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The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by Chairman Drew Baumgardt. Members in
attendance were Todd Cochran, Jean Lascar, Julia Smith and Monica Ullrich. Gary Payton, a
member of the Saddle River Lions Club and Council candidate, also attended. The flag salute was
followed by the Sunshine Law announcement. On a motion by Jean Lascar, seconded by Julia
Smith, the meeting minutes of February 27, 2002 were approved. All in favor, motion carried.

Meet the Bunny went well for those who attended. Next year we will have the gazebo in the new
park and can try there. The covered pavilion would come in handy for inclement weather. Also,
next year have the HS Volunteer Club here at 11:30 AM for 1 PM start. Homewood Suites had
10 AM breakfast with the bunny, which required registration. Our age group is infants through
about age eight. Monica will order stuff other than bunnies for next year.

Adult Softball list is ready, Drew will update mailing list. Forms should be mailed the first week
of May. Next year we will have more flexibility with fields, but there is plenty of demand already
to expand sports once fields are ready. Drew has the list of shirt colors, and we need catcher's
masks and equipment bags. There were complaints from several men last year about the balls
being too soft.

Summer Rec has a new A&C teacher and nurse for Big Rec. The schedule is tight due to 7/1
start. The BOE will take the entire maintenance and custodial staffs in August for the new
school. Applications will be available in three weeks as scheduled. All items have been ordered.
MHS head custodian will be moving to the new school. Mike Rocco and George and Brian
Polster will be employed again this year.

Spring Sports Parade is Saturday 5/4, from BRS to CPS, 10 AM kickoff. Juice & hotdogs will be
given away courtesy of the Sports Boosters.

Movie Nights are on the calendar.

New fields were discussed. There were nine bidders for the building at the 202 site, bid opening
held 3/26 at MB. Site work bid opening is scheduled for 4/2, completion date has been moved
back from 9/1 to 10/15, which effectively makes it usable next spring. Start of work remains
May, 2002. Once they get some clearing done we will need to be involved in the ribbon cutting.
We need to have updated park regulations in place way before the opening. We do not want the
field to become known as The 202 Field, and with the rich Indian history of the area, the fact that
it abuts Indian land and to avoid another Ramapo anything, our name choice is Lunapee Park on
the River. GP asked at Planning Board meeting about residents only, or field use by permit only
and if Green Acres funding means anything on the inventory. Drew will memo Campion re: the
sign and status of Green Acres funded projects.
Airmont is progressing well. Andy H. has experience with this. The field has been moved a bit,
to lessen reliance on retaining walls. Using artificial turf will allow the field to be used one year
earlier, and will require less maintenance. Drought, fertilizers and pesticides are a problem with
sod. Bathroom addition will be discussed, Andy has spoken to Peter Cooper. We want to
maintain the residential character of the neighborhood, and a free standing unit down 150' would
be out of place as well as add immeasurable expense. Airmont Park is our name choice.

FYI, Clifton opens their roller park at noon on Thursday.

Fishing Contest at Silver Creek is Sat 5/25, the day JL leaves for OK. Musky Fish Hatchery is the
only private hatchery in the state of NJ. There was an article in The Record about them, and
problems due to the drought. Monica will call for price sheet.

Memorial Day Parade is Monday, 5/27. Marchers line up at IHM Church, vehicles at Co#2 Fire.
Parade kicks off at 10 AM.

New Business: Jean said the CP restrooms were vandalized on Mon 3/25, when school was
closed due to rain.

GP said the Lions would participate in Mahwah Day again, and if we ever need candy to let him

Monica had a call from Gus of Garden State Fireworks, he will call again in June.

Drew will memo the Mayor re: expiring terms for Westa, Bruce, Julia and Monica.

Northern Business sent contract renewal, they need copy number with it (15036).

D. Storms wants most recent minutes for web site, it will be operational by 4/2.

M. Crescitelli is looking for a pool application for Emerson Westwood which was delivered here.

On a motion by Julia Smith, seconded by Todd Cochran, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.
All in favor, motion carried. The next meeting is scheduled for April 17, 2002 at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Monica Ullrich
Vice Chairman

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