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The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM by Council Vice President DiGiulio who read the Open Public Meeting Act Statement as prescribed by law. Notice was advertised in The Record on January 6, 2006 and January 25, 2006 stating this meeting would be held on Wednesday, February 1, 2006 at 7:30PM at the Municipal Offices at 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey.

Notice of this meeting is posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. The minutes of this meeting shall be available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Salute to the Flag.

Present: Councilmembers Alderisio, Calandrillo, DiGiulio, Kelly at 7:38PM, Paton, Richter and Roth

Also present were the Mayor Richard J. Martel at 7:40PM, Business Administrator Brian Campion, and Deputy Municipal Clerk Janis Fox.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Alderisio, the meeting was open to the public at 7:33PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Richter, the meeting was closed to the public at 7:33PM All in favor. Motion carried.

Kelly explained Council looks at the Budget compared to last year’s request and last year’s usage. He stated there may be a need to call a Department back. At the conclusion of the discussion, Council will take a Straw Poll Vote to determine the sense of the Council Budget as a whole or individual line item.

Ms. Mara Winokur, Zoning Officer, was present.

Ms. Winokur presented a general overview of the Planning and Zoning Department’s 2006 Budget. Ms. Winokur stated her Budget remains consistent with the proposed Budget for 2005.

Ms. Winokur stated the largest Budget increase proposed for 2006 is in Professional Services.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2006
Page 2

Account #B50-204: Professional Services
Ms. Winokur explained the request for $86,000 includes $6,000 fees for Professional Planning Services. It includes the preparation of the first half of a new Master Plan as well as the completion of a periodic Reexamination Report. By Law, the Plan has to be reexamined every six years. The first half of this Master Plan is in 2006 and the second half will be in 2007.

Account #B50-201: Materials and Supplies
Ms. Winokur stated the Planning and Zoning Department was down on money this year so they are asking for an increase for 2006 to better accommodate their staffing level, particularly in Central and Account #201. Ms. Winokur reviewed the Planning and Zoning Department’s Organization Chart showing four Full-Time employees and three Part-Time employees. They have an additional employee who needs office supplies and materials.

Ms. Winokur also stated that Administration transferred $500 of fiscal year 2005 funds to this line item so the Budget request will be lowered by $540.00. This is due to the fact that film and development costs will be eliminated.

The Business Administrator stated that preparing the Master Plan is not just a six year reevaluation but a review of the entire Zoning Ordinance.

Account #B50-202: Equipment
Ms. Winokur is requesting $500 which was budgeted as zero last year. This would be for the purchase of a digital camera to eliminate film and development costs.

Account #B50-204: Professional Services
Roth stated on the Back Up Sheet the final appropriation was $45,000. On the computer sheet, it states $40,000 and wondered if this was a typographical error. Ms. Winokur stated it was.

Roth had concerns that last year’s Budget does not add up and asked what the $12,000 revenue for Attorney fees is. The Business Administrator stated that in dealing with an Attorney and litigation was $35,000. There will be law suit money appropriated but it is not always used.

Roth questioned that the Planning and Zoning Department had $12,000 in Attorney fees
above the $26,000. Ms. Winokur stated $5,000 was allotted for the Engineer also.

Paton asked if on the Organization Sheet for the Department if they could show who is Full Time and who is Part Time.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2006
Page 3

Paton questioned the Master Plan being half in 2006 and half in 2007 and asked why there will be a reexamination for 2007. Ms. Winokur stated it is mandated by law or otherwise the Planning and Zoning Department could be subject to a lawsuit. The
Business Administrator explained that this will be done simultaneously and there will be a Proposal. This Proposal will be brought to Council. From a cost efficiency standpoint doing it together should be $46,000.

Paton asked if we are having a new Zoning Ordinance coming soon, where does the Township stand. The Business Administrator stated it is handled through the Municipal Attorney.

Paton asked if it is a Planning Board Attorney, and the Ordinance has to be defended, the Township Attorney will want the Master Plan Modification, and would Council be part of this. The Business Administrator explained there will be extensive meetings before this would be adopted by the Planning Board.

Account #B50-206: Dues and Subscriptions
Calandrillo asked why this is $450.00 but the Back Up Sheet states Actual was $500. Ms. Winokur stated she would like $500. Administration agrees it should be $500 and it was a typographical error.

