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The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by chairman Drew Baumgardt. Members in attendance were Todd Cochran, Westa Hannafin, Jean Lascar, Julia Smith and Monica Ullrich.

The flag salute was followed by the Sunshine Law announcement. On a motion by Westa Hannafin, seconded by Julia Smith, the meeting minutes of January 23, 2002 were approved. All in favor, motion carried.

Meet the Bunny in the Winter Park gazebo will be Saturday, 3/23 at 1 PM. We will meet here at 11 AM. Monica will check film and supplies and call Laurie. Westa will contact Laura K re the volunteer club. Drew will check on the status of the barn and will bring items here from MHS.

Summer Rec needs an A&Cs teacher, Karen may have someone. Sheila Ryan will not be at JK this year, Westa is working on a replacement. Westa said that due to the starting pay of $4.50, we have trouble getting quality counselors. We need them to commit up-front, and if they can get a better paying job they will take it. By law, they need to be at $5.25 after 90 days, and that is our second year payrate. Can we start them at $5? We have a range for counselors, so the salary ordinance is ok. Karen and MJ should be included in any pay discussions. We do not want to make exceptions to the rules. Westa needs a copy of the pay schedule. Monica will get a new tax form W-4 and check last year's total deposits.

Over 50 and adult softball: Drew attended an over-50 meeting in Ramsey, their season begins 4/21. Pitcher Warren L. had knee surgery today at Hackensack. Jean has updated the mailing list for residential softball and has info on the phone message. She will pick shirt colors and give Drew a list of over-50. Monica will update the registration forms. Last year we had 8/4 teams, and expect the same this year.

Senior Advisory meeting: Julia discussed the survey being done, and said one was done in 1999.
It has a list of activities for seniors to check off, and will be published in the spring news letter.
BA has a plan that Recreation Director will handle the senior center. Different towns have various way to handle the youngsters vs seniors vs other activities. If seniors do not use the facility at night, many scout or sports groups will want it. Tenafly has all their municipal buildings in one spot, and the Rec is staffed 3-7 PM w/days, 3-10 PM w/ends. If we have a facility, it will be used. Seniors now meet twice monthly at the Elk's for lunch and bingo, and take several trips each year, but destination does not change.

The DARE rink at the pool will be starting up again.

Concert series will be held at the public library again this year. We received paperwork from Denise Laude. Monica spoke to her, said we need to wait until the budget is passed, as we do with Safe Graduation.

On a motion by Drew Baumgardt, seconded by Julia Smith, the meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM. All in favor, motion carried. The next meeting is scheduled for March 27, 2002 at 7:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Monica Ullrich
Vice Chairman

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