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The meeting was called to order at 8:00AM by Council President Kelly who read the Open Public Meeting Act Statement as prescribed by law. Notice was advertised in The Record on January 25, 2006 stating this meeting would be held on Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 8:00AM at the Municipal Offices at 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey.

Notice of this meeting is posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. The minutes of this meeting shall be available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Salute to the Flag.

Present: Councilmembers Alderisio, Calandrillo, DiGiulio at 8:04AM, Kelly, Paton, Richter and Roth.

Also present were the Mayor Richard J. Martel at 8:11AM, Business Administrator Brian Campion and Deputy Municipal Clerk Janis Fox.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Alderisio, the meeting was open to the public at 8:00AM. All in favor. Motion carried.

On a motion by Roth, seconded by Richter, the meeting was closed to the public at 8:03AM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Kelly explained there may be a need to call a Department back if there are any cuts to the Budget if they are not mentioned at this meeting. He stated Council looks at Budget compared to last year’s request and last year’s usage. Council will take a Straw Poll Vote to determine the sense of the Council Budget as a whole or individual line item.

Mr. Cord Meyer, President and Ms. Debra Nelson, Captain, were present.

Mr. Meyer gave a brief overview of Ambulance Corps. Company #1. He stated the Corps. is asking for $35,000 provided by the Township. In addition, a Clothing Allowance between $7,000 and $9,000 for 2006. Mr. Meyer handed out a Statement to Council of Incoming Expenses for 2004 which was the last time they had an Audit of their records. This report shows net income.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 2

Richter asked why the two items were moved from Account #211 to Account #108. The Business Administrator explained that the Clothing Allowance is considered to be income by the IRS as Account 100’s are salary items. The IRS considers these payments to be income to the recipient.

Alderisio asked why the statement listed $67,252 and in the book for 2004 the Actual Budget was $47,000. Mr. Meyer stated this was for a $35,000 Allotment plus putting in $12,000 for the Clothing Allowance. The Business Administrator explained that Administration does not oversee the Internal Income Expense Statement. The Business Administrator further explained we have in the Municipal Budget to increase is the Clothing Allowance where the checks are to individuals and under the miscellaneous payment statue for First Aid Squads and Ambulances allows us to make their payment.
The Business Administrator stated that the numbers are from the Uniform Allowance and our Grant to them. How the Ambulance Corps. spends the money is not related to what the Township gives to them.

Roth stated if Administration budgeted $47,000 and the Ambulance Corp. budgeted $67,000 where did the other $20,000 go. Mr. Meyer stated it is for Clothing Allocation and is from their Fund Drive and the gifts and donations from the Township.

Alderisio asked how many calls does Company #1 respond to, or if they have to call in another Town or transfer calls to Company #4. Ms. Nelson stated last year there were 900 calls and approximately 48 went to Mutual Aid.

DiGiulio stated that the $8,000 Clothing Allowance and the Allowance stipends we give to the Emergency Service People and Fire Department have to be declared as income. She spoke to the IRS and the only way to get around it is to ask the Senators to do an exemption in Congress.

DiGiulio asked how this $35,000 is formulated. The Business Administrator explained the State Statue allows municipalities to make Grants to First Aid Squads.

DiGiulio said if the Township took $8,000 and put it with the $35,000 then the Ambulance Corps.would not have to declare it as income. She asked if they could move it around so it would not be declared since the Ambulance Corps. are volunteers. She asked if it was legal and if it could be a Grant from the Township. The Business Administrator stated the Township can increase the amount of assistance, the payment can be increased and they can do what they want but the IRS considers it as income.

DiGiulio asked if it was equipment could it be for running the Ambulance Corps. and not an individual. She suggested that the Emergency Services lobby. DiGiulio asked if this

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 3

could be moved as part of Equipment instead of Uniforms and asked for Administration to check with the Financial Officer.

Roth stated in looking at the Income Expense Sheet for $67,000 but yet the allocation exclusive of uniforms is $35,000. He questioned what expenses are not covered as the Revenue versus Allocation differs. Mr. Meyers stated the $35,000 varies. The major category is Insurance. Ambulance Corps. Company #1 still insures one of their ambulances. Mr. Meyer would like Council to purchase another Ambulance in 2007 and for Company #1 to take the older Ambulance that they own out of service and purchase a new Ambulance. Both Ambulances would then be owned by the Township and insured by the Township.

Roth said there is a $17,000 bill on insurance and asked how this is getting paid. Mr. Meyers stated whatever they do not make on their Grant is through donations or gifts through the deceased.

Richter stated she wanted to revisit the tax issue and how the Ambulance Corps. can declare this as income.

