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February 22, 2006

The meeting of the Environmental Commission was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by John Brotherton, Chairman. The Opening Statement was made. Roll call was taken.

Present: J. Brotherton
D. Daehnke
S. Golz
C. Phiefer
J. Spiech
D. Wenger
J. DeWan (secretary)

Absent: K. LaGreca

The Minutes of the meeting held February 8, 2006 were accepted as submitted.

Location of orientation map sign Don Wenger had placed a stake in the ground before the snow storm last week. It was decided it should be moved closer to the parking lot so that it would be seen easier from a distance.

Review of revised sign We received draft #3 of sign 1. A few slight changes were discussed, such as changing the bird to gold finch, make the squirrel grey (not orange) and the suggestion of adding a deer. The color scheme of the sign was also discussed. J. DeWan pointed out that the same colors were slightly varied when different printers were used. We also looked at the sign on the computer screen. It was decided that John Brotherton would go see Maja Britton in person to discuss the changes and colors to be used in the background. Visiting her in person will allow him to view the exact colors.

Printing information
Susan Golz discussed the printing of the sign. All we need is the graphics information on a PDF file to give to the printer.

Ideas for new signs presented Susan Golz presented her conceptual idea for the reverse of the sign which was on the ecosystem and its relation to areas around it, specifically the Passaic River watershed.
She also presented an interpretive sign, which might be used down on the main path around the lake. This sign told about the Highlands Region. It included a map, photos and an interpretive explanation. This would be an 18” x 24” sign. John Brotherton will deliver Susan’s samples of the signs to Maja Britton.

Distance around lake J. Spiech was unable to borrow a wheel to measure the distance. He will do so in the next few days. Mileage is part of information for Maja Britton to be included on Sign 1.

Other items
The Mahwah Beautification Committee is sponsoring two clean up days in April. One will be at Continental Soldiers Park on April 1st.

Susan Golz is interested in contacting the schools about water testing. The Environmental Commission has the water testing kits. This could be done in conjunction with World Water Monitoring Day.

The Commission approved an application for Beach Contractors, LLC at 12 Mountainside Ave., business office for contractor.

Macarthur Ridge, LLC, Dkt. 451A

Memo to Administrative Officer
Re: Pine Hill Estates, LLC, 47 Pine Hill Road, Bl. 10, Lot 26, 27
E-BD-216-1912, dated 2/21/06
“The tree information on the map is not detailed enough. According to the tree preservation application, thirty-three trees will be removed. In that case the number of replacement trees required is nine. These should be native deciduous trees, such as oak, hickory and maple (no Norway maple).”

Martino, 172 Deerhaven Road We received a DEP letter on the subject property, outlining the specifics of the replanting plan.

The Recreation Committee joined us along with Stanley Spiech, Keith Hallissey and Ed Sinclair of DPW. They were given a report on the progress of the signs for Lake Henry Trail. They were shown the latest revision of the first sign and the conceptual ideas created by Susan Golz for the watershed and the Highlands Region. All were pleased with the project as presented. Monica Ullrich, Recreation Chairperson, stated that the DPW has funds in its budget to add a bench or two along the Lake Henry Trail. John Spiech mentioned to be sure to put the benches in a “non-flood” area. DPW is available to make basic signs, such as directional signs, remove any trash, etc.
The location of the main orientation map sign should be ten feet back from the edge of the pavement (to allow room for snow plowing).
Carol Phiefer gave Monica Ullrich a catalog of playground equipment and accessories. The company carries a tent-like canopy which can be used as a shade cover over a confined playground area.

Received various agendas and minutes.
J. Brotherton mentioned an NRI (Natural Resource Inventory) and Addendum were sold.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m. The next meeting of the Environmental Commission will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J.

J. DeWan

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