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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Chairman, Dr. Bernard F. Ross, who read the Open Public Meetings Act Statement prescribed by law, called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M. Notice of the meeting was published in the Ridgewood News on May 24, 2001, posted in the Township Hall and filed in the Township Clerk’s office.

Minutes of the meeting are available from the Township Clerk, the Secretary of the Housing Commission and the Municipal Web Site upon adoption by the Commission.

Salute To the Flag.

Present: Martel, Plicinski, Raiz, Ross and Snyder.

Absent: Calandrillo, Brotherton

Snyder made the motion to approve the minutes of the May 21, 2002 Housing Commission meeting. Plicinski seconded. Motion passed

On a motion by Plicinski, seconded by Snyder, Ross moved up item 8-a, on the agenda unfinished business, Norfolk Village rental increase. Motion carried.

Ross read letters from Raiz to Norfolk Village Manager and the response from the Manager, agreeing to reduce the rental increase from 6.3% to 5.72% for Tier 1 for 2002. Tier 2 and 3 will increase by 5.70% for 2002. Twenty-one residents of Norfolk Village were present. Ross explained the increases are limited to the approved figures received by NJHMF from HUD for units constructed under the low income housing tax credits. A 2000 Court Order provides that annual rent increases shall be calculated based on the annual percentage increase in the NJHMF/HUD index.

Cynthia Postiglione, 1201 Norfolk Road, expressed her displeasure with the yearly rental increase.

Julie Smith, 1201 Norfolk Road, asked the Commission to address officials in Trenton to consider changing the present laws for seniors on fixed incomes in rental units.

Dorothy Schell, 1201 Norfolk Road, feels it is unfair of K. Hovnanian management to compare other rental units in northern Bergen County with Norfolk Village, a building devoted to seniors on fixed incomes.

Kathleen Curran, 1201 Norfolk Road, inquired about the Tier structure. Raiz explained the Tiers and income brackets.

Florence Miller, 1201 Norfolk Road, questioned when the reduction from 6.3% to 5.72% became effective. Ross stated Barbuto, on-site manager, submitted his a letter to the Township this afternoon. Barbuto will contact tenants affected by the decrease.

Margaret Raedy, 1201 Norfolk Road, asked why it is necessary for tenants to show proof of income on a yearly basis. Ross explained income must be evaluated on a yearly basis for lease renewal.

John Kelly, 230 Miller Road, his understanding of what he is hearing is that the intent of the original law for Senior Affordable Housing doesn’t seem to be providing the benefit.

Martel asked Business Administrator Campion to contact the Township Attorney to request a meeting with State officials governing this subject and to schedule a hearing.

On a motion by Snyder, seconded by Raiz the public portion was closed. Motion carried.


Correspondence was reviewed.

Housing Manager’s Reports

Report A – Seven units have sales pending. Two units are shown for rent; one unit has a household interested.

Report B – Violations - 735 Pepperidge Court, scheduled for a Change of Venue. 2124 Hawthorne Lane has been rescheduled for a Municipal Court appearance on July 16, 2002.

Report C – Pending Foreclosures- owner of unit scheduled for Sheriff’s Sale filed bankruptcy - unit was not foreclosed.

Report D – A motion to recover excess funds on the foreclosed unit will be filed by Tamayne.

Tamayne is drafting a letter, which will be sent by the Affordable Housing Dept. to all lending institutions on record, making them aware the Township must be notified of any pending foreclosures.

Report E – Development Fees- account balance $439,952.36.

New Business

Meeting schedule for 2002-2003 was reviewed. Raiz made a motion to cancel the August 20, 2002 meeting. Plicinski seconded. Motion approved.

Being no further business Plicinski made the motion for adjournment at 9:25P.M. Raiz made the second. Motion approved. The next scheduled Housing Commission is Tuesday, July 16, 2002.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Reed
Recording Secretary

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