Account #B50-201: Materials and Supplies
Alderisio asked why ink and toners would not be under Central. Ms.Winokur stated she was advised by Administration they would like these items separate. The Business Administrator explained they just broke them down that way as toner and ink were split by two Departments.

Kelly questioned why the Planning and Zoning Department asked for more than last year. Ms. Winokur said they needed Office Supplies at the end of the year and the Department had no money. She cannot get through this year with the same amount.

Account #B50-207: Travel
Calandrillo asked what the difference was on the Back Up Sheet between Training and Travel Expenses of $100 and Seminar Travel Expenses of $100. Ms. Winokur stated she does not train or have seminars here as they are only given by Professional Organizations so there will be mileage incurred to get to these Training/Seminar locations. The Business Administrator stated there are several Training Courses that are mandatory for the Planning Board.

Paton further questioned the Master Plan and the fees being appropriated. The Business Administrator stated this is population demographics and outside of what we have. The Planning Board will have a formal plan and come before Council to explain.
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2006
Page 4

Paton asked when Council would see the Proper Rate Schedule. The Business Administrator stated approximately in mid-July.

Account #B50-209: Legal Advertising
Roth questioned the 36% increase over last year's Actual. Ms.Winokur explained due to all the Planning Meetings, Board of Adjustment Meetings and the Legal Notices associated with the Master Plan they anticipate a large volume of expense.

Motion by Calandrillo, to accept the Planning and Zoning Department’s Budget as presented, seconded by DiGiulio. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, absent; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Ms. Dawn DaPuzzo, Director and Monica Ullrich, Chairperson of the Recreation Commission and the Members of the Recreation Commission were present.

The Business Administrator clarified there are two Components to this Budget on Recreation. One is the Recreation Department that Ms. DaPuzzo is the Director of and the other is Special Events which is the funding for the activities that are directed by the Recreation Committee. The Business Administrator stated the Recreation Committee can explain the budget for those items.

The Business Administrator reviewed the Organization Chart for the Recreation Commission. He explained there is a Part Time Recreation Director for $35,000. There is a position for a Secretary for $3,500, which is not on the Chart, and the position is not filled. The balance of the employees are related to the Summer Program. There are two Program Directors for the Summer Programs each budgeted at $5,500. There are ten Assistant Directors for the Summer Programs budgeted at a total of $14,000 and an army of counselors budgeted at $22,000.

Account #M01-102: Permanent Part-Time
The Business Administrator explained it is difficult to tell what happened in 2005 for the Salary line but over the year the Recreation Director changed. The Recreation Commission has had activities where fees are charged and collected. Recreation is required to segregate those fees in the funds and use those fees to offset the expenses associated with the activities. Recreation had built up a reserve fund which they never utilized before. This is the first year Recreation has utilized monies from this fund to offset the costs of Summer Programs. The number budgeted is less because they took money out of this Fund. The Business Administrator is recommending that the amount be reduced from $72,500 to $62,500.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2006
Page 5

Kelly thanked Ms. DaPuzzo for everything she does and stated we all appreciate it and he has received positive feedback on what she is doing.

Kelly asked about the Secretary position not appearing on the chart. The Business Administrator said the position is floating as he does not know where to put it.

Account #M01-214: Rental/Maintenance Agreements
Alderisio asked what the amount of $9,600 was for. Ms. DaPuzzo stated for Portable Sanitary Facilities and Copier Maintenance.

Account #M01-223: Adult Activities
Calandrillo questioned why the amount of only $100 for equipment and $800 for shirts and hats. Ms. DaPuzzo stated she found a large inventory in storage on team shirts and it is not necessary to purchase new ones. They want to utilize what they have.
Calandrillo questioned how many members receive shirts each year. Ms. DaPuzzo stated they do not get them every year.

Account #M01-224: Youth Activities
Paton asked about the concession stand and where will the Revenue go. The Business Administrator stated it will go into the Recreation Fee fund if charged for an activity. The Business Administrator stated they have had some discussion in regard to the Snack Bar Concession and technically they are required to get RFP to operate it. The Youth Sports Boosters had operated it but no longer want to. The primary concern is not revenue but service. He would not want to see the building closed all spring because no one is operating it. Some people have shown interest in operating it. Roth asked if the primary issue was for servicing the public. The Business Administrator said yes, as he does not see making a lot of money on it.

