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November 6, 2006 MINUTES

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. 

SUNSHINE STATEMENT: The Chair read the Sunshine Statement.


PRESENT                               ABSENT

Lynn Ballerini, Chair                 Kenneth Cerullo

Thomas Thornton                       Gus Vasiliadis                                             

Carol Greene                                                                Barbara Shanley                                  

John Bristow                                                               

Marthajean Drago

Attorney: Nilufer Descherer, not present

Salute to the Flag:

Public Session

Mr. Bristow moved to open the Public Session and Mr. Thornton seconded the motion.  All approved.

The Chair recognized Mr. John Bolkema, 1064 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, work 201-891-1000.  Mr. Bolkema told the Commission that he is under contract with the Thomas Decker house, on Fyke Road and that he plans on maintaining the historic significance of the home.  Mr. Bolkema asked the Commission for any assistance they could give him on obtaining history of the property.  Mrs. Ballerine will prepare, for Mr. Bolkema, a binder containing information about the Thomas Decker house and contact names on how they can obtain possible available grants for historic homes.  Mr. Thornton gave Mr. Bolkema a copy of the HPC’s Historic Homes Guidelines and told Mr. Bolkema that the HPC is concerned with the exterior of the house and is more that happy to work with Mr. Bolkema with any questions he may have.  Mr. Bolkema also asked if the Commission was aware of any barns that need to be adopted.  He would like to put a barn up instead of a garage.  The Commission thanked Mr. Bolkema for sharing his ideas with the them and offered their guidance and input on any questions he may have as he is restoring the property.

The Chair recognized Mr. Bruce Whitaker, Esq. who was representing the SMS Developers regarding the proposed street name.  Mr. Whitaker informed the Commission and Mr. Bolkema that Peter Montebano, has a development in Ramsey on South Central with a barn on it and is looking to find a home for the barn.  He suggested that Mr. Bolkema give him a call. 

Mr. Thornton moved to close the Public Session and Mr. Bristow seconded the motion.  All approved. Public Session closed at 8:00 p.m.

Street Names:

SMS Developers, Docket 488 Street Name.  Mrs. Drago moved to approve Heritage Lane and Mrs. Greene seconded the motion.  Mr. Whitaker reported that he when he submitted the name he had already checked to make sure that the name had not already been taken.  All approved the motion.

Vote: 5 yes, 0 no.  Bristow, yes; Drago, yes; Greene, yes; Thornton, yes; Ballerini, yes.

Mr. Whitaker also reported to the Commission that the rock wall along the south property line, which the Commission was concerned about, is an intrical part of the storm water detention system and must be preserved, maintained and repaired.  This will be part of the deed restriction for this development.   The Commission thanked Mr. Whitaker for sharing this information with them.

New Business:

NJDEP Block 1 Lot 159.01 (111 Midvale Mountain Rd) Highlands Exemption, no comment.

NJDEP Block 19, Lots 6 Lake Henry Bank Stabilization at Pedestrian Bridge., no comment.

NJDEP Block 152, Lots 95.02 7 Donner Court, no comment

NJDEP 23  Stag Hill Road, no comment

NJDEP Block 10, Lots 26 & 27 (47 Pine Hill Road), no comment

NJDEP Block 1, Lot 130.01 & 131,  Block 17, Lot 23 and Block 1, Lot 1, Halifax Rd. Ramapo River Bridge Replacement, no comment.

Eagle Scout Project: No update.

Historic Road Marker:  Mrs. Drago reported that she will obtain quotes for the marker and write the text for the historic road marker, at the Westervelt Hoosey house on the corner of Airmount and Masonicus, and the Ackerman farmhouse at the corner of Wyckoff and Forest.

Street Names:

Airmont Acres, LLC Docket 481F.  The secretary reported that the Township Council accepted Hummingbird Court.


KKTT Restaurant Corp. (T/A Roxanne’s) Docket 459A Amended Site Plan & Sign.

Let the minutes reflect that after a thorough review of Docket 459A KKTT Restaurant Mr. Thornton moved to deny Docket 459A stating that in as much as the 2003 Construction removed the historic appearance of this house, the HPC does not approve a new glass enclosure on the existing patio as an “historic” addition to the current structure.  The HPC also does not believe that a free-standing pylon sign is appropriate for this historic site and does not approve.  Mrs. Drago seconded the motion.  All approved the denial.

Vote: 5 yes, 0 no.  Bristow, yes; Drago, yes; Greene, yes; Thornton, yes; Ballerini, yes.

Roman Catholic Archdiocise of Newark Cemeteries, Docket #501 Revised prel & Final Site Plan, Bl 22, Lots 1,3 & 8.

Let the minutes reflect that after a thorough review of Docket 501, Mr. Bristow moved to approved Docket 501 with no comment, and Mrs. Drago seconded the motion.

Vote: 5 yes, 0 no.  Bristow, yes; Drago, yes; Greene, yes; Thornton, yes; Ballerini, yes.


124 Lawrence Road, Block 73, Lot 1.  The secretary reported that the applicant came to see her regarding this application and she told him that he needed to apply for the demolition application with the Construction Official before the HPC could act on the application.  The secretary checked with the Construction Department and the applicant has not applied for a demolition application for 124 Lawrence Road as of November 6, 2006.

Let the minutes reflect that after a thorough review of Demolition Application 59 Chapel Road, Mrs. Shanley moved to approve this application with no comment and Mr. Bristow seconded the motion.  All approved.

Vote 7 yes 0 no; Drago, yes; Bristow, yes; Cerullo, yes; Shanley, yes; Vasiliadis, yes; Greene, yes; Ballerini, yes.


Mr. Cerullo moved to close the meeting and Mrs. Shanley seconded the motion.  All approved.  The meeting closed at 9:05 p.m.

These minutes are a synopsis of the MHPC tapes, which are on file at the Township Hall.


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