Calandrillo stated if you itemize taxes like our Township does there is a line that says Stipend Income. She stated when she was down at the League she spoke to the IRS and they stated Paramus gets a lot of money and do not itemize it. All any Agent would request is to see receipts for clothing such as pants, shirts, jackets, boots and would justify the money and the IRS will be happy. Because Paramus gets such big amount is a red flag for everyone.

Alderisio asked if the Uniform Allowance was to buy Parade Uniforms. Mr. Meyers said no it is for Clothing Allowance, if something is ripped or torn. Mr. Meyer stated the Line Item on their Expense Report for the Uniforms is where they purchase their dress uniforms or jackets they wear.

Motion by Roth to accept Ambulance Corps. Company #1 as presented, seconded by Alderisio. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes: Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Calandrillo said the breakdown for Clothing Allowance was very helpful to see how everything was distributed.

DiGiulio stated she still needs clarification under Equipment Account.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 4

Mr. William Overrocker, Ms. Monica Ullrich and Ms. Dolores Rizzo were present.

Mr. Overrocker stated the Ambulance Corp. Company #4 is looking for an increase in the budget from $35,000 to $50,000. This is a DCA statue. This increase is due to the Cost of Living going up.

Within the Township the call volume has increased with many extra calls compared to last year. Our Township received 140 calls, from Ramsey 96 and Upper Saddle River 25. Maintenance also went up cost wise over 25%. The Corps. has reserve funds from donations, but it is very poor.

Richter stated she did not see any Insurance listed. Mr. Overrocker stated they are self-insured through the Township of Mahwah.

Kelly clarified the Corps. has one Ambulance that is owned and insured by the Township.

Richter stated she was confused about the $2,000 Clothing Allowance and Other Expenses. Ms. Ullrich stated they put that amount down just for information as reference.

Ms. Ullrich stated the amount includes things that they wear on calls, such as badges, name plates, sweat shirts, ID tags. The Clothing Allowance listed at the top of their sheet is not part of what they are asking for.

Ms. Ullrich stated members they have now is 27 by $300 per member is how they received their amount. Richter stated on the sheet Council has it states $7,000, so that is why she is confused for Uniform Allowance. Ms. Ullrich stated last year they had 27 members but not everyone qualified for thee Clothing Allowance so that is why it is $7,000.

Kelly asked Administration if the Ambulance Corps. receive the Budget Sheets because if they did it would help all understand what each other is talking about. In the future it would be beneficial if Council has them. The Business Administrator stated these are expenditures and do not pass through the municipality.

Roth stated he needs clarification on a few different categories on the sheet. The category called Repairs and Maintenance for $3,000; Ambulance Maintenance for $9,000; Ambulance Equipment and Radio for $10,000; and Miscellaneous Expenses of $4,500. These are vague and he would like clarification on what these itemizations are and what the difference is in each category.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 5

Mr. Overrocker and Ms. Ullrich explained the differences. The maintenance on the rig they do not maintain as it goes to an outside agency. Ambulance Maintenance for $9,000 is for oil and tires to maintain the rig. Ambulance Equipment and Radio is for items used to stop the Ambulance. $3,000 is for Repairs and Maintenance when they have to purchases something in the building or some small minor repair.

Roth asked what the $4,500 miscellaneous expense was for. Ms. Ullrich stated that was for advertising and the web site they have to maintain. Roth stated, again, there was a significant increase and would like justification. Mr. Overrocker stated every time the ambulance rolls it costs them $100.00. Last year they had 513 calls as a general average. They have no place to get a reserve fund and it is running low as their maintenance is running triple. He stated they want to cover that difference. They have no other resources once the money runs out.

Roth stated the actuals for last year totaled $43,000. Mr. Overrocker stated yes.

Calandrillo asked Ambulance Corps. Company #1 for clarification on how many calls they received. Mr. Meyer stated 900.

Alderisio stated he was trying to figure out the disparity of Company #1 and Company #4 amounts. He said it is difficult to judge with the type of form they presented. He concurred with others that if they had a better form each item could be justified.

Alderisio stated it was hard to understand that Company #4’s total request for their Department is $84,471 and for Company #1’s Budget it is $43,000 and they had 900 calls and Company #4 had 500 calls.

The Business Administrator explained that Company #4’s payment toward their vehicles was purchased on installment payments of $27,400. It is a lease buyout, whereas the rig bought for Company #1 was a cash purchase so the $27,400 is over and above. This is the final lease payment.

