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JULY 27, 2005

The meeting of the Environmental Commission was called to order at 7:50 p.m.
The Opening Statement was made. Roll call was taken.

Present: J. Brotherton
S. Golz
K. La Greca
C. Phiefer
J. Spiech
D. Wenger
J. DeWan (secretary)

Absent: P. Scian

The Minutes of the meeting held on July 13, 2005 were approved.

John Brotherton, Carol Phiefer and Don Wenger were all reappointed to new terms on the Environmental Commission.
Paul Scian is still unable to attend meetings. If anyone knows a resident who might like to serve on the Commission, Paul has offered to resign.

Mahwah Day is Saturday, September 24, 2005. It was decided to participate again by having a display table. J. DeWan will advise the Recreation Committee.
Memo to B. Campion: “Re: Mahwah Day
The Environmental Commission is willing to have a booth again at Mahwah Day. Are there any storm water management items which should be featured?”

The town has received the official executed grant agreement from DEP.
Susan Golz, Don Wenger, John Brotherton and Carol Phiefer walked the trail prior to tonight’s meeting. All Commission members discussed the best way of using the total funding for the project - $4,000.00.
Susan had photos of sample signs from web sites and photos taken of signs locally (Campgaw sign).
It was decided that the most important signs to start off with would be: a trail orientation sign, a Lake Henry sign giving information/description/history, an aquifer sign showing a profile of the pond, and various smaller signs (labeling plants, trees, bushes – 12 to 20 signs – cost is $12.50 each). There should also be a directional sign – sending people off in a counter-clockwise direction. To help avoid litter, a take in/take out sign could be included.

Other signs for possible second phase could be: a sign telling the history of the property (possibly donated by Historic Preservation Comm.), signs about native animals and water animals, a sign describing Lake Henry at night.

Karin LaGreca volunteered to ask Maya Britton, a local graphic artist, if she might be interesting in working on this project.
John Brotherton will speak to a carpenter he know about making a kiosk on which to mount signs similar to the one located in Campgaw.
Susan Golz will continue to gather information on sign content, styles and costs.
Karin LaGreca asked about taking a group of youths from the area to clean up areas around the lake as a community service project.

It was decided to ask Recreation Committee to attend one of our meetings, perhaps at the end of August, to inform them about the progress of the design and selection of the trail markers. It may be that they have some funds to pay for some of the additional signs, beyond the grant funds.

J. DeWan will ask about the procedure of paying related bills since the matching funds are not handed over until the project is completed.

The following memo was written to Stanley Spiech, DPW:
“One of our members, Karin LaGreca, has a group that is willing to do some clean up work around Lake Henry. She will be in touch with you to get some equipment, particularly plastic trash bags and gloves.” cc: Brian Campion

Frank and Karen Lloyd, Dkt. 491
Minor subdivision – approved.

Airmont Construction, Dkt. 470F
Cobblestone Court final Subdivision Plat – approved.

Memo to Administrative Officer:
“The following applications were reviewed at the last Environmental Commission meeting held on July 27, 2005. Comments are listed below.
Matthew & Linda Maley/Paradise Knoll Builders Inc. 551 Campgaw Road, Bl. 156, Lot 71, E-BD-216-1733, amended 6/8/05. We note that ten trees will be removed and there will be four replacement trees. White pines are not an acceptable replacement tree. Native deciduous trees are required.

Richard and Deborah Wells 21 E. Crescent Avenue, Bl. 118, Lot 9, BOA Dkt. 1152-05S, amended 7/13/05. We note that fifteen trees will be removed and there will be four replacement trees.

Michael McMahon 111 Fardale Avenue, Bl. 152, Lot 89, BOA Dkt. 1144-05S.
We reviewed Michael Kelly’s letter of July 21, 2005. We approve the removal of six additional trees for this project. This will add two trees to the number of replacement trees approved.

Campgaw Construction, Dkt. 455
We received plot plans for Bl. 145.01, Lot 2. Will there be individual soil movement permit applications for lots in this development? We note there will be 37 trees removed and 10 replacement trees. The locations of the ten replacement trees must not be in conflict with the developer’s street tree obligations.”

John Brotherton was contacted by ANJEC concerning an article being done for an ANJEC publication. John said the Mahwah’s municipal building is considered a “green building”.

Various minutes and agendas were received.

We received a copy of a Highlands Applicability Determination Form which was submitted to the Highlands Council for some Mahwah property west of the river.

The deadline for the fall Township newsletter is approaching. Possibly an article will be submitted announcing the grant work for education trail markers.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 7:30 pm at the Municipal Building, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J.

J. DeWan

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