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The meeting was called to order at 9:00AM by Council President Kelly who read the Open Public Meeting Act Statement as prescribed by law. Notice was advertised in The Record on January 6, 2006 stating this meeting would be held on Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 9:00AM at the Municipal Offices at 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey.

Notice of this meeting is posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. The minutes of this meeting shall be available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Salute to the Flag.

Present: Councilmembers Alderisio, Calandrillo, DiGiulio, Kelly, Paton, Richter and Roth.

Also present were the Mayor Richard J. Martel, Business Administrator Brian Campion, Deputy Municipal Clerk Janis Fox and Municipal Clerk Kathrine G. Coletta.

Kelly informed Council the Budget Meeting of February 15, 2006 will be cancelled and the Agenda items from February 15, 2006 will be moved to February 18, 2006. Saturday Budget Meetings will be changed to start at 8:00AM instead of 9:00AM.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Richter, the meeting was open to the public at 9:00AM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Mr. Albert Kidd of 851 Darlington Avenue stated from viewing the Rating Average Guide the Township could be in a better position than we are in. He feels the Council should represent the Taxpayer and the Township taxes should be at the bottom end.

Mr. Kidd said he wants to guard Township tax dollars and asked what is being done about the Library. He stated it is costing $5,000 per day to run the Township Library.

On a motion by Calandrillo, seconded by Roth, the meeting was closed to the public at 9:06AM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Mr. Curtis P. Koster, Library Board of Trustees President; Mr. Kenneth W. Giaimo, Library Director; and Mr. Bruce Silverman, Library Board of Trustees Treasurer, were present.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 2

Mr. Koster gave an overview of the Library’s Proposed Operating Budget. Mr. Koster explained it is the Trustees’ job to make sure funds are properly used for the Library. He further explained there have been unplanned increases. Unplanned increases in income and the accumulation of funds shall be used for the finishing off the Basement.

Mr. Koster stated that the Monthly Statistical Report quantifies what the Library is doing. Mr. Koster highlighted the Library’s accomplishments; one being the Township Library had the 5th highest circulation in Bergen County. The actual use of the Library is higher than what they have reflected in their numbers.

Mr. Koster said the Library Board of Trustees are continuing their plans on finishing the Basement Level of the Library and have met with Architectural firms.

Kelly asked the square footage of the Basement. Mr. Koster said it is 7,800 square feet and the preliminary estimate to finish the job is $1.2 million.

Mr. Koster stated there was some concern that Council did not receive the Library’s recent Audit Reports. He referred to a letter sent to the Township on July 6, 2005 with the information.

Mr. Koster stated the Budget was made to match income. The Library anticipates new staff to service the new Basement area.

Roth questioned the Budget numbers and how the Revenue of $2,000,000 was allocated to Reserve Capital. Mr. Koster stated the Library’s practice is to take surplus at the end of the year and put it into Operating Reserve.

Mr. Koster stated the total amount of Reserve for Operating is $167,635.95 and for the Building Fund Reserve is $597,697.67 for a total Reserve to keep the Library Operating is $765,333.62.

Roth stated the Library budgeted 11% and spent 19% which is an overall increase of at least 10 to 12%. He questioned whether the Library overbudgeted the numbers intentionally as the increases were significant. Roth stated many areas are over Budget versus Anticipated Revenue. Mr. Koster agreed but stated he was asked to Budget for anticipated income.

Kelly asked why on page 4 of the Library Proposed Operating Budget there was no follow up attached.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 3

Kelly asked on page 8 why the Actual Figures were not used. Kelly stated the Library Board needs a bottom line comparison and should have more explanation when there are high jumps in percentages. He feels the Library Budget is lacking a lot of information and the Council needs Explanatory Sheets like other Departments have.

Mr. Koster stated the Budget was prepared working with Year-End figures. The Board reviews this and then authorizes the Budget to be prepared.
Mr. Koster stated that Project expenses will be increasing.

Kelly stated the Library received $500,000 over three years, over $130,000 per year.

Mr. Koster asked if they should Budget to estimated income or do we Budget from last years Actuals and he will be happy to comply. The Mayor stated to use last years Actual.
Kelly stated explanations to back these figures up will be necessary.

Paton stated the Library shows a $500,000 increase over the past few years and they should come back with actual Total Expenses at the end of the year from the Audits. They should also come back to Council with what kind of reserve has been built up over the past few years. The Library had cash for the Operating Fund of $1M and the Capital Fund of $313,000 and the Capital Fund is down and wanted to know why.

