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Movie Day At the Senior Activity Center
Release Date: June 21, 2017

Movie Day



THursday, June 29th

12:00 pm




Tom Sherbourne, a traumatized and withdrawn hero of World War I, is hired as a lightkeeper at Janus Rock, a lighthouse off the coast of Western Australia. He falls in love with a local girl, Isabel Graysmark, and they marry in 1921. Isabel loses two pregnancies in three years, and fears she may never become a mother.

Shortly after Isabel's second miscarriage, a rowboat containing a dead man and a newborn baby girl washes up on the shore near the lighthouse. Tom knows that regulations require him to report the discovery. However, Isabel fears that the baby will almost certainly be sent to an orphanage, and persuades Tom to pass the baby off as their own. Tom grudgingly agrees. He buries the man on the island and they name the girl Lucy.

As Tom and Isabel are about to have Lucy christened on the mainland, Tom sees a woman, Hannah Roennfeldt, kneeling in front of a grave, bearing the names of Frank Roennfeldt and his baby daughter Grace Ellen, who were lost at sea on the day they found Lucy, 26 April 1923. Tom fears that Lucy might very well be Hannah's missing daughter. He writes anonymously to her to tell her that her husband is dead but that her baby is safe and well cared-for.

Four years later, Tom, Isabel, and Lucy, who have enjoyed an idyllic life together, attend a ceremony for the anniversary of Tom's lighthouse, and they strike up a conversation with Hannah and her sister, Gwen Potts. They learn that Frank was a German native, and had been accosted in the street by a drunken crowd. He jumped into a rowboat and fled along with his baby daughter. Tormented by his conscience, Tom sends Hannah a small rattle that was found with Lucy on the boat. One of Tom's co-workers recognizes the rattle on a reward poster, and reports him to the police.

Tom takes full responsibility, claiming he bullied Isabel into complying. Isabel is enraged that Tom is willing to give Lucy away, and breaks off contact with him after his arrest. Lucy is returned to her birth family, but initially rejects and hates them, having no memory of them. She refuses to answer to "Grace", and even runs away in an effort to go back to the lighthouse.

The police accuse Tom of murdering Frank, and are unable to draw an answer from the distraught Isabel as to whether he was dead when they discovered him. Just as Tom is about to be taken to Albany for trial, Isabel reads a letter which Tom had sent her, writing of how he had not deserved his happiness with her and how carrying the blame will assuage his guilt for surviving the war. She jumps on the boat and confesses everything. Moved by their gesture, Hannah offers to speak on their behalf at trial. Lucy has at last begun to bond with her natural mother and grandfather, who agrees to call her "Lucy-Grace" as a compromise.

In 1950, an adult Lucy-Grace Rutherford, accompanied by her baby son Christopher, tracks Tom down. She has not been in contact with the Sherbournes for over twenty years, as they had agreed not to contact her for the rest of her childhood. Isabel has recently died, still tormented with guilt for her actions, and Tom gives Lucy-Grace a letter that she wrote for her in case she ever made contact. An emotional Lucy-Grace thanks Tom, the only father she knew, for rescuing and raising her for the few years on Janus, and they promise to stay in touch.

