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The meeting was called to order at 7:35PM by Council President Richter who read the Open Public Meeting Act Statement as prescribed by law. Notice was advertised in The Record on January 28, 2005 stating this meeting would be held on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 at 7:30PM in the Municipal Offices, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey.

Notice of this meeting is posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. The minutes of this meeting shall be available in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

Salute to the Flag.

Present: Councilmembers Alderisio, DiGiulio, Kelly, Paton, Richter and Roth
Absent: Councilwoman Calandrillo

Also present were the Mayor Richard J. Martel and Deputy Municipal Clerk Mary C. Ross.

On a motion by Kelly, seconded by Paton, the meeting was open to the public at 7:38PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

On a motion by Alderisio, seconded by Kelly, the meeting was closed to the public at 7:39PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Municipal Court
Judge Anthony J. Gianni, Jr. and Ms. Lorraine Cuomo were present.

Ms. Lorraine Cuomo gave a brief overview and break down of requests for the Municipal

Account # T01-201: Materials and Supplies
Roth asked for clarification concerning why Administration would not support the
$6,000.00 requested for Materials and Supplies. Ms. Cuomo explained Administration
determined to move Account # T01-201: Materials and Supplies to a Central Account for
the Municipal Court.

Account # T01-209: Printing and Advertising
Alderisio questioned the $40,003.00 department request for Printing and Advertising. Ms. Cuomo stated this was an error, and it was in fact $3000.00 that the department was requesting and the Mayor approved. Cuomo further stated this is a Central Account.

Kelly asked if Judge Anthony J. Gianni, Jr. and Ms. Lorraine Cuomo had been advised about guidelines for these new Central Accounts, and how they worked by
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Page 2

Administration. Kelly stated they should understand their limits with regards to these Central Accounts.

Paton asked if Page 130 belonged to the Municipal Court. Richter stated no, it was there in error.

Paton stated the $650,000+ revenues being bought into the Township by the Municipal Court are very good.

Kelly asked if the Municipal Court was straightened out with the previous problems concerning the Audit. Ms. Cuomo said yes.

Municipal Pool
Ms. Marion Crescitelli, Pool Manager, was present.

Richter left at 7:50PM.
Kelly took the Chair.

Ms. Crescitelli gave a brief overview of the Municipal Pool, issues with the
lack of ability to hire life guards/staff members for minimum wage, and the membership
rate changes she would like to have considered. Ms. Crescitelli stressed she has kept this
Budget as lean as possible.

Richter returned at 7:53PM.

Account # N01-104: Seasonal
Ms. Crescitelli stated an increase for $7,000.00 was needed in this account in order to
meet the salary increases. Kelly asked the Mayor if Administration agreed to the change
from $82,000.00 to $89,000.00. The Mayor stated yes, and this would be reflected in
future Budget Sheet Updates.

Ms. Crescitelli stated this change was necessary due to the last two seasons being wet and
the possibility of this being a dry season. The reason costs were low last year was due to
the wet season and the subsequent decrease in staff hours. Ms. Crescitelli explained
revenues were $169,775.00 and expenditures were $165,353.07, and she was able to stay
within the budget.

Ms. Crescitelli asked Council to seriously consider her memorandum concerning raising
the Municipal Pool Membership Rates across the board. Ms. Crescitelli stated this would
bring in an additional $15,482.00.

Roth commented on the proposed expenses for next year, and the 2004 Revenue
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Page 3

addressing the $5,000.00 cushion the proposed rate raise would bring. Ms. Crescitelli assured Council she would not spend one more cent then needed. Roth agreed with the rate increases.

Ms. Crescitelli stated there is the possibility of losing potential Swim Instructors during Swim Session II which may result in a loss in revenue if this session needed to be cancelled.

Alderisio asked if Out-of-Town Residents pay more than Residents. Ms. Crescitelli said yes. Alderisio asked where other revenue is generated. Ms. Crescitelli stated through Swim Lessons, food, day rates, teaching CPR, and Life Guard Certification.

Ms. Crescitelli reviewed her rate increases with Council. DiGiulio stated the Emergency Services Rates should be kept at $1.00, and she is agreeable to the rest as Ms. Crescitelli outlined. Council concurred.

DiGiulio asked how the Township prices measured up to other pools in the area. Ms. Crescitelli stated the Township was in the lower rate range.

Kelly stated Council might want to consider going up a dollar or two to insure salary needs.

Richter asked if $100.00 would be out of the question, rather then $85.00 for a small family. Ms. Crescitelli stated the Township needed to be very careful as this may cause people to switch from a year’s membership to day rates and this would lose the Township a great deal of money.

