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      - What should I do if I see injured wildlife?
      - Who do I call for Animal Control?
      - Where do I apply for a marriage or civil union license?
      - Where do I obtain a certified copy of my Marriage Certificate?
      - Are food handlers required to wear gloves?
      - Who issues Mahwah dog and cat licenses?
      - Can I get a copy of my Septic “As-Built”?

          What should I do if I see injured wildlife?

You can actually increase young wildlife's chances of survival by following one simple rule when finding them: Leave them alone!  It may be difficult to do, but this is the real act of kindness.  In nearly all cases, young wildlife does not need to be “saved”.  Resist the temptation to help them.  Only when they are found injured or with their dead mother is there a reason to intervene, and the State's wildlife laws are very specific about what you may do.   
State law protects nearly all wild birds and mammals.  Wildlife may not be legally taken from the wild or kept in captivity.  Never consider wildlife as possible pets; it is both illegal and unwise.  Wild animals belong in the wild.  
In some instances the Division of Fish and Wildlife may grant permission for the rehabilitation of a distressed or injured wild animal provided that:

1. The Division of Fish and Wildlife law enforcement office in your area, the DEP Emergency Hotline, or the Wildlife Control Unit is notified of the situation within 12 hours.  Call 908-735-8793.

2. The Division's Wildlife Control Unit prescribes a course of action that is in the best interest of the animal.  Normally the problem will be referred to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who has the required experience, permits and facilities to properly care for injured and distressed wildlife.

You can view the list of State licensed wildlife rehabilitators on the web at .  Please know that for safety reasons not all injured wildlife (i.e. potentially dangerous species) can be rehabilitated.  These animals are also listed on the website.
For additional information contact the DEP’s  Division of Fish and Wildlife, Wildlife Control Unit,  Clinton Wildlife Management Area, 141 Van Syckels Road, Hampton, NJ 08827,  phone 908-735-8793.

          Who do I call for Animal Control?
The Township of Mahwah has entered into an agreement with Tyco Animal Control for the year 2015 for animal control services. Residents are asked to call the Police Department 201-529-1000 for: sick, injured or dangerous animals, and stray animals.  Call Tyco Animal Control Services 201-652-4554 for: dead animals on public property; removal of nuisance wildlife; leash law, licensing and pooper scooper voilations, and to report a lost pet.  Tyco will also respond to requests for assistance on private property however, charges for these services apply and are billed directly to the property owner.

          Where do I apply for a marriage or civil union license?

Application for your license can be made in the hometown of either applicant and the license that is issued may be used anywhere in the state of New Jersey.   If you are both New Jersey residents and are planning an out-of-state ceremony, contact the Registrar in the town where the ceremony will take place.  Click here for more info.

Mahwah takes marriage license applications by appointment only.  Please plan on coming in at least two weeks (and up to 6 months) before your ceremony.   Call us at 201-529-5757 x2 to make an appointment.  




          Where do I obtain a certified copy of my Marriage Certificate?
Contact the Registrar in the town where your wedding ceremony took  place (regardless of where you applied for the license.)   

You will need to complete an application form and supply ID.  Effective January 1, 2013 Mahwah charges $15 per copy, but this fee varies from town to town.   Mahwah's application is available here on our website; visit the Forms page.

New Jersey law limits who may obtain certified copies of Vital Records.  If you are legally entitled to receive a record that belongs to someone else (i.e. your child, your parent, your sibling), you will be required to provide proof of your relationship to that person. 

          Are food handlers required to wear gloves?
Effective January 2, 2007 there can be no bare-hand contact with any ready to eat food (i.e. cold cuts, pizza, bakery items, etc.)  A food handler may use deli tissue, a utensil or gloves to serve these items and comply with the law. 

          Who issues Mahwah dog and cat licenses?
Animals are licensed by the Township Clerk's Office.  To obtain a license, you must prove that your pets' rabies vaccines are current.    Free rabies vaccines are available through Tyco Animal Control - visit their website at and click on the  Calendar  tab for available  clinic dates.   Bergen County  Animal Shelter also  offers free immunizations; call 201-229-4600 option 2, or visit their website at  for  the  most current  information.

          Can I get a copy of my Septic “As-Built”?
We have many (but not all) original septic plans and “as-builts”, dating back to the early 1950’s and 1960’s.   Stop in the Clerk's Office to complete an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) request form if you need a copy of your Septic As-Built.    Nominal photo-copy fees apply.


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