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FEBRUARY 25, 2004

A work session meeting was held with John Brotherton, Susan Golz and Karin La Greca.
J. DeWan, secretary, was also present.

The following items were discussed.

C & M Landscape Contractors, 94B N. Ramapo Ave – landscape contractors, application approved.

Kevin Simon, E-BD-216-239-314. Review of revised landscaping plan
Comments to Planning Board:
“We do not approve this request. We suggest that any dead trees could be removed.
We note that Back to Nature’s letter refers to “90 Village Drive”, although we believe it applies to Lot 31. This is confusing and incorrect.

We disagree with the comments on oak trees. We also disagree with their evaluation of ash trees as having a very low resource value.

We assumed when the original plan was approved that the landscape professional had reviewed the tree situation thoroughly.”

Vista Bahn, Dkt. 461
Previously approved by Planning Board.
Approved by Environmental Commission.

Memo to Administrative Officer:
“The following applications were reviewed on February 25, 2004. Comments are listed below.

A. Passerino Smokehouse Lake, Bl. 162, Lot 203.03, E-BD-216-1583-02 dated 2/12/04.
This application is approved with one replacement tree as noted on the tree preservation form.

K. Nelson 118A Reich Avenue, Bl. 40, Lot 69, E-BD-216-1585, dated 2/12/04 and
118B Reich Avenue, Bl. 40, Lot 70, E-BD-216-1586, dated 2/12/04 – approved.

G. Fava Washington Lane, Bl. 17, Lot 21.02, E-BD-216-1584, dated 2/12/04.
The applicant should be instructed to take extra care to preserve the two outstanding trees on the curb line, which should include fencing to mark and protect the drip line. If the imported soil is coming from outside of Mahwah, it should be tested. This soil application is approved.”

Received amended soil information for Richard Grinchunas, 47 Walsh Drive and a site plan map for John Benigno, Dkt. 292F - no action taken on either item.

The next meeting is Wednesday, March 10, 2004 at 7:30 p.m. John Brotherton will be out of town that week. We need another member to set up and run the meeting.

J. DeWan

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