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JUNE 6, 2002

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Health of the Township of Mahwah, held at the Municipal Offices, 300B Route 17 South, Mahwah NJ, was called to order at 8:02 PM by Vice President Patricia Spiech. The Opening Statement was read according to the Sunshine Law and was followed by Roll Call.

PRESENT: Mrs. Spiech

Mr. LaMontagne

Mrs. Giegerich

Mr. Harris

Mr. Wasson

Absent: Mrs. DeSilva

Dr. Harrison

Mr. Romans, Attorney
Mr. Hopper, Health Officer
Mr. Ostrow, REHS
Mrs. Hallissey, Secretary


Moved by Mrs. Giegerich, seconded by Mr. Wasson that the minutes of the regular meeting of May 2nd be approved.

There being no questions or discussion the minutes of the

May meeting were approved by all present.


Mrs. Giegerich inquired about Scherer's Store. Mr. Ostrow explained that Scherer's Liquor Store has now relocated back to

Miller Road. A deli will also open at Miller Road and will be
separate from the Liquor Store.

Mrs. Giegerich commented that the Health Department covers a lot of activities in a month.

Mrs. Spiech asked about Ramapo College. Mr. Hopper explained that the heating element fell from the ceiling over the pool and the pool was closed until repairs are completed.

Mr. Wasson asked how the Health Department could keep track of the
ice cream trucks coming into town. Mr. Ostrow explained that it was difficult; however, one of the licensed vendors will notify us
if they see a truck in town that is not licensed by us.

Mr. LaMontagne asked why there was no rating comment for "spot check" inspection. Mr. Hopper explained that there is no rating issued on "spot check" inspections.

Mrs. Spiech inquired about the high school cafeteria status and if any upgrades have been done.

Moved by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mr. LaMontagne that the Health Activities Report be approved.

There being no further discussion or questions the Health

Activities Report was approved.


Mrs. Spiech had concerns regarding the Indian Point Nuclear Plant. Mr. Hopper and Mr. Ostrow attended a seminar at the Police and Fire Academy in Mahwah which was organized by

Mahwah's Emergency Management personnel. It was determined that a ten mile evacuation zone would be sufficient. Mahwah is approximately fifteen miles from the plant. A representative from the facility spoke on the safety of the facility and reinforced the ten mile evacuation decision.

Mr. Wasson asked about the new procedures for obtaining certified
copies of vital records. State mandated uniform procedures will be used to help prevent identity fraud.

Mrs. Spiech inquired about the two horses buried on private property. Mr. Hopper explained that burial of animals is permitted. This is not covered in our Sanitary Code.

Mr. Wasson asked about the disease outbreak in Rockland County.

Mr. Hopper explained that there was a number of cases of E-Coli 0157-H7 in the Monsey area. Mr. Ostrow said one case was possibly from a food source and passed by hand to mouth contact.

Mrs. Spiech reminded the members that the next Board of Health Meeting will be July 18th.

Mr. Hopper said the continuation of the Hearing for Dean Gas will be held at the July 18th meeting as the attorney for Dean Gas was
not available to attend tonight's meeting.

Mr. Wasson asked about the Tobacco Age of Sale "Sting" with regard to proof of age. Mr. Ostrow explained that the law states that any person under the age of twenty-seven must be proofed.

Mr. Wasson also asked if the owner was responsible for fake ID.

If the fake ID cannot be detected, the owner is not responsible.

Moved by Mr. LaMontagne, seconded by Mrs. Giegerich that the Health Officer’s Report be approved.

There being no further discussion or questions the Health Officer’s Report was approved.


Moved by Mr. Harris, seconded by Mrs. Giegerich, the bills for May were approved.


No report.


No report.


Mr. Romans commented on the Hackensack Newsletter regarding the Tobacco Age of Sale Enforcement program.

Mr. Romans discussed his correspondence to the Board regarding recommendations to improve communication between local Health Departments and Tobacco Sales Licensing Division.

Mr. Romans will compile some recommendations and review with
Mr. Hopper and Mr. Ostrow and present them at a Board Meeting
within the next month or two. He also recommends that we work on
amending our Tobacco Ordinance so that a violation of State law
would be a violation of our ordinance therefore we could recommend suspension of the retail food license. Mr. Hopper suggested Mr. Romans prepare an amended Board of Health Ordinance.

Mr. LaMontagne asked who controlled areas where smoking is permitted or prohibited such as in restaurants. Mr. Hopper explained that this was controlled by NJ State Laws which does not prohibit smoking in restaurants but requires signs be posted that they do or do not offer smoking or non-smoking areas.


1) Bergen Community Health Care quarterly report.

Mr. Harris asked about the Scrubby the Bear Program. Mr. Hopper explained that this was a hand washing education program used primarily in Nursery Schools. We used this program during the shigella outbreak two years ago.

Mrs. Spiech asked if AIDS was on the rise or decline in the Township of Mahwah. Mr. Hopper said it is hard to say as the number of cases in one individual municipality is not statistically significant. In general, it is about the same, possibly slightly improved. He also said that TB is on the rise and that two-thirds of the cases are foreign born persons.

2) All other correspondence was previously discussed.


No report.


a) Resolution #02-4 - Reappointment of Thomas J. Romans, Esq., Attorney for the Board of Health

Introduced by: Donald Wasson

Seconded by: Robert LaMontagne

Roll Call: 5 ayes, 2 absent

b) Resolution #02-5 - Salary Ordinance -- on introduction

Introduced by: Sydney Harris

Seconded by: Patricia Giegerich

Roll Call: 5 ayes, 2 absent


As there was no further comments from the public, and no
further business, a motion to adjourn at 9:00 PM was made by
Mr. LaMontagne, seconded by Mr. Harris, and agreed by all present.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2002.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerry Hallissey


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