-1349, amended 8/20/02.
We approve this application with three replacement trees. When selecting a maple, please keep in mind we do not recommend Norway maple.
Jean-Paul & Renee Sluszniak, 1 Maple Road, Bl. 4, Lots 15 & 16, dated 8/21/02. Please have the applicant submit a tree count on a completed tree preservation form.”

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

The next meeting is Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 300B Route 17 South, Mahwah, N.J.

J. DeWan

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