Paton asked about the physical improvements that were budgeted for last year and not done. Ms. Crescitelli said some were partially completed; however, the well and the connection of the water line to the sprinkler system still need to be done. Ms. Crescitelli stated the Department of Public Works Shed also needs to be done. Paton asked for Administration to look into what work has not been finished and how it should be funded in 2005.

Paton asked Ms. Crescitelli if the Municipal Pool was bearing all the cost of the electric for the Dare Roller Rink. Ms. Crescitelli said as far as she knew, yes. The Mayor stated this cost is split and the Municipal Pool pays a higher percentage of the bill.

Roth stated the Capital Projects Ms. Crescitelli referred to would still have the funding available; however, the Operating Projects for 2004 would not be available for 2005.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Page 4

Roth stated if all goes to plan Ms. Crescitelli should retain about $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 as a cushion for the 2005 Municipal Pool Budget. Richter advised Ms. Crescitelli her proposed rate increases would be placed on the Public Meeting of February 24, 2005 for Resolution.

Tax Collector
Ms. Ann Marie Mancuso was present.

Ms. Ann Marie Mancuso gave a brief overview of the Tax Collector’s Department and stated the biggest project proposed for 2005 is to change the old DOS system to the Edmunds MCSJ Window’s Program. Three Computers, Monitors, and various other materials needed to complete this computer conversion. Ms. Mancuso stressed her office staff members are all cross-trained and this new system will allow for the entire office to intercommunicate.

Account # B62-214: Rental/Maintenance Agreements
Alderisio asked if Rental and Maintenance Agreements should be in a Central Account. The Mayor and Ms. Mancuso stated some of this did go into the Central Account.

Roth stated items such as the Edmunds Scanner, and Neopost E-Z Folder/Stuffer would not be considered Central Account Items.

Account # B62-205: Training and Seminars
Roth asked Ms. Mancuso why Training and Seminars had gone up so significantly. Ms. Mancuso stated courses are more expensive and necessary in order to keep the staff’s licenses current.

Account # B62-207: Travel
Roth asked why Travel had gone up so significantly. Ms. Mancuso stated this is due to conferences, seminars and other classes necessary to keep the staff educated and have their licenses remain current.

Paton asked to make sure the Township purchases all computers budgeted for 2005 in the most efficient fashion possible.

Fire Department
Fire Chief Kevin Larkin, 1st Assistant Chief Ken Warnet and 2nd Assistant Chief Joe Mantineo were present.

Fire Chief Larkin gave a brief overview of the Fire Department Budget and stated the 2005 Budget would reflect a 4.9% decrease.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Page 5

Account # G02-102: Permanent Part-Time
Roth stated there was no raise requested and he felt there should be at least a 3-4% raise given to the Township Fire Department. Fire Chief Larkin stated the Fire Department was not in this business for the money. Roth stated, none the less, he felt the 3-4% raise should be given to the Township Fire Department for recognition purposes.

Account # G02-247: Emergency Services Dinner
Paton asked why Pagers were being listed under the Emergency Services Dinner area. Fire Chief Larkin explained this was for a new operating line item for $7,500.00 that would cover any new pagers and batteries needed for 2005. In the future it will be listed as Account # G02-249: Emergency Service Pagers.

Account # G02-214: Rental/Maintenance Agreements
Chief Larkin advised Council that this Line Item would not be needed as it was for Fire Company Number One’s rental building in Suffern which Fire Company Number One is no longer using.

DiGiulio asked if Fire Company Number One’s rack was installed. Chief Larkin said no. DiGiulio stated the rack should have been completed, and she felt badly about this.

Chief Larkin stated the four Capital Projects proposed for 2005 were the replacement of 1998 Ford Explorer, a rescue boat replacement, Diesel Exhaust Systems for 4 Firehouses and 2 Ambulance Corps. as per the Clean Air Act, and Turn Out Gear. Chief Larkin explained that even with these items there would still be an 18% decrease in the Fire Department Budget.

Roth asked if all of these Capital Projects were approved by Administration since there was no approved numbers submitted. The Mayor stated Administration did not approve these Capital Projects because they are trying to keep spending down in Capital in order to reduce the Budget.

Richter asked if the 1998 Ford Explorer would be worth keeping for other Township Departments. Fire Chief Larkin stated it would be better to auction this vehicle off rather then putting any further money into it.

Alderisio asked where the extra money is for with regards to the funds requested for the replacement vehicle. Fire Chief Larkin stated the extra money is needed for the Conversion Package which could run around $30,000.00.

Fire Prevention
Mr. Raymond Roe, Mr. Tom Dillon and Mr. Stu Blank were present.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Page 6

Mr. Raymond Roe stated the budget has stayed close to last year. The Public Education
will be increased and there is a new program for the library. Mr. Roe is taking
advantage of all grants possible. The Budget has decreased slightly.