Mr. Koster stated the Balance Sheet for Year End Capital Accounts and Emergency Reserves shows where the funds have gone. The Library needs repairs, now, especially the roof repair, and the Building Fund was just for that. The Township does not pay everything. The difference is the day to day funds to meet payroll.

Paton stated we need more clarification as to who pays for what.

Calandrillo said she had concerns about the increases and needs to see detailed sheets for these increases. She asked the Library Board to revisit Council with details.

Mr. Silverman stated they will supply detailed sheets with percentages and figures listed.

Richter concurred and stated that every other Department has explanations so Council can understand the process and not just a spreadsheet. She asked the Library to come back with a whole package.

Roth complimented the Library but had concerns. Roth feels the Library needs real numbers and they should prepare real expenditures and how they are budgeted. He stated there is a big jump in percentages of numbers.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 4

Roth stated on Account #101-113 the Salary Adjustments have a total of $20,000 for Wages & Salaries has not been used in three years and this amount could be brought down.

Mr. Koster asked if Council could appoint a member of the Council to work with the Library to capture what they needed.

The Mayor stated he will supply the Library with a form and give them an overview of what information is required if Council agrees.

Kelly asked the Library to return to the Budget Meeting on Saturday, February 18, 2006.

The Business Administrator explained that after the Retirement of Ann Mancuso
the Department was split with Elizabeth Villano as the Tax Collector and Maryann Malone in Water and Sewer Department.

The Business Administrator introduced and welcomed Maryann Malone.

The Business Administrator stated Collections has two employees at the Municipal Building and one at the Department of Public Works. There was some reduction in permanent full-time and part-time staff that reduced salaries.

The Business Administrator explained there was a significant change in Software in the Utilities Department. There was an increase in Postage due to postage rate increases and not using post cards anymore for Utility bills.

Kelly asked if the increase in Printing and Advertising on page 170 of the Budget Preparation Worksheet is shared with the Sewer Department and is the Tax Department the reason for the increase.

Richter questioned the investment of New PC’s and Software for the New Billing System. Richer asked how the new system was working.

Calandrillo asked if under Rental Maintenance Agreements on Account #101-214 on the Budget Preparation Worksheet, if the equipment amount should be $1,250 or $1,750 and if it is $1,750 what the extra $500 is for. The Business Administrator advised Council he will get back to them on this.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 5

Alderisio questioned why there was a difference in salaries amounts. The Business Administrator stated these are not final salaries and to use budget numbers on page 169 of the Budget Preparation Worksheet.

Roth asked if the Budget reflected the new Postage rates. The Business Administrator stated we have many bulk mailings so it should be okay and should equal out.

Paton asked if there were any net increases. The Business Administrator said no.

Roth asked if Administration could walk us through the Revenue Report for Water Utilities Proposed 2006 Budget. Roth said he was trying to understand the calculations and questioned the Surplus and why the Operating Costs did not go up.

The Business Administrator explained there were a lot of Capital Projects and they will be funded by the Revenue Debt. The Surplus of Water will be used for Capital projects.

Alderisio asked if United Water charged more for water than Mahwah charges. The Business Administrator said that Mahwah charges more.

Kelly stated the selling of Mahwah Water is to the advantage of the Township as the surplus will then go up. The Business Administrator said we minimize the use of United

Paton suggested that in the future the Council President read a statement that the Straw Poll Vote is a Preliminary Vote.

Motion by Calandrillo to accept Water and Sewer Utility Budget as presented, seconded by Paton. Straw Poll Vote: Alderisio, yes; Calandrillo, yes; DiGiulio, yes; Paton, yes; Richter, yes; Roth, yes; Kelly, yes.

Mr. Stanley Spiech, Director, Mr. Keith Hallissey, Superintendent of the Road Department, and Ed Sinclair, Building, Grounds and Parks Foreman were present.

The Business Administrator handed out an updated Organization Chart of the Department of Public Works.

Roth asked if there were any anticipated retirements. Mr. Spiech said yes there would be.

Kelly suggested going over the Budget section by section. He complimented the Department of Public Works on having background sheets and explanations.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 6

Account #C01-101: Permanent Full-Time
Roth stated he had a problem with the math for the total of $200 transfers as he feels it does not add up. The Business Administrator explained what was taken in and out and there were two separate Transfers.

Mr. Hallissey explained the two separate transfers. The $300 is an inter CO-1 transfer and would not show up in total. The $200 would show up as it looks like it was added.

Roth had a question on salaries of $74,290.61 and why was $200.00 transferred in. Mr. Hallissey said it was due to transfers and does not know but said it is probably under the Temporary Budget.