Paton stated Company #1 has a statement for gifts and fund drives. Company #4 does not have a similar statement. Paton asked what they get for fund drives as the Budget is higher and it is hard to compare Line Item by Line Item. Mr. Overrocker stated he really could not answer that question but their coverage area might have a population area of 2,000 and Company #1 may have the rest of the Township area with regard to donations. Company #4’s percentage of donations that comes in from fund drives our very low in comparison.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 6

Roth stated he cannot figure out the math of the 43% from $35,000 Actuals reported by the Township versus $50,000 the Administration has put down for next year’s Budget. They have requested an increase in Company #4’s total Budget and yet they have 16% increase in their own Actual expenses. Roth questioned if the items were duplicated or anticipated needs that they really cannot identify well.

Ms. Ullrich stated part of it is for non-annual expenses such as different items are worn, and fire calls require other equipment.

Mr. Overrocker stated at $100 per call they received 140 more calls than the previous year. To try and fund keeping their ambulances operating safely, more money is needed.

The Business Administrator said the State Statue that authorizes a contribution, which was a $35,000 maximum contribution, has been increased to $50,000 per Squad.

Roth stated the Ambulance Corps. is a vital and important service to the Township but we have to look at increases everywhere as Council represents the Tax Payers. Roth would like to see the revenue information because if it has been declining, it helps to see why there is a significant increase.

Paton stated he was trying to figure out the difference in the two different numbers in the two separate Ambulance Corps. The two Budgets are so different it is hard to figure out why.

Alderisio asked, in reference to Roth’s question that was mentioned on the 43% discrepancy, Mr. Overrocker had mentioned the DCA, what was the DCA. Mr. Overrocker stated it is the Department of Community Affairs where it sets up that the Township can donate “X” amount of dollars.

Alderisio said since Company #4’s expenses are 16% and 43% with the discrepancy problem he too has a problem with the $15,000 increase.

DiGiulio asked that since Administration is recommending $50,000 for Company #4, did Company #1 know about it. Mr. Meyers answered no. DiGiulio wanted to understand that the $17,000 insurance for Company #1 is for one rig because the Township pays for the other rig and the Township will be taking over the payment for the other rig.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 7

Mr. Meyer stated if Council approves the Capital item for 2007 for another vehicle for Company #1 they will ask Council to take the insurance over.

DiGiulio asked can we take over the insurance for both Ambulance Corps. and allocate the $50,000 and take the $17,000 out of Company #1 if possible since they are volunteers. DiGiulio said both Ambulance Corps. have to get the same amount and it cannot be based on call. The Mayor stated the $50,000 was approved for Company #1 but they did not ask for it. The Business Administrator said there is a State Statue that authorized a contribution which was $35,000. In recent years the maximum has been increased to $50,000 per Squad.

Kelly said he listened to Company #4’s presentation that even when the rig was privately owned by Company #4, they were able to become insured through the Township and he asked how would that apply for Company #1. The Mayor reiterated, we can still provide it and it always has been available to Company #1.

Kelly asked if that availability would make the insurance payment of $17,000 diminish.

Richter stated that would bring them up to $50,000 on Operating Expenses if the cost would be $17,000. Richter said then we could handle $50,000 to both Companies.

Motion made by Richter to change and approve Line #219; Miscellaneous for both Companies to receive $50,000 and seconded by Calandrillo.

Roth stated he could not justify the Operating Cost of one versus the other. He stated he still does not understand the Budget request being made. As the Mayor stated, this insurance was offered to the Ambulance Company but they declined. Roth wondered why would we legislate insurance upon another entity with this Township at our own expense. Company #4 declined this when they were offered and he wonders why. This would cost us $17,000 to our Operating Budget. The Mayor stated this money has been available for many years and the Ambulance Corps. must have their reasons for not taking it.

Kelly asked Richter, since she made the Motion to increase to the $50,000, was the intent of this motion to impose on Company #1 that they would be a part of the Township insurance or just make the money available. Richter explained, in no way did it include their Insurance, which seemed to be another $17,000 on top of their $50,000 showing their income in expenses. Richter said if we give both Companies $50,000 it would be an equity base situation. The $17,000 remaining of their expenses would be up to them to join us or not, but would have nothing to do with the $50,000 they will be receiving. The insurance lies in their ballpark. Calandrillo seconded.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 8

Paton stated that if we take out insurance for Company #1 and give them the Budget of $50,000 we are covering their entire set of expenses. They make 900 calls at $50,000.
Company #4 is still running at $80,000 for 500 calls. One is twice as much. There is a big difference in calls but he cannot understand more than half.

Roth said he asked the first Ambulance Company if any expenses were not covered within the $35,000 Budget that they allocated. They said no. Roth feels there is no justification for it other than we are trying to have equalization on insurance they did not ask for. They recommended $35,000 and they said they could operate on $35,000. Roth said he cannot support this Motion.