Paton asked about the Fire Prevention Fees that would be considered revenue. Mr. Roe
stated a percentage of the Admission fees are charged to businesses that are not “Life
Hazard,” as well as Smoke Detector Inspection Fees, reports, printing copies, and

Paton asked if the Township should consider raising the Smoke Detector Permit Fee. Mr.
Roe stated we are already charging on the high end according to the State.

Account # G03-202: Equipment
Roth asked if the line item amount requested included the 1,700.00 Grant. Mr. Roe said

Account # G03-245: Lease Vehicles and Equipment
Roth asked if this was the cost of leasing a vehicle. Mr. Roe stated this would be the cost
of a new vehicle, and he did not know how Administration intended to make the purchase
yet. Roth asked which vehicle was being replaced. Mr. Roe stated a 1998 Ford Victoria
that was a used police car.

Emergency Services
Mr. Raymond Roe, Mr. Tom Dillon and Mr. Stu Blank were present.

Mr. Raymond Roe stated the budget has stayed close to last year and has decreased

Account # G01-202: Equipment
Roth asked what was denied in this Line Item. Mr. Roe stated two All Terrain Vehicles
which are needed for rescue attempts in the Parks and Ramapo Mountains for lost and
injured people. An enclosed trailer would also be needed to house them. Mr. Roe stated
these All Terrain Vehicles could be shared with the Police Department, Fire Department,
the Recreation Department, and the Department of Public Works.

The Mayor stated this is a very difficult budget year, and it was unfortunate, but
Administration could not approve the All Terrain Vehicles request. The Mayor
encouraged Emergency Services to ask again next year.

Mr. Roe stated the County and State have asked for assistance in rescues and this is why
he was requesting the All Terrain Vehicles. Richter heard that some of the service
members are using their own equipment for these rescues and she wanted to know what
Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Page 7

the Liability was toward the Township with regards to this. Mr. Roe did not know.

Kelly mentioned the narrow width of the Bridges for the Bike Path and how the All Terrain Vehicles would fit down these bridges where an ambulance could not.

Alderisio asked if the request for two All Terrain Vehicles were due to the “buddy system”. Mr. Roe stated yes that was the primary reason for requesting two.

Alderisio asked if Grants have been looked into for the purchase of these All Terrain Vehicles. Mr. Roe stated they have tried and have been denied and they are still looking for more Grants to apply for through the state as Paton suggested.

Emergency Management Building and Grounds
Mr. Richard Silagyi, Mr. Jack Gardner and Mr. Robert LaMontagne were present.

Mr. Robert LaMontagne gave a brief overview of the Emergency Management Buildings and Grounds Department.

Mr. LaMontagne stated the Emergency Management Buildings and Grounds Department has worked hard to take care of and repair the Emergency Management Buildings and Grounds of the Township.

Mr. LaMontagne stated all four of the requests are Capital requests. The four requests were:
1. Fire Company #1 Windows Cost of $6,500.00
2. Fire Company #3 Building Renovation Cost of $33,400.00
3. Fire Company #4 Staircase Cost of $25,000.00
4. Ambulance #4 Storage Area Enclosure Cost of $6,000.00

Mr. LaMontagne stated none of these requests were approved by the Mayor or Administration.

Kelly stated this committee works closely with all of the Emergency Service Departments and there is a lot of give and take when it comes to the yearly budgeted repairs. Kelly thanked Emergency Management Buildings and Grounds Department for all their hard work. Richter stated she would like to see the Emergency Management Buildings and Grounds Department put back on the books and removed from Capital.

Kelly stated there are some operating expenses for the Emergency Management Buildings and Grounds Department under the Department of Public Works on page 47 where $58,000.00 was requested and $58,000.00 was recommended by Administration.

Budget Work Session Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2005
Page 8

Mr. LaMontagne mentioned the leak at Company Number 4 roof was important to fix as the wood floor of the building was being destroyed by the water.

Account # C09-203: Repairs and Maintenance
Richter said to change Account # C09-203: Repairs and Maintenance from $50,000.00 to $51,000.00 to reflect the proper amount for the Emergency Management Buildings and Grounds Department line item in the Department of Public Works Budget.

The Mayor stated the roof repair for Company Number 4 should be put in operating and taken out of Capital as it happened two weeks ago and is an emergency repair.

Richter stated the numbers did not add up and since there was question to what items were Capital and approved, she asked Emergency Management Buildings and Grounds Department to come back after submitting the original Capital Request List to Council and Administration for review.

On a motion made by Alderisio, seconded by Paton, the meeting was adjourned at
9:37PM. All in favor. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathrine G. Coletta, RMC/CMC
Municipal Clerk


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