Account #C01-214: Rental/Maintenance Agreements
Paton said he needed an explanation on this amount of $1,500. The Business Administrator stated this was for a new Copier. He stated that accounts with # 0 are for Central Accounts.

Account #C02-000: Streets and Roads
Kelly questioned the Street Sign Conversion. Mr. Spiech stated the Road Department has until 2009. Mr. Spiech most of the Main Streets are completed and they are in the process of doing the Side Streets. Within two years the Township will be complete.

Kelly suggested Aluminated Stripes be put on Street Signs to help motorists.

DiGiulio suggested the large stop signs with reflector strips.

Calandrillo asked if there was a program in place to upgrade or replace signs when they are damaged. Mr. Spiech said yes the Road Department is constantly doing this.

Account #C02-203: Repairs and Maintenance
Alderisio stated the total Budget was for $104,000 last year but only $87,590 was spent and the Department is requesting $100,875. Since only 83% was spent last year can there be adjustments here.

Mr. Spiech stated with Stormwater Regulations being instituted and additional paperwork being prepared he would be more comfortable leaving the Budget the way it is. Mr.
Hallissey concurred and stated there may be large repairs that the Department of Public Works cannot handle.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 7

Mr. Hallissey stated that this Account is the Repairs and Maintenance Account the Department uses to make large repairs that are outside of what they can handle. This year they did a catch basin on Seminary Drive where they had to use outside contractors.

Paton said the Seniors think the Street Signs and the letters are too small. Mr. Spiech stated they are in the process of changing the Street Signs as it is the law now to have larger Street Signs.

Richter asked if indicators of footage under the overpasses to warn of flooding could be installed. Mr. Spiech said the Department can do this.

Account #C02-203: Repairs and Maintenance
Roth questioned the $43,000 for Repairs and Maintenance and wanted to know if all items listed on this account are essential.

The Business Administrator explained we may need large repairs that we have to be contracted out and the money would come out of this Account. It would be essential to keep this amount.

Calandrillo inquired about the request for Yellow Line Striping on Glasmere Road. Mr. Spiech stated the Police Department recommended not doing it. Mr. Spiech said he would look into it and paint it.

Account #C02-212: Food
Roth questioned the Food items and why the figure was so high. Mr. Spiech stated the Sheriff’s Department is sending more crews to the Township on the Work Release Program and the Township supplies their lunches.

Calandrillo asked which amount is correct $500 or $700. Mr. Hallissey said he will check on this and get back to Council.

Account #C03-201: Material and Supplies
Kelly had questions about the payment of the Cleaning Contract. The Business Administrator stated he would issue a memo of the difference from last year and this year.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 8

Richter concurred and asked for a breakdown and Sub-totals on all of the items on this line.

Account #C03-214: Rental/Maintenance Agreements
Roth questioned the 30% increase and wondered if cleaning the building doubled. Mr. Sinclair stated Building and Grounds always had a 6 month cleaning contract and it used to overlap to the following year. This year for the first time, the Finance Department paid for a full year. That is why we have the $40,000 this year. The Business Administrator said there was a significant increase when we changed companies.

Kelly had questions about the payment of the Townhall Cleaning Contract and stated this will have to be looked into further. The Business Administrator stated he would issue a memo on the difference from last year and this year.

Paton asked how many cleaning people the Township uses and do they start at 3PM.
The Business Administrator stated a Private Contractor comes in and one is Juan from the Department of Public Works. Mr. Sinclair stated Juan does some cleaning in the Township Building and also outside work.

Roth questioned the 53% increase over the prior year and said he was trying to understand the logic and was it necessary. Roth stated in the last two years they had excess funds and transferred money out. Mr. Sinclair explained about the Maintenance Agreements for the whole season and that he is trying to work on Fertilizing and Weed Control and explained reasons for the Sod dyeing. Mr. Sinclair said Building and Grounds is trying to work on some of the fields with top soil and seed and do a quarterly contract. Mr. Sinclair stated the drought affected the grass last year also.

Paton suggested Mr. Sinclair may want to get together with the Golf Courses and the Board of Education to see what they do to maintain their grass. Mr. Sinclair said this was a good idea but it hard to do the Township fields as the sports teams are constantly using the fields.

Richer stated she would like to see a better breakdown on increases and the difference from 2005 to 2006. Mr. Sinclair said they will look into this from the Administration’s breakdown.

Kelly concurred and stated our fields are not as green as the Golf Course and is it a possibility we have different grass. Mr. Sinclair stated Building and Grounds needed to use irrigation like the Golf Course.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 9

Account #CO3-214: Rental/Maintenance Agreements.
Calandrillo asked if we are using outside contractors for Fire Extinguishers and if we are, why our Fire Prevention people cannot do this. The Business Administrator explained we need Inspectors for this as it is beyond what we can do and we are not certified to do this.