Account #M01-218: Special Events
Roth asked about the Department’s request for Special Events being approximately $10,800 over last year.

Ms. Ullrich explained it depends on the Sponsor’s. Part of the funds that are listed are especially related to Mahwah Day for items that they do not know ahead of time are going to be funded by someone else, such as the clowns and the magicians and fire works. If donations are not received, it could be costly.

Account #MO1-224: Youth Activities
Roth questioned why expenses went up 24% over the previous year. Ms. DaPuzzo stated two new Programs were added. Lacrosse is new and Youth Football. They are two

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2006
Page 6

Programs that are not subsidized through the Township. The Recreation Commission funds $3,500 per sport.

Ms. DaPuzzo explained the football fields have to be reconditioned by law each year at $285 each. She stated she goes to every meeting of the Sports Boosters and asks for a copy of their Sports Budget.

The Business Administrator stated all the money listed on the Budget is spent through the purchases that come through the Township’s Purchasing System.

The Mayor stated the reason purchasing is down is because the Revenue from the Concession Stands did go to Mahwah Youth Sports, so now they will loose approximately $30,000 in revenue.

Account #M01-225: Summer Recreation Program
DiGiulio asked why $16,854 is being budged when last year’s Actual was $15,870, $984 less. Ms. DaPuzzo stated it was because some of the money they needed and used for printing came out of the Central Account Budget.

Calandrillo asked about having an outside organization run the Concession stand. The Business Administrator stated it could be a Board of Health issue having an outside vendor.

Kelly stated that we should educate the public that the bulk of the money for sports in the Township is generated through fees from the Boosters. It is a cooperative effort with the Township providing fee money, and the volunteers helping the children and adults of our community with recreation.

Paton asked if there could be signs posted not to bring tents and equipment on our fields and feels the Recreation Department should be stricter. Ms. Ullrich stated signs are up but
people do not pay attention to them and there is no enforcement of them. Ms. DaPuzzo stated she is meeting with the Sports Commission and will ask them to be more accountable. Ms. DaPuzzo stated a maintenance person working on weekends is needed when the sports are being played on the fields. Ms. DaPuzzo said she travels all over the Township making sure everything is working properly.

Kelly asked if when a parent signs a child up for a sport, at that time, could they have the parent sign a sheet in regard to litter and what goes on the field. Ms. DaPuzzo said no because sign up is on-line.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2006
Page 7

Kelly asked if when a parent signs a child up for a sport, at that time, could they have the parent sign a sheet in regard to litter and what goes on the field. Ms. DaPuzzo said no because sign up is on-line.

Paton asked if there could be more receptacles placed at the fields. Ms. DaPuzzo stated she has spoken with the Department of Public Works.

The Business Administrator stated they did have maintenance workers cleaning at one point in time, but then the Department of Public Works Budget was cut and recycling time was reduced on Saturdays. If they had someone working just on Saturday, they would have to increase the overtime Budget.

Ms. DaPuzzo said they are always last to have maintenance come clean for them. The Business Administrator explained what had happened in the past and doubted if anyone could be hired now to do this due to the union, and a grievance regarding overtime.

Calandrillo suggested an Ordinance to ban bringing in food or certain items and if they do, take it with them when they leave the field.

DiGiulio stated that for safety reasons it would be a good idea to have a maintenance person at the fields.

Account #MO1-218: Special Events
Calandrillo asked if the amount listed for $900 is just for film for photos of the various functions and could they use a digital camera. Ms. DaPuzzo stated yes it is for film and she is looking into the possibility of purchasing a digital camera. This subject should be further discussed with Council as it might be advantageous to purchase a digital camera and a photo printer for the various events that are held. Ms. DaPuzzo stated she would test a digital camera on “Meet the Bunny” event to see if this setup works. Roth stated that this trade off could become costly.

Alderisio asked, in getting back to the cleaning of the fields, that if there was a problem with the Department of Public Works hiring a person for part time could they hire

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2006
Page 8

someone Part-Time under Ms. DaPuzzo’s Budget. Kelly asked Administration to come back to Council with more thought on this.

Motion by Calandrillo, to accept the Recreation Budget as presented, seconded by Alderisio. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes, Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, absent; Roth, yes; Kelly, absent.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Paton, the meeting was adjourned at 9:28AM.
All in favor. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathrine G. Coletta, RMC/CMC
Municipal Clerk

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