Alderisio asked how many Ambulances does Company #1 have. Mr. Meyer said two.

Alderisio stated Company #1 is running twice as many calls, they have two Ambulances and Company #4 has one, so why are their costs higher than Company #1’s.

Mr. Overrocker stated they missed one call all year where they could not put a crew out. Mr. Meyer stated they missed 48 calls, by not being able to put a crew out.

Mr. Overrocker explained that on Monday their rig covers the whole Township and on Wednesday, Company #1 covers the whole Township with two rigs and that is why they are getting missed calls. Mr. Overrocker stated that with the amount of calls they get they need an increase in their Budget.

DiGiulio concurs with Roth, why give money when they did not ask for it. She asked Company #4 if they could do less than $50,000 and would $35,000 hold them since there is such a disparity. Ms. Ullrich, said they have done with $35,000 in the past, but have no cushion and that would be a problem.

DiGiulio asked if $40,000 would suffice and Council would be provided with an Itemized List. She stated that Council does not want to compare. She asked is there any room to cut. Mr. Overrocker stated they do not want to cut service.

Kelly stated he would like to look at the Miscellaneous Expense of $45,000 in reference to the web site and advertising. Kelly asked why they could not get on the Township’s website. Kelly said he knows it is a service but feels this might be an item to cut. Kelly asked how what would fit into their needs. Ms. Ullrich said the website is available and

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 9

is linked through the towns. Kelly asked what the cost was. Ms. Ullrich said she did not know the cost.

Kelly asked if Council looking at the $45,000 decided that they loose the website, would that be horrible. Ms. Ullrich would not feel comfortable being down to $0 funds.

Mrs. Rizzo stated that other Ambulance Corps can visit this website and State Aid Council could inter-link with the Township. She stated she did not think it could be done through the Township.

Mr. Overrocker stated that the First Aid Council’s record keeping is done through the website and this is confidential information.

Alderisio suggesting amending the Motion with the full $15,000, split in half to $7,500 more each, which would be $42,500 for both Companies.

Richter would like to see if the Motion is changed, that next year both Ambulance Corps. could use the forms so that Council is not confused and they can see breakdowns where the money is going.

Motion Amended by Richter for Ambulance Corps. Company #4 and Company #1 to be $42,500 this year with the consideration to have things adjusted for next year, seconded by Calandrillo.

Roth stated he supports the $24,500 but still has no basis for the $35,000 for the First Company. He still cannot understand why we are adding to theirs. They have a different Cost Structure and different Fund Raisers. Roth said Company #1 had said $35,000 was enough when they presented their Budget, so why add to it. Roth stated he cannot support the adjustment to both Companies.

Paton asked Company #1 if they would decline the increase. Mr. Meyer said no, as they would need additional funds to purchase pagers which they do not have a Line Item for. They were under the impression they had to purchase pagers on their own.

Paton stated that Company #1 is amending their Budget now for other items and this should be on record.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 10

DiGiulio asked if Richter wanted to go with one Company or two. Richter stated whether one Company is bigger or not money spent is the same. She feels if we give to one we should give to the other so expenses will balance.

DiGiulio asked if Administration knows about these pagers.

Mr. Mantineo, the Fire Department Chief, stated that last year the Fire Department asked Council for $30,000 for pagers. Council gave them an additional increase to $35,000 if the Fire Department would cover the Ambulance Corps. #1, #4 and all 5 Companies. The pagers were purchased and distributed. This year the Fire Department is not asking any money for the pagers as it is incorporated into his Budget for $9,000. He stated that this year the Fire Department will only provide pagers for new members. Mr. Mantineo stated he informed the Ambulance Corps. they would not have capital money for this. Pagers were distributed the first year, but he is not responsible this year. If the Ambulance Corps. needed pagers they have to put it into their own Budget.

Richter is still sticking with Amendment to $42,500 for each. She stated each Ambulance Corps. run on their own systems. Calandrillo seconded. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Kelly pointed out in this item there will not be an increase because it is $7,500 from one going to the other so the net will be the same.

Motion by Richter to accept Ambulance Corps. #4’s Budget as presented, seconded by Calandrillo. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes, DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, no; Kelly, yes.

Mr. Overrocker stated he will present the proper forms next year for his Budget.

Calandrillo stated, in the future, both Companies have to have the same form as it will help Council to understand more clearly.

Kelly asked Council to look at their Capital Sheets and address the Business Administrator about the replacement of the vehicle.