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July 2017 Calendar  (6-26-17)
June 26 Planning Board Meeting Cancelled  (6-23-17)
Recycling Barrel GIve Away - July 15  (6-23-17)
A Message From the Mahwah Municipal Pool  (6-21-17)
Movie Day At the Senior Activity Center  (6-21-17)
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Sr. Center - Bergen County Clerk's Office to Provide Services  (6-21-17)
Sr. Center - Visit From The Vista  (6-21-17)
Crescent Avenue Closed on or about June 26.  (6-13-17)
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Water Report - Lead and Copper Samples  (5-8-17)
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Joint Statement of Mayor and Council President  (4-24-17)
Adult Tennis Clinic Registration  (4-21-17)
2017 Budget Analysis  (4-20-17)
Co-Ed Township Softball Tournament  (4-18-17)
2017 Mahwah Pool Forms Available  (4-12-17)
Changes in Recycling Center Hours  (4-11-17)
Curbside Appliance Pick Up  (3-31-17)
Spring Clean Up Information - Grass Bags  (3-30-17)
2017 Budget Documents (Introduced)  (3-27-17)
NJ Transit Metro North Fare Changes  (3-9-17)
MMA Announces Substance Abuse Community Liaison  (3-6-17)
Correct Disposal of "Sharps"  (3-1-17)
Jazz Dance - Message from the Senior Center  (2-22-17)
Rockland Electric Co. - Vegetation Management  (2-16-17)
2016 Annual Debt Statement  (2-14-17)
2016 Unaudited Annual Financial Statement  (2-14-17)
New Dance Class  (1-5-17)
AARP Tax Program  (1-4-17)
Senior Fraud Awareness  (12-13-16)
2017 BCUA Collection Dates  (12-9-16)
Menorah Lighting  (11-22-16)
Environmental Commission Meeting - October 26, 2016  (10-21-16)
How To Prevent Electrical Fires  (10-14-16)
Building Department Permits  (10-11-16)
2016 Fall Newsletter  (9-22-16)
Drinking Water Clarification  (9-22-16)
2015 Audit Report  (6-9-16)
2016 Consumer Confidence Report  (5-26-16)
2016 Municipal Budget Document (Adopted)  (5-4-16)
2016 User Friendly Budget (Adopted)  (5-4-16)
Budget Analysis - 2016  (4-22-16)
Senior Center Lunch / Dance  (4-21-16)
A Message From PSE&G  (4-19-16)
Municipal Budget - 2016 Introduced  (4-4-16)
User Friendly Budget  (4-1-16)
MEVO Volunteer and Summer Internship Opportunities  (3-11-16)
Township of Mahwah 2015 User Friendly Budget  (3-3-16)
2015 Annual Debt Statement  (2-29-16)
2015 Annual Financial Statement  (2-29-16)
It's Tax Time!  (1-28-16)
BCUA 2016 Recycling and Paper Shredding Events  (12-9-15)
2016 Mahwah Recycling Chart and Schedules  (10-26-15)
2013 Adopted Budget  (9-23-15)
Updated Water Restriction Alert  (9-9-15)
Water Restrictions Alert  (9-1-15)
Township of Mahwah Master Plan  (6-19-15)
2015 Consumer Confidence Report  (6-9-15)
2015 Adopted Budget  (5-27-15)
Township of Mahwah 2014 Audit Report  (5-7-15)
2015 Budget Analysis  (4-17-15)
2014 Annual Debt Statement  (2-12-15)
2014 Annual Financial Statement  (2-12-15)
Exciting News From MEVO  (11-20-14)
The Mahwah Pool Survey  (7-22-14)
Township of Mahwah 2013 Annual Debt Statement  (7-17-14)
Township of Mahwah 2013 Annual Financial Statement  (7-17-14)
Township of Mahwah 2013 Audit Report  (7-17-14)
Township of Mahwah-2013 Secondary Market Disclosure  (7-17-14)
Bergen County Survey  (7-15-14)
2014 Consumer Confidence Report  (6-24-14)
2014 Township of Mahwah Adopted Budget  (6-5-14)
2014 Budget Analysis  (4-21-14)
2013 Annual Financial Statement  (4-15-14)
2012 Audit Report  (8-7-13)
Use of Municipal Building  (6-10-13)
2011-Audit Report  (8-30-12)
Annual Financial Statement-2011  (8-30-12)
2010 TOWNSHIP BUDGET  (8-28-12)
2011 BUDGET  (8-28-12)
2012 Adopted Budget  (8-28-12)
Introduced 2012 Township of Mahwah Budget  (3-19-12)
Email Subscription List  (10-25-11)
SWIFT 911  (9-12-11)
2011 Adopted Municipal Budget  (7-27-11)
Pothole Reporting  (4-13-11)
Large Appliance Early Retirement Program  (3-29-10)
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