Account #C04-218: Beautification
Paton asked how Administration is structuring this Budget. The Business Administrator stated it is a Department of Public Works line item.

Account #C05-235: Licenses & Permits
The Business Administrator stated that there is a big jump in this amount due to the increase of the State costs of permits. The compost permits have been increased by the State of New Jersey significantly.

Account #CO5-211: Uniforms and Clothing.
Kelly asked if we are anticipating a new contract. The Business Administrator stated they are getting a new contract for 2006.

Account #C05-104: Seasonal
Roth questioned that the Labor Salaries are 22% over Actuals and would like to understand this increase. Mr. Hallissey stated in May through December there are some Seasonal Employees for snow removal and leaf removal. They also increase the Seasonal Employees salaries so they come back. Also work is weather related.

Roth asked for this increase to be checked out further and asked for the Business Administrator to get back to Council with an answer. Mr. Hallissey said he will get back to the Business Administrator.

Account #C06-202: Equipment
Paton requested an explanation on the Computer that was purchased. Mr. Hallissey explained it is a Diagnostic Machine which will eliminate the cost of going to an Automobile Dealership. Kelly asked what vehicles are services. Mr. Hallissey stated the Access Transportation Service and Plow Trucks.

Account #C06-237: Repairs and Maintenance
Kelly stated this will keep the Township vehicles in a safe manner. Kelly asked if the employees are overworked. Mr. Spiech stated when the Road Department is called they drop what they are doing and send a mechanic immediately. The reason sometimes it

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 10

takes longer for a vehicle to be serviced is that it may take longer to get part especially if it is a specialized vehicle.

Mr. Hallissey stated he is confident everything is being done.

Roth asked if the SCADA Conversion Work is completed. Mr. Spiech stated is it basically completed they just have to switch over alarms and he is hopeful it all will be completed by the end of this year.

Account #C07-105: Snow Removal
Roth asked why overtime was 33% over last year and do we need to increase this.
The Business Administrator stated we will reduce the number within two months and he will keep Council updated on this.

Account #C07-202: Equipment
Roth questioned why Equipment is more this year. Mr. Hallissey stated they allotted money in case of breakage or accidents on Equipment.

Alderisio asked what the dollar amount of one snowfall costs. The Business Administrator said it depends when it snows for the overtime such as a holiday.

Account #C08-000: DPW Overtime
The Business Administrator explained the numbers bouncing around at the end of 2005 from Proposed to Adopted. The Budget adopted had a decrease as there was a reduction in the Department of Public Works overtime.

Account #C08-112: Miscellaneous Accounts
Roth asked what this account was for. Mr. Hallissey explained it was for special cleaning of the Municipal Building for special events and also covered cleaning after Parades, and other Special Events held in the Township.

Account #D00-000: Sanitation
The Business Administrator stated we have Central Accounts that are “0” Accounts and the amounts are unpredictable as there are increases in gas and utilities.

Calandrillo asked about the Senior Center railings and is there a safety problem and where are they needed. The Business Administrator stated the Department of Public Works does block the area off when necessary. This will be revisited and discussed at a later date by Administration.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 11

DiGiulio asked if there could be a railing, sign or a fence be installed so individuals do not go down the hill from the main parking lot to the Senior Center. The Mayor suggested a small chain link fence.

DiGiulio asked who places announcements on Sign boards. Mr. Sinclair said requests come to the Recreation Department and then the DPW puts the letters on the sign.

Roth asked what the $32,000 Sign Board was for. Mr. Sinclair stated it was for the two Computer Signs. Mr. Sinclair stated it is the information board at the Department of Public Works and for Veteran’s Park and all changes made on it are done electronically by Computer.

Kelly stated he received a letter from a Feldman Court Resident requesting curbing and asked if this was included in Streets and Roads Budget.

Alderisio stated he did not feel we should do this as it was not in character with the Township. Richter concurred. The Business Administrator discussed the Curbs and Sidewalk issue and also the potholes and continued work on Franklin Turnpike. The Business Administrator said there is a significant amount of money in Curbs and Sidewalks Trust Fund.

Kelly asked about the Township Ordinance on Sidewalks. The Business Administrator stated that some Townships put the cost on the property owners.

The Business Administrator stated that most of the items were discussed on the Water portion of Budget such as Test well 18A, the GIS Phase 1, the Fardale interconnect vault on Chapel Road for the United Water hookup, SCADA Phase 3 for our sewers, the redevelopment of Ford Well 3, Campgaw Chlorine Booster Supplement and Tudor Rose which there will be further discussion on.