The Business Administrator explained that when Company #1 made their presentation they explained that they presently had two vehicles, one is owned by the Township and one by Company #1 and Company #1’s vehicle is older. Company #1 indicated the vehicle is old and they are contemplating coming before the Township probably next year to replace the vehicle. Company #4 is looking for a replacement vehicle to be funded this

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 11

year and there is a lead time for requesting vehicles. In the immediate future, Administration will be looking at a vehicle for each Department and will have to look at
this going forward. Company #4 is looking for funding for a replacement this year. There will be a future request by Company #1.

DiGiulio asked if it a leased vehicle or a purchase. The Business Administrator stated it is a purchase and it is Township’s practice now to purchase.

Roth asked the Business Administrator if they did a lease purchase or would it go into Operating. The Business Administrator stated if it was a lease purchase they would do it out of Capital as it is a Capital Expenditure and they would fund it with a capital note.

Roth asked if they can treat a lease purchase as an Operating Expense. The Business Administrator said yes.

Paton asked Mr. Overrocker if they are replacing the rig or is it a second rig. Mr. Overrocker explained what their practice has been. When they buy a new rig they keep the second rig for a year to make sure all of the problems are out of it and then the old vehicle goes. They do not have a staff to keep two rigs. He stated they could go to 2007 if there was a problem. Their lease runs out February 2007. The Business Administrator said the funding would not be in place until at least July and the lead time is six months. So for early 2007 they would have to fund it this year.

Motion by Calandrillo to accept Capital Budget Line Item for $135,000, seconded by Alderisio. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Mr. Bob LaMontagne was present.

Mr. LaMontagne explained that he represents the EMS Building and Grounds Committee which is five Fire Companies and two Ambulance Corps. The Committee tries to maintain the conditions that volunteers have to live with and train.

Mr. LaMontagne stated there was $50,000 for Operating Expenses for the various buildings and these are listed on the Statement page and are self-explanatory.

Calandrillo asked if the asbestos removal was for Company #1. Mr. LaMontagne said yes it was in the Boiler Room.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 12

Paton asked if this money included painting windows and repairs. The Business Administrator said there is a total of $50,000 for repairs on all Emergency Service buildings. There was $2,400 taken out that was not needed and no open bills.

Roth stated there was a $3,100 request for landscaping for a Gazebo and what was this for. Mr. LaMontagne stated it was for landscape material for Company #1. They want to do the front of the building by the flag pole. They are doing landscaping at their own cost and are just asking for material such as mulch and shrubs.

Motion by Alderisio to accept EMS Building and Grounds Budget as presented, seconded by Roth. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Calandrillo asked for them not to landscape too close to Franklin Turnpike until the County gets done working there.

The Business Administrator stated they have had conversation with the EMS Building and Grounds Department and recommends the $10,000 for Fire Company #4 Electrical Services item be included. Administration had approved the roof for Fire Company#2 for $18,000 and the shelving for Ambulance Company#4. The rest of the items were not approved. The Business Administrator stated for the Ambulance Corps. #4 shelving he will have to check with Bond Counsel as it may be an item if put into building improvement could be bonded, but may have to move over to operating.

DiGiulio asked the condition of the windows at Company #1. Mr. LaMontagne said as long as they hold them up with duct tape they are okay. He feels it is more important for Electric Service at Company #4 is more important.

DiGiulio asked if the Emergency Companies have generators. Mr. LaMontagne said Company #1 has one. It is very old and not capable of handling everything it should.

Calandrillo asked if the generators are used for other things and how long can Company #3 wait for the Electrical upgrade. Mr. LaMontagne stated they will put it in for next year.

Paton asked if there is money available through Home Land Security for the Emergency Generators and if Emergency Services is actively pursuing it.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 13

Paton asked about the electrical services for Company #4. They received $25,000 last year for their stairway and asked if it will be expended. LaMontagne stated they had a lot of expenditures that happened this last month that may not show yet on the Budget. They will use the entire $25,000.

Paton asked why is the $35,000 upgrade is so high for Company #3 and is it necessary. He thought they just wanted to upgrade their service from 200 amps to 400 amps.

Mr. Frank Shuart stated they are trenching underground, taking piping and cable from the main driveway to the fire house. This has not been upgraded since 1972. There are problems with the pumps and also the windows have to be upgraded.

Motion by Roth, seconded by Calandrillo, to go with the addition of the $10,000 to Company #4’s Electrical Services along with the other two recommendations from Administration; Fire Company #2 Roof and Ambulance Company #4 shelving.
Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Mr. Joseph Mantineo, Chief of Fire Department, Donald Stricker, Jr., 1st Assistant Chief, Bruce Virgens, 2nd Assistant Chief, and Joanne Becker, Secretary of Fire Department were present.

Account #G02-233: Hose Replacement
Richter why has the amount dropped from $17,500 to $14,000. Chief Manteno said new vehicles have been purchased in the past that come with new hoses.

