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November 9, 2005

The meeting of the Environmental Commission was called to order by John Brotherton, Chairman at 7:30 p.m. The Opening statement was read. Roll call was taken.

Present: J. Brotherton
S. Golz
K. LaGreca
C. Phiefer
J. Spiech (arrived 8:30)

Absent: D. Wenger
J. DeWan (secretary)
One vacant seat.

Frasco Homes, Dkt. 493
Minor Subdivision - Approved.

Vista Bahn, Phase II
Review of site plan deferred until the next meeting.

Viecore, Inc. 1111 Macarthur Blvd., software development - approved.

Memo to Administrative Officer:
“The following applications were reviewed by the Environmental Commission at its last meeting. Comments are listed below.
Policastro Properties/Marianne Cassidy 35 Masonicus Road, Bl. 123, Lot 9.01, E-BD-216-1813
Policastro Properties/Marianne Cassidy 43 Masonicus Road, Bl. 123, Lot 9.02, E-BD-216-1814
We reviewed letters from Conklin Associates dated November 1, 2005 on both properties. While we note the tree removal and replacement is listed on the plan, under general notes #15, we don’t actually have the tree preservation form which should be part of the completed soil movement application. We would appreciate receiving it.

Mahwah Three Associates 25 Mountain Avenue, Bl. 471, Lot 34.01, E-BD-216-1135, amended 8/26/05. We approve this application, however, we are not sure that our question (memo of 9/19/05) was addressed about possible tree removal in the easement.

Empire Development LLC 51 Crocker Mansion Drive, Bl. 21.07, Lot 16.01, E-BD-216-239-400, dated 11/3/05. This application is approved. We note that 56 trees will be removed and there will be 14 replacement trees (Maple, Oaks and Zelkova – native deciduous trees).

Franklin Turnpike Construction, LLC 707 Ramapo Valley Road, Dkt. 487, E-BD-216-1881, dated 10/31/05. This application is approved. We note that 96 trees will be removed and there will be 24 replacement trees (Maples, Ash and Oaks – native deciduous trees.

Robert Corcoran 114 Fardale Avenue, Bl. 162, Lot 229.07, E-BD-216-1500-4, dated 10/18/05. This application is approved. We note there will be one tree removed which will be replaced by one Sugar Maple.”

Recreation Committee members Julia Smith, Ward Donigian and Monica Ullrich attended to discuss the signs. Susan Golz explained the interpretive signs and tree markers which have been designed for the trail. According to the grant agreement, a report must be submitted in January 2006 and the work completed by June 2006.

It was brought up that the trail needs to have the name designated officially by Council resolution. John Spiech will ask Township Clerk to place the topic on a Council agenda. We will ask for the trail to be officially named: LAKE HENRY TRIAL.

Trees at the park were also discussed. Additional trees would be nice at the entrance (near the old wishing well which was originally on the property). The need for shade around the tot lot was mentioned. It would take years for new trees to be large enough to provide shade for the area. One suggestion was to construct some find of cover which would provide shade.

The tree reserve (tree bank) would be a source of funds for new trees. Nothing definite was decided.

Airmont Avenue recreation property: Also discussed the possibility of the Council separating the little house from the main piece of property. Recreation Committee is not in favor of this and they asked for the Environmental Commission to support them in their position that the town should keep the house.

Reviewed letter and maps for Meadowlake Drive lots – to file.

Received copy of tree removal ordinance from Ringwood.

The next meeting of the Environmental Commission will be held on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J.

These minutes were prepared by notes taken by John Brotherton.

J. DeWan

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