DiGiulio asked about the interconnect from United Water and does that mean the wells will be shut down or is it just when we need it. Mr. Spiech stated wells have been shut down. Mr. Spiech stated the interconnection will service the Fardale and Campgaw area.

Account #6-50-102-201: Materials and Supplies
Kelly asked if the increase on new Water Lines for Phase V is included. The Business Administrator said he is not sure.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 12

Account #6-50-101-203: Repairs and Maintenance
The Business Administrator said money was budgeted to close the East Well field and money is not being put in this year as there are a lot of environment questions on permits needed for this. The money is in surplus.

The Business Administrator stated that the Township of Mahwah has a Water Department which is part of the Municipality; unlike some other towns they have a separate Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA). The Township has separate accounting and separate funds and Mahwah Water Department is part of Mahwah not a separate MUA.

Account #6-50-102-107: Stand-By Pay
Roth stated the amount was not close to the Budget of $51,000 and the Department of Public Works continues to bring back to the Budget amount but never use it. Mr. Spiech stated they are not paying anything now but anticipate paying an employee on Stand By for covering additional facilities such as the Booster Stations.

Roth said he feels a lot of accounts are overbudgeted. Roth said there is $15,000 just sitting in the budget. Mr. Spiech said the $15,000 is for three facilities. The Business Administrator stated he will get back with some figures.

Account #6-50-102-203: Repairs and Maintenance
Roth questioned the Budget amount of $66,000. The Business Administrator stated if the pump goes down we have an assurance. If we do not spend it it will be in surplus.

Account #6-50-102-225: Meters
Roth asked about the cost of the Meter. Mr. Spiech said that it was for the cost of a new meter at Ramapo College.

Account #6-50-102-213: Water Testing
Kelly asked for an explanation on the $33,000 and what was the Water Testing amount. Kelly has $45,000. The Mayor stated the amount should be $45,000.

Account #6-50-102: Engineering Consultants
The Business Administrator stated there is a surplus of Water.

Account #6-50-210-219: Water Utility Insurance
Paton asked about the $70,000 for Insurance and how do we know what it will be.
The Business Administrator said he will get back to Council.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 13

Account #6-50-212-200: Life Insurance
Richter stated there has been no change in the Life Insurance rate of $5,000 in three years and that this should be checked. The Business Administrator will get back to Council on this.

Account #6-50-301-219: Public Employee Retirement System
Paton asked why the amount went from $5,000 to $17,000 and nothing has been spent.
The Business Administrator stated it is a Requirement by the State.

Account #6-50-303-219: Miscellaneous – Social Security
Roth stated that the $85,000 Social Security amount is 26% over last year’s Actual. The Business Administrator stated this can be changed to $40,000.

Account #6-60-101-113: Salary Adjustment Account
Calandrillo questioned the amount of $10,000 which doubled. The Business Administrator said it would be lowered to $5,000.

Account #6-60-102-105: Sewer Maintenance Overtime
Roth asked about the $29,000 overtime and that it has never been touched.
The Business Administrator stated it depends on the Emergencies and Routine Projects after 3PM. He stated the amount can be reduced to $24,000 but transfers cannot be made before November 1st if there is no shortage. He stated he will have to do an Emergency Appropriation.

Account #6-60-103-219: Auditing/Engineering/Legal
Kelly questioned the amount of $41,000 changed to $120,000. The Business Administrator stated it was for Outside Service or Litigation, and anything else that may come up during the year.

Account #6-60-200-219: Miscellaneous
Kelly asked why the Insurance went from $17,000 to $25,000. The Business Administrator stated the Medical Costs went up. He could refine this number.

Account #6-60-211-200: Medical
The Business Administrator explained that Medical is going up. Some of this is because of receiving more claims. He does not want to reduce this figure as he had concerns about the Medical Insurance.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2006
Page 14

Account #6-60-303-219: Social Security
Roth questioned the amount of $45,000. The Business Administrator stated they would adjust this amount to $40,000.

Account #6-60-500-000: Sewer Capital
The Business Administrator said we have adequate funds in this account and it includes Phase V coverage.

Roth asked for a new Balance Sheet. The Business Administrator stated that the Township Annual Debt and Year End Statements should be prepared by the end of January.

Calandrillo left at 1:23PM.

On a motion by Richter, seconded by Alderisio the meeting was adjourned at 1:28PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathrine G. Coletta, RMC/CMC
Municipal Clerk

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