Account #GO-205: Training and Seminars
Roth said this item over last year’s Actuals by over 200% increase. Mr. Mantineo explained the Bergen County Fire Academy does not allow for additional specialty training so the Fire Department has to pay for additional training for the Hazmat Courses, the Rescue Training and all the divers. He also stated there are more members.

Kelly stated he gave the Municipal Clerk a flyer he received from our OEM Director, which said that the Council Elected Officials in the Township will be required to go to take two of these courses. 1st Assistant Chief Stricker stated the Fire Academy is offering it now and he said he could set it up for Council. Kelly stated they are gathering information on it now and will discuss this again.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 14

Paton said some of the expenses listed were due to Water and Sewer needs, so perhaps in that Budget we should put a line item to move over to Operating from those reserve funds. Paton suggested Administration to consider this next year.

1st Assistant Chief Stricker stated that the problem with the Sewer came up after Budget was submitted so we could consider increasing the money here for training. Paton said it may be appropriate for Administration taking money from the Sewer Reserve. The Business Administrator said it is not part of the Mahwah Operating System. The Township is on call if there is a problem at the North West Bergen unit.

Chief Mantineo stated the purpose of training and seminars is because of the new standards and all members have to be trained and qualified. He also stated the Fire Department has to cover areas they never covered before. Mr. Mantineo said he does not need more equipment for this year.

Paton said he feels the Fire Department should get with various organizations and try to get more money.

Calandrillo asked if the Department is applying for Grants. Mr. Mantineo said yes they have applied for them and are constantly are turned down because the Township is so large. The one Grant the Fire Department steadily gets is from the Forest Fire Service for about $2,000.

Calandrillo asked how many fire police are there. Calandrillo sees nothing in the budget for them. Calandrillo said she has concerns about some of the Volunteers with health problems.

The 2nd Assistant Chief Virgens, explained there are 14 on the Roster and 12 are active.

Account #GO2-102: Permanent Part-Time
Alderisio said he sees there is a discrepancy of increase of $400 for the Secretary. The Business Administrator stated they are recommending the amount of $16,200 be increased to $16,600.

Chief Mantineo stated an increase was requested in 2004 and 2005. They did not know until recently she was not on level of anyone else for the last few years.

Motion by Alderisio, that the Fire Department Secretary receives the amount of $1,200 due her from the last three years, which will bring her to $17,400, seconded by Roth.
Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 15

Calandrillo said this increase should show in the Budget as a Catch Up Adjustment.
Calandrillo asked if this will be given in a lump sum. The Business Administrator said he will check with Payroll.

Account #GO2-205: Training and Seminars
Richter said in the past three years it looks like they never spent the allocated money of the $4,000 and if what they say is needed, will everyone go and take advantage of these courses. Chief Mantineo said most Specialty courses are scheduled out well in advance and sometimes when they scheduled. They can only send a handful of men as their schedule does not permit them to go. The intention is to send as many members as can go.

Account #G02-219: Clothing Allowance
Richter stated on the Fire Department’s Clothing Allowance last year they spent $12,380 and asked if it because they had new members. Chief Mantineo said yes.

Account #GO2-205: Training and Seminars
Roth concurred with Richter about the Training and Seminars allocation of $4,000. Roth stated it is a 200% increase and he will support it. But if it comes back next year that they did not spend this money he will not be inclined to support this again. Roth stated since it is a necessity and it is mandated to take these classes the Department should take advantage of the opportunity and make sure the membership does participate in these training sessions. Chief Mantineo said he agrees and he does want his members trained.

Kelly said he disagrees with Roth as going through this training himself stated the schedule of a volunteer sometimes when training becomes available the volunteer is not. Chief Mantineo stated some classes go on for month so it is a lot to ask for out of their volunteers.

Kelly had a concern about the Township’s electricity bills being high. He would like us to work towards conservation in the buildings. He would like Administration’s involvement with this. Kelly also stated the Fire Department serves the community with Pride and thanked them for everything.

Account #G02-219: Clothing Allowance
Richter said she needed an explanation on the Clothing Allowance which had been appropriated for $54,000. The Department request was for $58,000 but the final appropriation was $54,000 which was $2,000 more than requested in 2004 that was spent. She knows five people that did not get their Clothing Allowance.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 16

The Business Administrator explained that the $52,000 was in 2004 and $54,000 was appropriated last year and spent. The Business Administrator stated the amount per person for the Clothing Allowance could vary and the $54,000 is distributed among the members.

Motion by Calandrillo, to increase the Salaries for the Fire Department’s Fire Chief to $6,000 and the two Assistant Chiefs to $3,000, $1,500 each, seconded by Roth.

Kelly asked what the increase would be by percentage and would he have to recuse himself since he is a member of the Fire Department. The Business Administrator stated
Kelly does not have to recuse himself.

Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes, Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes

Motion by Alderisio to accept the Fire Department’s Budget as presented, seconded by Calandrillo. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes, DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

The Business Administrator stated that in this Budget there are some typographical errors under Fire Department. The Boat request is for $30,000 and the Pumper is $500,000.

The recommendation for the Fire Department is for Turn Out Gear, one Vehicle, one Pumper and one Boat. Administration’s recommendation is to approve three but not the Boat.

Kelly wanted clarification from the Fire Department on when their recommendation was submitted to Administration. Chief Mantineo stated November 2005.

Kelly asked since then are these still the figures. Chief Mantineo said the preliminary estimates for the Pumper are coming back at $550,000.

Roth stated there is a $50,000 increase on the Pumper and asked if there was there a change in Specifications.

Chief Mantineo stated there is not a set of specifications yet and the Fire Department has to move through a process to get these specifications. Roth asked what caused the change since November when they had $500,000 and now they have $550,000.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 17

2nd Assistant Chief Virgens said it is because of the EPA. The Federal Government has mandated new emission controls on all Diesel Engines to conform to the EPA requirement within the next two years. All engines have to be redesigned.

Paton stated that we should go to our Congressman and ask for support, possibly a Grant from Homeland Security.

Paton asked if they had a big ladder truck coming next year. Chief Mantineo stated yes they do and it will go into the Capital Request Budget.

Richter said she has a problem with the Boat not getting approved as she knows the one we have is not in good shape and we have had a couple of rescues with it this past year.
Chief Mantineo stated that Oakland had to take care of it because our Boat was not working.

Chief Mantineo explained that the Boat is over 25 years old and this Boat is not really deemed for floating over ice or running into shallow water with all the trees and debris. Chief Mantineo said they need a flat bottom boat.

Richter made a motion that $30,000 be put into the Capital Budget to purchase a Boat, seconded by Paton. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, recuse.

Calandrillo asked if the Fire Department was actively looking for a rescue Grant
or are there Organizations that can help fund this or Homeland Security. Mr. Mantineo said they try to apply for as many they can but they keep getting denied.

DiGiulio said we do rescues at the County Parks so since we do that rescue could we pursue this with the County.

Roth said he looking for a way to offset the cost of the Boat and a Trailer. We are also replacing a vehicle and are we purchasing a new vehicle. Chief Mantineo said they are asking for $75,000.

Roth asked Administration if it was better to lease or purchase. The Business Administrator stated to purchase out of a Captial Bond Ordinance as the lease package rates are high.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 18

Alderisio asked what we will do with the old Pumper. Mr. Mantineo said they would like to trade it in but some trucks are auctioned out. The Business Administrator when specifications are prepared there is a trade in option for a straight purchase.

1st Assistant Chief Stricker said in the past they have received $5,000 to $10,000 for a truck trade in.

Roth stated there is someone in the Township that has a business exporting trucks to South America and they refurbish it. The Business Administrator stated he will speak to Roth for the information.

Motion by Roth to accept the Fire Department’s Capital Budget as presented, seconded by Calandrillo. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Mr. Raymond Roe, Director, Mr. Thomas Dillon, and Mr. Stuart Blank, Deputy Director, were present.

Account #GO1-202: Equipment
Kelly said Emergency Management is $17,700 over last year’s request and $20,067 over last year’s usage. Mr. Roe stated the majority of money is the request for radio equipment from the various departments which includes Ambulance, Fire and Police.

Mr. Blank explained it is for replacing the Police Department Backup Repeater. The life expectancy for the Repeater is 12 to 14 years old and this one is in year 16 now. In 2000 they started their project on the upgrade of Repeaters and this is the last purchase from
the original purchase in 1990.

Mr. Blank said Company #1 Ambulance Corps. is asking for some portable radios for their Officers, smaller ones with better equipment on them. The Fire Department is asking for five radios. The Fire Department is part of North West Bergen Mutual Aid and they adopted a Radio Program where all the towns when they go into other communities will contact them on this radio frequency. The five vehicles that Mahwah uses all the time although Mutual Aid did not have these frequencies as it is a different band then we currently have.

Kelly asked if they can get anything from Homeland Security. Mr. Blank stated there is some money available it is part of a Grant but when you use their equipment the guidelines are so strict you cannot use it for everyday occurrences. Homeland Security will only give a Township one radio. Mr. Roe stated Grant money for equipment goes through the County. Grant money went to Bergen County and then Bergen County
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 19

installed it in the Hazmat vehicle. Mr. Blank doesn’t feel it viable to look at going through the County System. We would be better to be by ourselves on our own system.

Account #G01-202: Equipment
Roth said when he looks at replacing the Repeater $17,000 is that not a Captial Expense. The Business Administrator said it can be.

Roth said since it is a Police Department Repeater and a Capital Expense would this be eligible for the Prosecutors Funds. The Business Administrator stated one of the items Administration has to submit when they make a request to utilize these funds is if it is a joint usage and if it is the answer is generally no but they can ask.

Roth said he thinks this is a Capital Expense and the costs could be split since there is other usage beyond the Police Department.

Kelly asked for clarification.

The Business Administrator said if items are already funded they tend not to approve them. Roth stated we should apply for Prosecutor funds for this item. The Business stated they can submit the request within a week and hopes he would get an answer before the Budget is adopted.

Alderisio said the request should be made to the Chief of Police to see if he wants to use the Prosecutors funds for this purpose and he understands the Chief has to make the recommendation.

Mr. Roe stated it is through the Chief’s request that this item appears on their Budget.

Mr. Blank said they have the ability to switch channels all the time and all Departments can use them for different things.

Account #GO-202: Equipment
Roth questioned that Ambulance Company #1 needs 4 portable radios for $3,200. Roth stated if you look at Company #4 they have budgeted $10,000 for radios. The Business Administrator stated it was for pagers not radios and for them to have uniformity they determined last year to get everything into OEM. This would give them better control in tracking all of them.

Account #GO1-214: Rental Agreement
Roth said there is a rental agreement for Township Wide Radio System for $18,000 and asked what this is for. Mr. Blank stated that this is a Maintenance Contract for all their equipment.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 20

DiGiulio stated that Company #1 said the radios they requested would to all radios in town and would Company #4’s also.

Mr. Roe stated Company #4 already has it so everyone will be connected. This is basically for when they go into a building.

Motion by Calandrillo to accept Office of Emergency Management’s Budget as presented, seconded by Roth. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Mr. Raymond Roe and Mr. Thomas Dillon were present

Mr. Roe stated Fire Prevention has a relatively small Budget and they have gone down in most items. In equipment they met most of their goals. Everything else is self-explanatory. Mr. Roe told Council he has a short report on the numbers of Fire Prevention as far as inspections and life hazards.

Kelly stated he is appreciative of their Department and specifically Mr. Dillon going out and getting Grant money for the material that are at the Library and material he takes around for Fire Prevention.

Mr. Roe stated there is one in the School one in the Library and one in the Senior Center and it did come out of Homeland Security.

Richter stated there was a typographical error on Account # 202 on backup sheet. The amount should be $1,000.

Account #GO3-101: Permanent Full-Time
Richter stated this went up $5,000 and were there more people or a change from last year to this year. Mr. Roe stated he does not do anything with the Salaries.

Account #GO3-211: Uniform and Clothing
Richter asked why they have habitually added into this Account and will $525 suffice.

Mr. Roe said that last year they had to buy new identification badges and heavy jackets
and this year it will just be some shirts and pants for Full-Time members.

Calandrillo asked where they storing Shelter Equipment. Mr. Roe stated they are currently being stored in the storage room next to the Building Department.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2006
Page 21

They discovered the Red Cross is only opening regional shelters now. The Fire Prevention Department does not know how quickly they can get the equipment to us. Mr. Roe said recently FEMA developed the Citizens Emergency Response Team and Mahwah has been aggressive in getting a stable team. Mr. Roe said they have 20 plus members and they all have to take the Shelter Emergency Management Course so we can open our own shelters. He stated they did purchase some equipment this year. He stated their goal is to house 30 to 40 people in case of an Emergency.

Motion by Roth to accept Fire Prevention’s Budget as presented, seconded by Calandrillo.

Alderisio said that all of the Township Departments such as Fire Prevention, Department of Public Works, Police Department, and Emergency Management are doing a great job, Mahwah has the best. He suggested putting out a Newsletter, making the people in Mahwah aware of just what they are getting for their Tax dollars.

Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Mr. Roe read a report to Council he had for Fire Prevention to give Council an idea of what work and what was spent this past year.

Kelly asked Council if they wish to take a Straw Poll Vote on Department of Public Works as there was not one taken. Kelly said there were some outstanding things he wanted to discuss. On Water and Sewer they were going to revise some numbers, but other than that there are no other items. Council had no comment. Kelly stated they will discuss it at the following Budget Meeting. The Business Administrator said that the Clerk’s office is keeping a running total.

On a motion by Roth, seconded by Calandrillo, the meeting was adjourned at 11:25AM.
All in favor. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathrine G. Coletta, RMC/CMC
Municipal Clerk

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